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Zillow Pro for Brokers

  1. 1. The Zillow Real Estate Network AUG 2013 63M JAN 2013 34M JAN 2012 23M JAN 2011 13M
  2. 2. The Zillow Real Estate Network
  3. 3. Zillow Leads Both Desktop and Mobile Markets Desktop computers Mobile devices Market share Market share
  4. 4. Zillow on the Go • 321 million homes were viewed on Zillow in the month of August alone • 60% of Zillow’s traffic comes from mobile during the week, and more than 70% on weekends! • 26 apps exist over every major platform • Zillow is 2x the size of Trulia and 4x the size of Realtor.com on mobile Source: Zillow Internal, October 2013
  5. 5. How your listings currently look on the Z Mobile app. As you can see NO AGENT contact box. Which = No way for consumers to contact your agents A listing on a mobile device with Zpro activated. Listing agent at top clearly defined. Which = FREE Leads to your Agents which = More deal for your agents Name of presentation | 5
  6. 6. Are my agents with listings active on Zillow and receiving leads? Inactive listing agent Zillow Pro partner Other agents in the area appear first Broker’s listing agents appear first • Brokerage is not a ZPro partner • Listing agent has not created a free profile High visibility • Brokerage signs up as a ZPro partner • Listing agent appears in the contact options at the top Even higher • Listing agent’s photo included in the feed, or • Listing agent creates a free profile
  7. 7. Zillow Pro for Brokers: and Prominently Display the Listing Components Automatically Activate Agents Agent Your listing agent appears at the top of the contact list automatically, for free, every time. Agents begin to receive leads as soon as ZPro is activated
  8. 8. Zillow Pro for Brokers: Components Work Smarter with Weekly Detailed Broker Reporting Zillow Pro partner brokers receive weekly reports, including: • Average number of listings • Number of featured Listings • Search views • Listing views • Views per listing • Number of email contacts
  9. 9. Zillow Pro for Brokers: Components Set Up a Direct Feed and Source Accurate Listings MLS-sourced listing feeds from partner brokerages trump all other sources of data, so you’ll have the authority when it comes to listing accuracy. You can also use the outbound link to drive traffic to your website.
  10. 10. Zillow Pro for Brokers: A Fair Exchange of Value Zillow Pro For Brokers is FREE. Being a partner provides: • Automatic agent activation • Top positioning for listing agents • Detailed weekly reporting to track performance • Agent lead response and follow up program • Authority for brokers in listing data feeds What’s the catch? There isn’t one. As partners, we have a fair exchange of value. Value for you: • • Receive leads from the #1 real estate network, and increase transactions Leverage Zillow Pro partnership to recruit new agents and retain current agents Value for Zillow: • Agents receive new leads from Zillow; their success may lead them to want more leads and eventually advertise with us
  11. 11. Get Started Today Joining Zillow Pro for Brokers takes four simple steps: 1. Sign the Zillow Pro for Brokers Agreement 2. Zillow activates your existing listing feed, or your submit a new feed 3. When activated, encourage agents to create a free profile 4. Allow 2-4 days for the partnership to go live Connect with us on Facebook Facebook.com/zillowforpros Connect with us on Twitter @ZillowforPros
  12. 12. Zillow is Here to Help Drive Buyers to Your listings! Advance to see Zillow’s national television campaigns – part of our efforts to bring more than 63 million unique users to real estate professionals every month.
  13. 13. Name of presentation | 13 Zillow TV Commercials
  14. 14. Zillow Pro for Brokers Felipe Azenha- Senior Manager, National Accounts Felipea@zillow.com or 305.498.9410