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Easi Sms Enterprise Solutions Brochure


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EasiSMS - Enterprise Messaging Solution. It helps you in Marketing, Sales, Alerts, Notifications, Push & Pull Real Time Informations.

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Easi Sms Enterprise Solutions Brochure

  1. 1. EasiSMS – ENTERPRISE SMS SOLUTIONS Enterprise Customers increasingly demand for SMS messaging solutions for client communication, marketing campaigns to system monitoring notifications. Cost of managing multiple SMS servers becomes an issue as the requirement increases across departments. Our range of messaging products will satisfy a spectrum of business needs. Designed in modular functional blocks, these products can work individually or put together for an organization to satisfy different messaging processes. Follow us on
  2. 2. ENTERPRISE SMS SOLUTIONS 1. System Integration Modules 1.1 EasiSMS Messaging Server 1.2 EasiCommand Builder 1.3 EasiDB Alert 1.4 EasiSmartCast 2. Desktop Messaging Modules 2.1 EasiWorkgroup 2.2 Outlook Add-in 2.3 Excel Add-in 2.4 EasiSMTP 3. System Monitoring and Notifications 3.1 EasiEscalate Follow us on
  3. 3. 1.1 EASISMS MESSAGING SERVER THE ENTERPRISE SMS GATEWAY Enterprise Customers increasingly demand for SMS messaging solutions for client communication, marketing campaigns to system monitoring notifications. Cost of managing multiple SMS servers becomes an issue as the requirement increases across departments. EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server 2007 (EEMS 2007) is the enterprise grade SMS gateway server that can consolidate different messaging requirement across multiple departments and locations to a single robust and reliable messaging server allowing better cost management and control. Designed to be a messaging infrastructure to manage messages between the mobile operators’ SMSC, EEMS 2007 offers various connectivity modes, giving enterprises more delivery options and better assurance of the scalability of the messaging server. Follow us on
  4. 4. 1.1.1. Business Values EEMS 2007 was designed to accommodate the high-availability needs of today’s critical messaging environments. There are several features built into the product that increase availability. They include: • Load Balancing • Cost-Effective Routing • Application Name Routing • Redundancy of GSM modems, HTTP or SMPP connectors • Fault Tolerance Load Balancing & Failover Devices clustering and load balancing can be setup. Message load can be balanced among modem pools or different SMPP connections. Failover on devices can be setup on the Enterprise edition providing high availability on the message delivery. Mission Critical Messaging Truly geared for mission critical messaging, EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server Enterprise Edition allows you to set the modem clusters and failover. There is no limit to the number of GSM modems you can connect in one or multiple sites to the messaging gateway, giving you the assurance of better backup and DR setup. Enterprise customers can setup e.g. 10 modems in Site A, another 10 modems in Site B and another 10 modems in Site C. Each site will act as a failover site for the modems. If site A encounters poor signal or blackout, site B will take over the messaging job automatically. Follow us on
  5. 5. Cost-Effective Routing Messages can be routed through the most efficient mobile operator (typically home network) for cost and delivery efficiency. Routing to GSM modems residing in each local country helps companies to enjoy least cost charges and efficiency. For customers who absolutely need high system and computer availability, we can target and deploy on Microsoft SQL 2005/2008 (DB Mirroring). With this solution, no matter what hardware faults are incurred, you are ensured uptimes that are field-proven at 99.9998%. Follow us on
  6. 6. SCALABILITY & FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server 2007 offers the industry's most comprehensive and flexible enterprise SMS Gateway Server and designed to cater to increasing business needs across departments. Service Oriented Architecture This gateway uses a Service-Oriented Architecture with a fundamental goal to align organizations technology infrastructure more closely to its business model, giving them the flexibility to manage the messaging gateway globally. With a Multi-Tiered Design, you do not need to install all system components like the database and other services into the same server. The multi-threading capability of the messaging server allows you to scale up and scale out by deploying more arrays of GSM modems, HTTP or SMPP connectors in multiple servers. Typically customers who have an existing database server would like to increase their ROI by capitalizing on it instead of investing on a new server. Security Compliance In some enterprise environment, the Web components & Window Services are deployed behind the firewall while the SMPP or HTTP connectors are deployed in the DMZ zone for security reasons. Unlike a single server or appliance solution, EEMS helps enterprise clients by adhering to their security policies. Follow us on
  7. 7. Remote Modems Deployment You can setup your own least cost routing server for your global offices through remote modem installation. Multiple modems can be installed on different servers at different offices around the world. Such setup is easy and saves your company substantial recurring SMS cost and achieve optimum delivery speed through the local GSM SIM cards. Interoperability Integration with corporate processes and applications is imperative for any SMS gateway solution. EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server supports web services and HTTP Post methods to perform both inbound and outbound SMS allowing external applications to interface with the gateway easily. Designed based on industry standards and open technologies, and Inspire-Tech dedicates considerable resources to pre-integrating, testing, and optimizing components to work together. The result: EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Suite is both integrated and “integrateable” at all levels, cutting cost, risk, and complexity while protecting your investments. The ready components (like EasiCommand Builder, EasiSmartCast, EasiDB Alert) help developers cut down substantial development time to achieve better project ROI and more successful deployment. CONNECTIVITY TO MOBILE CARRIER'S SMSC EasiSMPP is a connector module which allows you to connect directly to any mobile operators globally. Using the SMPP standard, configuring the SMS settings with mobile operator is made easy with EasiSMPP. HTTP methods can be supported with some customization with local operator's API without affecting the business logic and operations. Scale to manage high volume/ mission critical SMS Businesses and government organizations with bulk SMS or those with mission critical messages will prefer direct connectivity with mobile operators. They can send and receive messages via dedicated operator short codes and customized sender's ID, which gives them Telco-grade speeds for your services. Customers can still use our business solutions to fulfill their business requirement without worrying about the connectivity. Generate revenue with Micro-Billing Businesses thinking looking for opportunities to charge customers for content download or news alerts can implement micro-billing (also known as Premium SMS, Reverse-Billing or Billing-on-Behalf) with your EasiSMS Enterprise Solutions. Follow us on
  8. 8. 1.1.2. Application Values Enterprise Messaging Middleware Designed to have the ability to scale and manage 32, 64 or even more GSM modems connecting concurrently and cater to huge message volume in any corporate environment, the gateway will serve across departments from Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Operations, HR and IT, allowing different users to leverage on the same server for their messaging needs. Connectivity can run concurrently with GSM modems and direct connection with Telco SMSC without switching servers to tailor to any corporate messaging demand. Service Provider Messaging Gateway Content providers can use the SMS gateway to provide content, revenue billing services through this gateway with simple configuration and setup. This software serves as a message handling program, message log, reporting module to facilitate your business. For micro-billing, you only need to apply an account with your service provider and this gateway will handle the rest for you. EEMS is your internal gateway to your service provider. SMS-Enabling your Processes Stock price notification, application approval, broadcast through CRM interface, healthcare solutions with appointment reminders require system integration with existing applications. As a system integrator, you can seamlessly SMS-enabled existing applications with EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server 2007. It provides comprehensive data logging integration methods and profiling for effective categorization of different usage accounting on the same SMS gateway, bringing better ROI for you. 1.1.3 FEATURES AND BENEFITS Feature Description Standard Enterprise Edition Edition Device Management Max. number of Devices (GSM Modem, HTTP or SMPP 4 unlimited connector) Supports multiple GSM modems Yes Yes Remote GSM Modem(s) deployment Yes Yes Self monitor for GSM modems (to call administrator's Yes Yes mobile) Signal Quality Tracking for GSM modem Yes Yes Supports SMPP connectivity Yes Yes SMS Counter on Devices & Quota Management and Yes Yes email notification Device Failover (when device fails, the failed messages Yes & remaining pending messages in outbox will be re- routed to the next available device) Follow us on
  9. 9. Broadcast Operating Hours (Stipulated time for Yes broadcast to avoid sending SMS at late hours. Auto replies & unsubscribe auto replies have mechanism to bypass such logic) Delivery Receipt Reports (must be supported by service Yes provider) Outgoing Routes Management Smart routing by Prefixes, Number Range & Application Yes Yes Name Priority Managed Routes Yes Yes Load Balancing Yes Yes Messaging Features Priority Messaging Yes Yes Scheduler Yes Yes Concatenation of long message (up to 5 SMS length) Yes Yes Supports Unicode Messaging (Chinese, Arabic, Yes Yes Hebrew, non-Latin characters) Manual Resend "sent/failed" items Yes Yes Manual Reroute of Pending Messages to next available Yes Yes device Blacklist Handling (Able to blacklist for single or Yes Yes bidirectional) Unsubscribe Handling Yes Yes Customized View by date range/blocks of records Yes Yes User friendly & versatile Filter & Data Yes Yes Grouping Function Export Message History to Microsoft Excel Yes Yes Usage Reports by Device Usages Yes Yes Incoming Handling & System Integration Incoming criteria by Devices, Mobile Numbers &/or Yes Yes Keywords Auto reply (Flexibility to select outgoing device, Sender Yes Yes ID, and prioritized auto reply) Perform Actions for Integration with external Yes Yes applications through HTTP Post, Web Services, Launch EXE and Email. Notification via Email and/or SMS (useful for campaign Yes Yes forwarding) HTTP & Web Services for SMS outgoing integration Yes Yes Follow us on
  10. 10. 1.2 EASICOMMAND BUILDER A configurable and powerful two way interactive SMS Engine "The ready built-in rules are comprehensive and flexible. I only need to configure and no coding is required." Empower your workers and customers to check prices, inventory and update processes with simple SMS commands. EasiCommand Builder will enable you to enhance your company's productivity, agility, scalability, and profitability. Flexible yet powerful, this tool is a relief to all system integrators and application developers. Mobile enabling is no longer an arduous task which may take your company huge IT investment or long development cycles. The power unleashed by EasiCommand Builder represents an evolution in the use of the SMS. Developers can SMS enable their business applications to become a powerful mobile search engine and offer additional channel to update information. EasiCommand Builder includes the business logic and components that you need to take advantage of new opportunities—dramatically increasing not only your productivity, but also your ability to react quickly and precisely to changing business demands. Follow us on
  11. 11. 1.2.1 BUSINESS VALUES Mobility & Convenience Data search & approval process is no longer desk bound. Customers and staff can constantly check information while on the move. There is no need to rely on administrative support or physical presence with computers that link to your network. Best of all, SMS can be sent and received while roaming overseas. 24 x 7 Availability Information can be retrieved at any time, even during non-office hours. With proper authentication process, authorized users can access to information even when the office is closed. Accessibility In today’s environment, mobility is becoming increasingly important. Web-enabling may be a norm and having a mobile channel allows you to develop a stronger relationship with your customers. By extending your processes to them, you give them faster accessibility to information and perform transactions with you. Secure Interactive messaging and process updating can be done securely with SMS. Message transmission is encrypted over-the-air and user’s number can be passed to the system for authentication. Increasingly, mobile operators used SMS for sending passwords and banks used SMS for transmitting transaction authorization code. Follow us on
  12. 12. 5 COMPELLING REASONS TO USE EASICOMMAND BUILDER Improved Productivity Customization of processes for interactive SMS is revolutionized through EasiCommand Builder. Organizations do not need to wait for long project cycle to have interactive messaging activities in place. A successful mobile channel can be deployed within a few hours instead of days and weeks Reduced development cycles & cost EasiCommand Builder identifies the typical requirements for setting up 2-way interactive messaging and simplifies a complex customization project to configuration of settings. It helps organizations to save development time by 90% which directly translates to tremendous cost savings Rapid Testing Testing is essential for every project but the process can be tedious. EasiCommand Builder allows you to test your rules and business logic and get instant test results easily through the emulated test wizard. Feedback can be quickly amended on the configuration settings unlike code changes in a typical project customization cycle which often involved programmers and lengthy change request cycle. Enhanced Change Management experience Businesses have dynamic requests and changes which needs quick implementation. Adapt to change requests quickly with just a change in configuration without touching any codes. End users need not wait too long for a change release allowing your business to move quickly with the market demand. Reliable solution Trust this solution because it is developed on EasiSMS Enterprise Server. EasiSMS Enterprise Server is verified for .NET Connected, Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server. Follow us on
  13. 13. 1.2.2 APPLICATIONS MOBILE SEARCH ENGINE Property Search Mobile agents can use SMS to perform a real-time search for property listing to get the latest property details to advise their customers. Information is extracted directly from live databases. Price Check Provide interactive SMS price checking services and other status information check facility to your stakeholders. Tertiary Students can check their results, credit card clients can check their credit availability, resellers can find out the latest product pricing and clients can check the delivery status of their goods. Mobile checking helps to streamline your business processes and provide great value to them anytime, anywhere. Merchant Listing Search Credit card companies can offer value added services like merchant listing search engine for your customers to find your partners to enjoy great deals using your cards. Promotional and sponsored information can be added to the search data to provide value to your merchants and customers. Internal information search Allow your staff to query any important information remotely without the need to dial through VPN, simplifying the search process to less than 5 minutes. PROCESS UPDATE Inventory update Allow your staff or supplier to update you on the inventory level through SMS. Simple commands can relieve your staff the time to travel to a desktop to update. Delivery Status updates For dispatch services, sending the delivery code and status can help you and your customers track the delivery without any special PDA or handheld devices. Helpdesk Acknowledgement Reward program companies can allow their members to send in their membership number to check their Points balances and perform redemption via SMS. Similarly banks can allow registered customers to check their account balance securely and subscribe to some services via SMS. Follow us on
  14. 14. DATABASE COLLECTION Polls & Lucky Draw Collect polls & run contests through simple configuration. Start any campaigns within short time frame and compile customer’s database electronically in auditable manner. Contests can range from a simple submission of information to even include special code submission to qualify the participation Mobile Club Create your very own mobile club through database gathering via SMS. TRANSACTIONS Points award redemption Customers can redeem his rewards securely through SMS with simple SMS commands and their membership number. Petrol companies, credit card banking and any retail organization can implement a mobile redemption program on top of the manual and internet redemption. Workflow Approval The management can approve or reject a leave approval through simple keyword command via SMS. Tickets booking Customers can send in keyword and essential data to book for tickets or reserve for events. The criteria can be stringent with exclusivity to registered customers or open to public. Follow us on
  15. 15. 1.2.3. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Scalable You can increase the number of processes just by assigning one keyword to one process. This is an enterprise grade SMS messaging solution. Each process is a rule and each rule has its own configuration. Each rule allows you to execute either a Search, Update or multiple processes. Flexible Connectivity SMS enabling through EasiCommand Builder is either a query or update on your databases. You can connect to any type of relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc. Reduced development cost SMS enabling your current system does not require any development effort except few hours of query statement writing and configuration of replies, saving you substantial development costs. Secure processes Exclusive and important transactions can be secured with the access control list management to validate the user. Follow us on
  16. 16. Faster Response to issues Users’ behavior is unpredictable and the end user gets instant feedback to correct his mistake quickly through a customizable exception message. Exceptions can also be tracked through instant escalation notification. It allows administrators to react to problems promptly to assist the end user. Increase sales opportunities You can run a campaign through SMS to attract potential customers and concurrently allow your sales people to be informed of a new interest through the lead forward function. Simple & Robust Test Platform Visual and emulated tests can be conducted to check all your process settings before rolling out for production. The built-in rapid test tool reduces testing cycles from days to hours. Audit Trail All message history can be logged into database or text files for archival. Organizations can track the transactions and view reports by campaign. Smart Data Management* Some queries (e.g. Property Search) can generate multiple records when the criteria is met. This may run into multiple SMS or never ending number of messages. Delivering all information may result in undesirable costs for the hosting organization and irritation to the requester. Truncating the messages may not be a satisfactory result as requester often prefers the option to ask for more. EasiCommand Builder can formulate paging rules to allow specific number of records to be delivered and a common to indicate an interest to ask for more. Sponsorship Management* Outgoing SMS always has a transactional cost. Some cost can be defrayed through creative sponsorship by your organization’s partners. The module has a built in sponsor message management function to allow insertion of sponsor messages on each outgoing message and provide comprehensive reports on the message hit rates. *These features are available for the Enterprise Edition only. Follow us on
  17. 17. 1.3. EasiDB Alert Fast-moving organizations need to respond immediately to changes in business information and provide value added services like important alerts to customers and staff. Messaging alerts (SMS) is the ideal platform to deliver such notifications in a timely manner. To rapidly enable the business to send out SMS alerts from their existing systems and business processes, EasiDB Alert 2006 is the solution for rapid deployment of such implementation without any customization to your systems. It works with relational databases and function like triggers based on rule-based definition of the criteria through simple settings 1.3.1 Applications A. Database Support It supports relational databases like SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9. Data stored in any of these databases can be monitored for any changes to define the trigger conditions in EasiDB Alert. B. Flexible Criteria for Monitoring The monitoring criteria can be based on Add, Update or Delete or any form of changes to the database. Conditions can be configured to define the rules more intelligently to meet business needs. For e.g. Conditions can be set • where Transaction value is more than 1,000 • where Status = Approved • where customer type = Alert subscriber & withdrawal amount > than $3,000 • System setting has been deleted Follow us on
  18. 18. Follow us on
  19. 19. 1.3.2 Business Values EasiDB Alert Fast-moving organizations need to respond immediately to changes in business information and provide value added services like important alerts to customers and staff. Messaging alerts (SMS) is the ideal platform to deliver such notifications in a timely manner. To rapidly enable the business to send out SMS alerts from their existing systems and business processes, EasiDB Alert is the solution for rapid deployment transactional triggers without any customization to your systems. It works with relational databases and function like triggers based on rule-based definition of the criteria through simple settings. Follow us on
  20. 20. Works on Processor License Business Applications Credit card limit exceeded Critical record changed Inventory Update Can be integrated with any database to pull off triggers that can be sent out as an SMS. Follow us on
  21. 21. 1.4 EasiSmartCast In today’s enterprise environment, we have large amount of information that are stored in relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Server and many others. These databases contain useful customer transactional information. One of the many business processes involves transformation of the data to generate reminders and alerts for specific events. The important aspect of business process we are focusing on is automated mobile alerts and reminders. EasiSmartCast is an enterprise software solution that integrates into existing database (reading table or view) and transforms raw data to a mobile reminder and alert service with 0 code integration. Businesses are happy to know that EasiSmartCast helps them cut down significant development time and cost to bring up such mobile alert services. 1.4.1 Features and Benefits 0 CODE INTEGRATION Faster Access to market EasiSmartCast does not require any application interface or code development as it only need to query existing database and transform it to a mobile service. There is no development, no code maintenance required when organizations use EasiSmartCast, giving their services faster access to market and lower project management cost. Adaptive Change Management Designed to be rule based configuration, a change in business rule is only a few clicks on the web interface and no programmers or code changes is required. Effectively, a change in criteria only takes the administrator only few minutes to modify the rules in EasiSmartCast as compared to a huge change management control required in a typical project development cycle. Follow us on
  22. 22. MESSAGING FEATURES Customizable SMS Message In a batch broadcast, the template of the message remains the same with the exception of important data which needs to be customized. EasiSmartCast allows the SMS output to be customized by the fields provided in the so that each recipient receives a message that is customized for them. All customized information is extracted from the database real-time at the instance of task execution. Supports Unicode Messaging & Long Messages Messages can be sent/received in alphanumeric and/or Unicode. (Chinese, Arabic, Thai). Messages also support long messages without truncating the messages into parts. Advanced Scheduler EasiSmartCast has an advanced scheduler function to allow the administrator to configure the rules by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Flexible task recurrence can be created with the scheduler. Recurring tasks like sending loan approval notice can be set daily during weekdays at 4.30pm (after operational cut-off time) to send out alerts to the affected customers. One-time seminar reminder can be set to trigger at specific time to query the event database and broadcast to the registered attendees. Follow us on
  23. 23. SYSTEM MANAGEABILITY & INFORMATION TRACKING Easy Access & Tracking EasiSmartCast has a user-friendly web-based configuration tool which allows the administrator to create rules and input the selection criteria and the scheduled time for each task. The rules and every customized message sent can be viewed easily from the browser with secure login by the authorized user. Message History All merged messages generated from the rules will be stored in the Sent Items and viewable by authorized users through their browser. Messages can be filtered by rule name and reports can be generated and exported to Excel or PDF format. Secure Login Leveraging on EasiWorkgroup user management function and authentication, organizations can choose between deploying on database authentication or via Active Directory authentication. Both authentication methods provide secure login process. 1.4.2. Applications APPOINTMENT REMINDERS Managing appointment reminders on a micro level is not practical for large organizations. Each day, many appointments are logged into a centralized management system which tracks the personnel involved, the customer information and the appointment time. Appointment information is dynamically updated on the centralized management system and any advanced scheduling of appointment alert on a separate system will cause a lot of coordination problem. To generate accurate appointment reminders, EasiSmartCast can be scheduled based on the criteria of query. Reminder rules can be configured by “2 hour in advance” or “1 day in advance” or other criteria that suits the business objectives. EasiSmartCast selects the notification recipients and create the alert message based on the most current data. Hospital appointments Dental appointments Appointment with legal advisors Beauty appointments Government services appointment reminders Follow us on
  24. 24. GENERAL REMINDERS Today companies and government agencies issue letters and emails to remind customers on certain payment due. Such information is stored in their existing application systems and databases. Generating such reminders via SMS requires only rules configuration on EasiSmartCast and no changes to their existing applications. Payment/Overdue Reminders Tax payment due License renewal Utilities payment due Credit card overdue reminder Insurance Premium reminder School Fees reminders Overdue books reminders Services Reminders Routine health checkup Children Immunization reminder Seminar/Conference reminder TRANSACTION & EVENT ALERTS Companies & government agencies are creating better customer experience through value-added information alerts via SMS. At daily cut off time, EasiSmartCast is scheduled to run through the criteria of selection to pick out the customers who needs notification of a particular transaction which affects them. The selection criteria can be extended to even customer preferences and message will be customized with the information related to the customer. Financial Alerts Incoming Remittance notice Loan Disbursements notice Standing Order status notice Loan Approval notice Returned cheque notice Follow us on
  25. 25. Government Services Alert Offence Notices Payment receipt acknowledgement Application status notification Other Alerts Daily/Weekly supplier price updates Salary receipts notice Flight Check-in Notification Examination Results Notifications Latest reward points balance Follow us on
  26. 26. 2.1 EasiWorkgroup The 4th Generation EasiWorkgroup was released in Nov 2007. With greater improvements to its predecessor, EasiWorkgroup 2005, EasiWorkgroup 2007 will impress upon many enterprise customers. Being the most popular SMS Messaging Server solution for corporate message and SMS broadcasts, EasiWorkgroup earned praises from many clients from financial industries, government and even to SMBs for its intuitive interface and powerful features. During our previous upgrade in August 2006, the smart incoming SMS routing allows replies to be matched back to the sender easily and batch SMS is certainly powerful to achieve huge customised broadcast SMS. With increasing adoption of messaging by businesses to send promotional SMS to customers, EasiWorkgroup 2007 is all ready to help businesses respect their customers' privacy and abide to the SPAM Control Act. Though businesses may not want their customers to unsubscribe, respecting customers wish instead of irritating them will protect their reputation better. The latest Automatic Unsubscribe feature is so relevant and many customers are wowed by the ease to manage unsubscribe. Complaints have been made by SMS recipients that some companies have been so insensitive to send out SMS blasts to them even at late hours and midnights! EasiWorkgroup is all ready to help businesses overcome this via operating hours management. By setting the operating hours duration, EasiWorkgroup 2007 will intelligently stop messages from sending out and resume on the following day. In 2008, 2 add-ins are extended to EasiWorkgroup to give end users more choices of achieving their communications productivity. End users can easily send out SMS from their Microsoft Outlook or Excel application by only few clicks. SMS messaging is not just about getting a SMS Gateway Server, it is about understanding the real business needs and users' interactivity with the system. Inspire-Tech takes stride in providing great customer experience through providing user-friendly web interface, integrated add-ins and comprehensive functionalities. EasiWorkgroup is the ideal corporate desktop messaging solution for any organization! Follow us on
  27. 27. 2.1.1 Business Values EasiWorkgroup 2007 is the 4th generation enterprise grade web based desktop messaging solution. Empowering multiple users to send and receive SMS, EasiWorkgroup 2007 is the absolute solution for companies and government agencies to experience convenient and user-friendly SMS messaging from the desktop. It is designed for secure and effective corporate messaging with scalable capabilities. Here are the top 10 reasons how EasiWorkgroup 2007 can help your organization improve communication and manage reminders effectively: 1. Time Sensitivity & Control SMS delivery at late hours can cause irritation to recipients. EasiWorkgroup suspends any pending jobs during the non operating hours and resume delivery on the next day without manual intervention. This feature empowers large broadcast (>50,000 SMS) without a need to break into many smaller broadcasts. 2. Gatekeeper & Spam Control Compliant EasiWorkgroup captures unsubscribe requests and prevents any more SMS from reaching them on subsequent broadcast. This feature ensures that the organization is compliant to Spam Control Act. 3. Comprehensive Internal & External Address Book EasiWorkgroup provides the flexibility to manage contacts. Each user can store his own contacts and groups in his own profile and manage his own data privately. Individual users also have the option to import and group shared contacts under their own profile. Contacts can be grouped into multiple groups and imported directly as groups. Multiple levels of grouping (sub-groupings) resemble the hierarchical structure of contacts for easier contacts group management. Common contacts can be shared and used by all users in the organization through the Public Contacts feature. To avoid duplication of customer database, organization can provide shared contacts from Active Directory or external applications like CRM, ERP systems through database synchronization into the public profile. 4. Expandable Fields Without Customization With increasing number of mobile numbers associated to individuals, EasiWorkgroup supports multiple mobile numbers to one contact. Companies can increase contacts fields without customizing the application. Follow us on
  28. 28. 5. Reduce Time to Customize Messages The powerful batch SMS function allows people to use their Microsoft Excel file of contacts and columns of information to be merged into the message, giving each recipient a personalized message e.g. Dear John, your child’s average score is 89%. 6. Smarter Message Routing Unlike email, SMS number is a common number where the recipient cannot designate the intended reader of the message. Messages can be routed smartly to the sender rather than get stuck on the administrator’s Inbox. User can opt to be informed on their email on new inbound SMS. EasiWorkgroup also support SMS -> email feature, , mobile users without internet connectivity the ability to send out email with SMS. He can SMS with this format <email address> <message> and EasiWorkgroup will forward an email to the <email address> with the <message> as email body. 7. Enhanced User Experience Messages can be delivered and displayed in multiple languages on the browser and the phones. It supports long messages without truncating messages into multiple “broken” SMS. Recipients enjoy a better reading experience on the messages. EasiWorkgroup 2007 is AJAX enabled and end users will appreciate the more responsive web interface. 8. Save Cost & Better User Control Messaging can be made available to anyone in the organization without having to install any applications. As a secured web-based solution, EasiWorkgroup helps organization save tremendous implementation costs and maintenance costs over install-based solutions. Recurring SMS cost can be significantly high if it is not managed properly. EasiWorkgroup allows organization to manage usages through quota management and periodic reporting. This approach provides good governance and avoids unnecessary wastages. 9. Secure & Integrated Login EasiWorkgroup 2007 supports authentication via Active Directory, providing end users the ease of signing in the application without having to remember a new set of username and password and saves the administrator significant time to manage users. 10. Seamless Integration with Email client Users can opt to use the web interface for messaging or use their email client to send SMS. All message history will be consolidated under the user’s profile, detailing every msg. sent. Follow us on
  29. 29. 2.1.2. Applications Here are some real life experiences given by our clients on how they have found EasiWorkgroup to be so useful in fulfilling their business needs. Unlike some SMS gateway or software, EasiWorkgroup is versatile, user-friendly and its ability to serve multiple users in an organization is one of its key adoption reasons. Banking & Finance Relationship managers are able to login to their own profile and manage their own customer numbers and send out group SMS to inform customers on special financial news. Debt collection officers can login to send payment reminders to individuals and track their responses. The priority selection allows business users who need to send out time critical messages to put higher priority on their SMS ahead of some marketing messages. The operating hours feature helps to auto stop and resume sending on the following day. End user does not worry whether the SMS broadcast can finish before specific time and the company maintains its reputation of not disturbing customers at late hours. All messages sent and received are stored in the message logs. The message logs can be filtered and exported archival and data analysis purpose. Retail & Marketing & General Sending promotional broadcast can be so easy with the Batch SMS. Simply upload an excel file with the mobile number list, type the message and send. The Sender ID / number masking capability allow some companies to do branding on their messages to show their companies' or product brand names. Spam complains may be the worry of some responsible companies. With the automated unsubscribe feature, customers can opt out easily by sending in a pre- defined unsubscribe keyword. Follow us on
  30. 30. Manufacturing Using EasiWorkgroup for general messaging and marketing has been very useful. One Gas company uses the Batch SMS function to greet and remind customers of the gas installation appointments. They don't need full automation yet and their system can generate the data onto an excel file. One of the customer service officer uses it to upload for hundreds of appointment. Some companies are happy to know that EasiWorkgroup allows many users to go online to send SMS. However, they are worried about losing control on the SMS cost. They find the Quota Management feature and Usage Reporting very useful in monitoring and managing the running costs and avoid abuse on the system. For companies with CRM system and ready customer databases, they just need the Enterprise Edition to synchronize the customers' mobile numbers with EasiWorkgroup without having to manage 2 sets of customer data. Associations & Religious Organizations Different event managers in the association or churches and other religious organizations are able to send out event reminders to their members rather than using their own personal hand phones. When collecting responses, they can make use of the Inbox, Filtering & Export to Excel feature. The ability to receive email alert on any incoming SMS saves them time to login to the system to check on incoming responses. Education Schools find the address book and the ability to sub-group the contacts useful in organizing the classes and levels. Some schools use it to inform parents to RSVP on school events. Through the inbox, filtering function and export capability, the administrative manager is able to get the responses and plan the turnout better. Sending interim reports over SMS can be so easy. All the students points are already stored in Excel file. With the Batch SMS function, each parent receives the result of their child through SMS. APIs are provided for some clients who want to integrate through EasiWorkgroup to send out SMS. The API also takes care of the username and quota and detailed log of the messages can be viewed through the web interface. Follow us on
  31. 31. 2.1.2. Features and Benefits USAGE MANAGEMENT Flexible Quota Management Usages can be controlled through setting quotas for individual users. Quotas can be reset automatically or manually. It can be turned off according to the administrator’s discretion for all or selective users. Database or Active Directory Authentication Organizations can choose between deploying EasiWorkgroup on database authentication or via Active Directory authentication. Both authentication methods provide secure login process. Reports Usage reports and message history can be generated by parameterized date duration. Each user's monthly usage can be exported to PDF or Microsoft Excel format for archiving and printing. MESSAGING FEATURES Supports Unicode Messaging & Long Messages Messages can be sent/received in alphanumeric and/or Unicode. (Chinese, Arabic, Thai). Messages also support long messages without truncating the messages into parts. Batch Messaging Adhoc messaging can be done through uploading a Microsoft Excel file with simply one column of mobile numbers. Personalized messaging can be made through merging the SMS content with the column of information stored in your Excel file. Follow us on
  32. 32. Quick Messaging Functions Quick forwarding, reply and resend are some productive functions made available on EasiWorkgroup to make the messaging experience more interactive and intuitive. At a glance on the message Inbox or Sent Items, the user can choose to react to a message through the corresponding shortcuts. Forward as Email Each user can opt to receive email forward of every incoming SMS into his inbox so he will not miss out on any messages even if he did not check his Inbox on the web. Reminders Recurring SMS reminders can be setup and managed easily with the Reminder function. At the specified period, a SMS will be sent out to the recipient(s). Recipient name can be customized in the message. Follow us on
  33. 33. CONTACTS MANAGEMENT Public & Private Contacts Group Management Contacts can be stored in individual users’ own “Private Contacts” and grouped in the multiple groups under the private list which is exclusive to the user. Corporate shared addresses can be stored in “Public Contacts” which are administered and updated by the administrators for all users to use. Groups can be created in both Public and Private Contacts. Grouping & Sub-Grouping Contacts can be grouped into single level group name and even sub-level grouping. Both Public and Private Contacts support sub-grouping. This feature is useful for hierarchical organization contacts management. Ease of Import Mass import of contacts can be done through the Import Contacts function. Each field is mapped according to the columns found in the user’s Microsoft Excel file. The process is simple and fast. Contacts can be imported straight in an existing group or a new group. Supports multiple mobile numbers Increasingly, people own more than one mobile numbers or the contact may be associated with more than one number. The use of Primary & Secondary mobile number allows the sender to reach the recipient easily with storing ONE contact instead of creating separate contact name to represent one person. Customizable Contact Fields The application comes with customizable contact fields to facilitate organizations which need some fields that are not found in the packaged solution. The administrator can configure the system’s additional contact fields and even associate the contact field as a mobile number field. This means, the mobile number field can be expanded beyond just 2 numbers to even 3 or even more. Database Synchronization with MS SQL/Oracle/Active Directory To avoid duplication of customer database, organization can provide shared contacts from Active Directory or external applications like CRM, ERP systems through database synchronization into the public profile. There is no need to import contacts from another database into EasiWorkgroup for your end user to use the contacts. Even if the contacts' mobile number has been updated in your primary application database, it will be updated in EasiWorkgroup. Follow us on
  34. 34. CORPORATE MANAGEMENT Auto Unsubscribe and Filtering Unsubscribe function is configurable by administrator in application settings. The application is able to capture unsubscribe requests and prevents any more SMS from reaching them on subsequent broadcast. This feature ensures that the organization is compliant to Spam Control Act. UNSUBSCRIPTION LIST Follow us on
  35. 35. Operating Hours restrictions for SMS delivery SMS delivery at late hours can cause irritation to recipients. EasiWorkgroup suspends any pending jobs during the non-operating hours and resume delivery on the next day without manual intervention. This feature empowers large broadcast (>50,000 SMS) without a need to break into many smaller broadcasts. Message Logs Management Users can view their own personal Inbox, Outbox & Sent Items. Inbox stores the incoming SMS that are routed to the individual's inbox. It uses an intelligent routing logic to route back responses from recipients to the Sender. They can view their message history for as long as the data is stored in the database. The administrator has audit history of the message sent by individuals. Messages deleted from the end user view are still stored unless the administrator purges the historical data. Message logs can be export to Microsoft Excel easily. Powerful Search & Filter function Prior to exporting, users can make use of the powerful filtering tool within the message log to filter the messages by date/time range, name, mobile number or even message content to search for data they want to see. Customizable Views some user like to see a few rows of records while some would like to see hundreds of records at one go. By empowering the users to customize the view on their own, EasiWorkgroup user interface is designed to make search and viewing experience more wonderful than any other SMS solutions. Each user has their own profile and customizable view of the message logs. This means our customers do not need to ask for "customization" to the application to increase/reduce page view. Follow us on
  36. 36. Feature Description Standard Enterprise Edition Edition Contacts Management Personal Contacts & Group Management Yes Yes Public (Shared) Contacts & Group Management Yes Yes Supports 5 additional contacts fields customization Yes Yes Supports unlimited sub-grouping Yes Yes Import contacts via Microsoft Excel Yes Yes Database Synchronization with MS SQL/Oracle Yes databases/Active Directory Messaging Supports Unicode messaging and long SMS Yes Yes Quick Messaging, Forwarding & Reply Yes Yes Multiple numbers support Yes Yes Personalized Greeting Yes Yes Batch Messaging & mail merge function Yes Yes Customizable Sender ID on outgoing message (masking of Yes Yes Sender ID) * Gateway must support Intelligent incoming SMS routing to sender with email Yes Yes notification option Remote email sending via SMS Yes Yes Recurring Reminder Messaging Yes Corporate Management Allow EasiXchange 2007 or EasiSMTP 2007 integration for Yes Yes user management and message history logging Microsoft Outlook Addin or Microsoft Excel Addin) Usage Reports and Message history reports. Ability to export Yes Yes to Excel & PDF User Access control and Quota Management Yes Yes Auto unsubscribe & filtering Yes Yes Active Directory Authentication for Login Yes Operating Hours restrictions for SMS delivery Yes Follow us on
  37. 37. 2.1.4. Application Connectors EasiSMTP: This is an Email to SMS add on module. Users can store mobile numbers as email addresses and send SMS easily via their email client. EasiSMTP can accept both numbers and group name as email address prefixes. EasiXchange: This is also an Email to SMS add-on module. The method of message sending differs slightly from the EasiSMTP where end users send email to a designated mailbox where the EasiXchange service will regularly check and calls EasiWorkgroup for processing new emails. End users can make use of the group names stored in EasiWorkgroup to send out bulk messages to groups even through simple emails without having to login. Microsoft Outlook Add-in: Sending SMS can be as easy as sending email by clicking on the Outlook Address book through the Outlook Add-in. Microsoft Excel Add-in: Follow us on
  38. 38. Sending bulk SMS to customers can be much easier by a few clicks on the Excel interface rather than having to organize the file and upload to a web page. The Excel Add-in is designed to make bulk SMS sending much more convenient. RELIEF USERS ON ROUTINE BATCH NOTIFICATIONS If you realized your user is routinely uploading specific files for broadcast on specific reminders/event alerts, you may want to consider using EasiSmartCast to automate the process. e.g. A law firm has been manually checking his appointment system and manually typed the SMS reminder in EasiWorkgroup on a daily basis to inform his customers on their appointment schedules. As the initial volume was low, EasiWorkgroup has served the needs well. However, as the firm grew in size and clientele, this manual keying in becomes too mundane and subject to errors by administrative staff. There is at least 50-100 reminders to send out per day. Automating the process is a better option. EasiSmartCast fulfill the needs by performing a scheduled query to pull out all the appointment details and sends out customized appointment reminders to each customer. 2.2. Outlook Add-in What can be more user-centric and intuitive for end users than to ask them to stay in their most frequently used Microsoft Outlook to send out SMS? Users enjoy sending SMS directly from the Outlook address book rather than to synchronize the contact list with the SMS software without switching back-and-forth from Outlook and the SMS web interface. The EasiWorkgroup Outlook Add-in allows recipients’ mobile numbers to be acquired directly from Outlook address book, saving you the effort to import and synchronize. Follow us on
  39. 39. KEY FEATURES: Support for Address Books & Distribution List Message recipients can be selected from your Microsoft Outlook personal, office, and global address books. You can even create distribution lists for frequently used groups of recipients. Adhoc Number If the mobile number of recipient does not appear or is not stored inside your Outlook address book, you can simply type in the mobile number instead of making a new entry. That helps to save time from creating new entry if you need to send out important messages urgently. Scheduled Messages Outlook add-in SMS provides an option to send a message immediately or to be sent at a scheduled date and time. The scheduled messages stored in the server will be sent out accurately even after working hours. Prioritized Messages With Outlook Add-in, you can categorize all messages into high, normal and low priority which allow you to prioritize your messages among other users in the organization. Archived Message History Sent SMS can be viewed from a special “SMS Messages” folder created in Outlook in the same manner as you organize your emails. Concurrently, you can go to EasiWorkgroup website to review all your sent messages. Long/Concatenated Message & Unicode Message There is no word restriction on your messages. In addition, the Outlook add-in is able to support Unicode message, for example, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, etc. Quota Management Usage control and quota management is set at EasiWorkgroup so you still enjoy the same control like EasiWorkgroup web. 2.3. Excel Add-in Sending bulk SMS will be very convenient as you can do it directly from the Microsoft Excel program. If you have the habit of storing or exporting address list to an excel file or your mailing list is very big that uploading it may result in timeout over the internet, you’ll find the Excel Add-in a great help. You will be able to send customized messages to the mass. If you want to send to selected range of recipients among your contact list, you can simply select the data range. EasiWorkgroup Excel Add-in supports both Microsoft Excel 2003 & 2007 versions. Key Features and Benefits Follow us on
  40. 40. Scheduled Messages Excel Add-in SMS provides an option to send a message immediately or at a scheduled date and time. The scheduled messages stored in the server will be sent out accurately even after working hours. Prioritized Messages Imagine there are some messages queued by your colleagues and you need to send out the broadcast urgently to “supersede” their jobs. Excel add-in allows you to set your message to the high priority. Archived Message For Excel add-in, you can view your archived message from RapidSMS website to review all your sent messages. Long/Concatenated Message & Unicode Message There is no word restriction on your messages. In addition, Excel add-in is able to support Unicode message, for example, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, etc. Quota Management Usage control and quota management is set at RapidSMS so you still enjoy the same control like RapidSMS web. Follow us on
  41. 41. 2.4 EasiSMTP EasiSMTP 2005 is a robust windows service that converts email (*.eml) sent by Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook & other email clients into SMS instantly. Emails are sent to a predefined email alias e.g. where 41234567890 is the mobile number. EasiSMTP 2005 is tested on Windows SMTP on IIS 6.0 but will work on other SMTP services. 2.4.1 Application EasiSMTP can be used in 3 areas: Desktop Messaging End users who wish to use email clients (e.g. Outlook or Lotus Notes) to send out SMS. In this method, all the SMS are stored in Outbox/Sent Items folder and users can make use of Distribution List for group messaging. System Monitoring Notification for existing monitoring applications (supports paging using format) that wish to migrate to SMS System Integration Existing applications that requires SMS delivery via email interface. Developers prefer to use email to integrate the SMS gateway with their applications can use EasiSMTP. Follow us on
  42. 42. Follow us on
  43. 43. Users who wish to forward critical emails (or from some known email address) to SMS. 2.4.2 Features and Benefits EasiSMTP can be used for few business needs, namely System Monitoring Alerts, System Integration & Desktop Messaging. Here are some features which highlight how EasiSMTP works more than just a simple email conversion to SMS program. It consists of several configurable parameters that can be modified to cater to different organization’s needs. Sender ID Customization Organizations can configure their SMS delivery with customized Sender ID (also known as Masked Sender ID / TPOA). Organizations can restrict the sender ID customization to a corporate unified ID or allow individual users to define their preferred ID within the email content that is designated for SMS conversion. Easy to deploy EasiSMTP is a server-based windows service with some configuration by the system administrator. There is no need to install any components on client's machine or amendment of system codes. It is very easy to start a system monitoring function or desktop messaging capability for an organization without too much training or setup. Once configured, systems can be configured to send out emails to EasiSMTP for conversion to SMS and end users can start sending emails via their email clients to the designated email domain for SMS delivery. Flexible setup for corporate messaging EasiSMTP can work independently or leverage on the user Follow us on
  44. 44. management feature of EasiWorkgroup to manage users and their usages. It has the flexibility to configure as an independent program which interacts with EasiSMS Messaging Server for SMS delivery or leverage on the comprehensive user management function of EasiWorkgroup to meet different organization’s needs. Multiple recipient's support Messages can be delivered to single or multiple recipients by specifying the email addresses that are compliant to the EasiSMTP format. Leveraging on EasiWorkgroup's A ddress book Group Messaging is much easier with the use of group names set up in EasiWorkgroup. Each user's individual contacts that are grouped in EasiWorkgroup can be automatically used for group messaging through “groupname@domainname” format, making group messaging an easy task via email. Long Message Support Messages sent via EasiSMTP are not truncated into multiple messages but delivered as one full message on the recipient's phones* *Only recipient phones that do not support long SMS cannot read long messages. Unicode Messaging Support Email content can be written in Unicode text like Chinese, Arabic and the content is not lost while converting from email to SMS. It can be deployed in any countries without any worry for language compatibility issues. Auto Acknowledgement EasiSMTP provides an auto acknowledgement to users for message delivered to the SMS gateway so that end users do not need to worry whether their messages have been received by the server or probably "lost in no where". Low resource utilization EasiSMTP is a low CPU usage windows service. It can provide high throughput conversion with very little consumption of the CPU memory. Follow us on
  45. 45. 3.System Monitoring & Notifications Ever thought of sending critical system alerts to someone to rectify an issue immediately? With an increasing number of systems and issues to monitor, system administrators and information security personnel need more than few good system monitoring and intruder detection solutions. Effective enterprise system and security monitoring should consist of a robust monitoring server that has an intelligent notification process to alert critical staff for real-time rectification of critical problems. EasiEscalate 2006 is designed to complement many reputable systems monitoring software to provide smart and effective SMS and Email notifications. Follow us on
  46. 46. 3.1 Business values Prompt and effective notifications Many solutions offer sophisticated reporting and comprehensive monitoring of servers, hardware and applications but very often, staff may not respond fast enough to issues as problem flags and alerts are often missed out as staff does not stay perpetually online to monitor the issues log or check their emails. Organizations need an effective notification process which can push out alerts promptly to the duty personnel for immediate actions. EasiEscalate 2006 delivers SMS notification, which is considered a more effective alert notification channel as it is a push technology and staff need not stay deskbound to receive such alerts. Better Assurance Besides pure notification which is only one way down EasiEscalate 2006 provides better assurance to IT managers that issues are not ignored. An escalation process is built in to ensure proper acknowledgement is received before an issue is closed. Otherwise, the notification will trigger the next level and shows possibility of negligence by the earlier staff. Such process provides a checking mechanism and alert recipients take on ownership of the issues giving better accountability quality control on issues management. Unified notification centre EasiEscalate 2006 can be positioned as a centralized notification centre for system monitoring purposes. All monitoring applications route the email notification to EasiEscalate 2006 and it becomes the clearing house for the alerts and notify the contacts accordingly. With this, organizations can save on huge project development costs to achieve SMS notification enabling for individual system monitoring servers since EasiEscalate does not require any changes to existing systems. Such consolidation allows the IT managers to get a centralized view, saving time and resources to monitor all system events. Follow us on
  47. 47. 3.1 Features and Benefits Superior notification, savings on downtime In today’s environment, system administrators receive email notification when a service, hardware or network is having issue. Often, these services are so critical that an hour down time could potential cost million of dollars. As such, email notifications are insufficient. EasiEscalate is able to convert ANY critical email, compare to a rule, and notify based on the notification group assigned. 2 channels, multiple levels escalation Both email and SMS can have different contacts. This is useful if you have a deskbound team and on site team. Contacts can also be on multiple levels. The flexibility allows assigning different priority to different supporting contacts. Escalation can be continuous for very critical event that warrants immediate attention. Intelligent text extraction Often, system alert emails are lengthy and cannot be customized in some monitoring solutions. Through EasiEscalate’s visual text extractor, you can customize a smart text extractor for the specific contents on the email. These contents are transferred and made available in the SMS composition screen. Follow us on
  48. 48. Comprehensive Reports and Issues Monitoring Incidents can be tracked online and generated as reports for analysis and archival. Reports provide statistical information about the occurrence of problems and insights on staff readiness to react to problems. Robust, yet user friendly interface EasiEscalate is developed on Windows .Net Framework 2.0. The windows service ensures the service is robust for 24x7 operations. The user friendly interfaces empower users to setup the rules and test them before production. This will enhance the productivity and ensure the rules can be deployed quickly to production. Compatibility to industry products EasiEscalate is compatible with all monitoring solutions that support email notification (SMTP). We have successfully tested and integrated EasiEscalate with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. Technical Information SYSTEM REQUIREMENT Server Requirement: Hardware Server with a processor speed of at least 1.5 GHz or above Supports Pentium IV 2.8 MHz processor and above (for low processing volume) RAM minimum 512 MB, 1 GB Recommended (1 processor license) 1 GB Available Hard disk space LAN connectivity/Internet connectivity for product activation GSM Modem(s) for modem connectivity (See supported modem list below) Software/Operating System Windows 2000 Server/Windows Server 2003 with SP1 (Recommended) Supports Windows XP Professional SP 2 (for low processing volume) Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 with common files Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service Microsoft SQL 2005 / SQL 2005 Express/ SQL 2000 Others SMPP account (for SMPP connectivity) Internet connection is required for product registration, vGSM and SMPP connectors. Follow us on
  49. 49. Client Requirement: (For web based system administration and reports viewing) Hardware: Pentium IV and equivalent processor or above 256 MB RAM 100 MB Available Hard disk space LAN connectivity/Internet connectivity Software/Operating System: Windows 2000/XP Professional IE Browswer 6.0 and above Supported Modems: Nokia 30 Wavecom WMOD2 iTegno WM1080A & 3000 Telular SX5e Falcom Follow us on