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Social Media Tool Utilization Among New Mexico Home Economist County Agents 2009


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Are county agents ready to adopt this social media tools for extension programs and marketing tools? NEAFCS Annual Conference Abuquerque, September 2011

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Social Media Tool Utilization Among New Mexico Home Economist County Agents 2009

  1. 1. New Mexico State University Social Media (SM) Tool Utilization Among New Mexico Home Economist (HE) County Agents 2009 M. Fahzy Abdul-Rahman, Ph.D., M.P.H. INTRODUCTION RESULTS VS. US COMPARISON DISCUSSION AND IMPLICATIONSNational extension efforts are adopting Social Media ONeill, B., Zumwalt, A., Gutter, M., & Bechman, J. • Low usage but great potential(SM) tools (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook) as one (2011). Financial education through social media: Can - High use of e-mailing and phone textingof the main tools to collaborate with extension county you evaluate its impact?, Forum for Family and - With 140-character limit, twittering is very muchagents and better reach out to the public. This is Consumer Issues, 16(1). Retrieved September 19, 2011 like text messaging.especially true with the younger population where 96% from - The findings on HE agents’ use of e-mail, textof Gen Y have joined a social network. But are county 2011-spring/oneil-zumwalt-gutter-bechman.php messaging, and on-line training tools pointagents ready to adopt this social media tools for towards great Social Media adoption potentials.extension programs and marketing tools? Methodology & Sample - E-mails and telephone, on-site training, and on- line training were the preferred way of PURPOSE • 14-question Instant Survey® questionnaire communication but not on-line chatting, which has been used in companies for liveAlthough the main intent of the of New Mexico Family • Sent to ≈ 350 Financial Security for All (FSA) communications.Resource Management (FRM) Need Assessment Survey Community of Practice (CoP) members in December2009 is to assess the needs of FRM programs and home 2010 • Learn social media evaluation metricseconomics (HE) county agents in New Mexico, the - For evaluation and reporting purposes • N =45 respondents (≈ 13%).author included questions on utilization of Social Mediatools, internet, and high-tech gadgets. This is partially to • Primarily female and age 50, older, middle income • The power of sharing/retweeting via SMgauge their readiness to adopt Social Media tools inextension work where Social Media use has been networks Frequency of SM Use by Extension Family - Work smarterincreased rapidly. Economics Educators (N =45) - Aggregate impacts could be impressive SM Site Daily Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never - In the national Home Economists study, 45 people PARTICIPANTS had potential to reach almost 6,000 Facebook 42% 20% 22% 9% 7% - Those 6,000 could potentially reach many moreHome Economics (HE) County Agents in the 33 counties Twitter 7% 14% 2% 39% 39%in New Mexico are in charge of seven main programs, YouTube 5% 25% 48% 16% 7% • NM vs. US comparisonnamely Food & Nutrition, Food Technology, Family Life Blog 5% 5% 35% 7% 49% - Similar HE demographicsand Child Development, Family Health and Wellness, - Evidence of lower SM use among NM HomeDiabetes, Family Resource Management, and Disaster EconomistsPreparedness. In some smaller counties these programs Methods Used by Extension Family Economics - Different timings: May 2009 vs. Decemberwould be assumed by their county director or 4-H agent. Educators to Access Social Media Sites (N =45) 2010 Among the 16 survey respondents, five HE agents do not have a SM Site Computer Smart Phone Other N/A - Possibly due to clients’ tendencies INSTRUMENTS social media tools and six of them rarely update their social media Facebook 91% 36% 4% 7% accounts or websites. This is not reflected in their text messaging Twitter 56% 13% 4% 40%A 22-item survey was design to cover four main aspects: behavior where most of them (nine out of 16) text message often or YouTube 91% 18% 6% 9%1. HEs’ involvement in various Home Economic all the time. Blog (any) 50% 0% 2% 50% Programs (three items),2. HEs’ thoughts on various FRM Programs (three 53% had items), content about3. HEs’ knowledge in FRM areas (13 items), and4. Other: Agent-Specialist Communication; Social Media both Professional use; and technology use (three items). PersonalFor this online survey, the seven main programs werecollapsed into five. Diabetes and Food Technology weregrouped with Food & Nutrition. Different questionsutilized different scales which included Likert-scale, 47% focused on oneselect-any, and select-the-correct-answer questions. The or the othersurvey was administered on-line using Zoomerang®.