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Health Insurance Literacy – eXtention Ask an Expert


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Using data from Google Analytics, we looked into factors that are associated with page views among eXtension’s personal finance pages ( Specifically, we utilized Google Analytics data from April 2009 and available Page Analytics numbers ( and produced by eXtension data engineers in the personal finance or Financial Security for All (FSA) Community of Practice (CoP) areas. Top pages with the highest page views per month were selected to look for similar characteristics among these webpages. At the macro level, we will be exploring relevant statistics to our CoP such as search engine utilized, top search keywords, traffic sources, traffic referral, and mobile device access. We also looked into the tendency of page hits associated with the following factors: topic (tag) , average Google search entrances per week, and age of the article. Preliminary log-level regression results show that pages with high numbers of hits tend to have more tags, not a summary of academic research, and be related to managing money in tough times. We shared result implications and limitations based on the results of this study. Besides advanced researches, personal finance academicians need to write on simple and applicable topics, as evident from top search hits (birth certificate, FICA tax, and SMART goals) and less tendencies of research summary articles to get hit. The federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) core competencies provide targeted knowledge and action/behavior changes, which in themselves are guidelines for writing topics. Despite being a non-profit organization, eXtension can still take advantage of pro-business properties by having course enrollment and savings as conversion goals.

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Health Insurance Literacy – eXtention Ask an Expert

  1. 1. Top Overall Five Health Insurance Literacy Pages (Pageviews), from Jun 1, Pages 2013 Jan - 21, 2014: 1.Affordable Care Act eXtension: 726 2.Affordable Care Act Resources for Consumers eXtension: 543 3.Health Insurance FAQs eXtension: 534 4.What is the difference between bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans? eXtension: 498 5.eXtension Objective. Research based. Credible: 492 Total Pageviews: 9,582 (0.36% of total overall eXtension pageviews) Health Insurance Literacy – eXtention Ask an Expert M. Fahzy Abdul-Rahman, Ph.D. METHODOLOGY New Mexico State University CONCLUSION PURPOSE • Considering the professionals and efforts put into this project, we thought that the number of hits is very low. This is especially true when our eXtension publications are research-based and handled by unbiased university academicians. • Google Analytics is a useful tool for evaluation and program improvements. Page- views Unique Page-views Avg. Time on Page Entrances Bounce Rate % Exit 9,582 7,506 82.9 2,844 59.39% 29.68% # Device Acquisition Behavior Visits % New Visits New Visits Bounce Rate Pages / Visit Avg. Dur. 1. desktop 1,047 60.74% 636 36.10% 4.66 04:56 2. mobile 51 100.00% 51 58.82% 2.76 01:12 3. tablet 42 71.43% 30 42.86% 5.29 07:16 This presentation presents Google Analytics (GA) data on Affordable Care Act (ACA) materials in eXtension, on online platform for university Extension personnel to collaborate and share research-based knowledge with the public. In May 2013, the Health Insurance Literacy education eXtension group was established to educate the public on the new healthcare. We used data and outputs for Google Analytics to obtain data visitor behaviors (hits, returning visitors, electronic device used) and demographics (gender, age, geographical location) from June 2013 to January 2014. The nationwide Extension system responded to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by providing health insurance and healthcare education. The Health Insurance Literacy eXtension Community of Practice was created to inform consumers and respond to Consumer inquiries The Ask an Expert (AaE) feature of has allowed for years one-to-one expert answers from Extension/University faculty and volunteers from across the United States. The latest version of AaE expands that one-to-one relationship via the ability to make questions and answers publicly available, on an opt-in basis, searchable by the most popular search engines, and able to cultivate additional dialogue among the online community. This will skin and promote Ask an Expert as a premier resource for answering questions that lead people to become health insurance literate and to make smart choices for themselves and their families at this opportune moment of epic change in our American healthcare system. RECOMMENDATIONS • Investing in AdWords, • Having online video publications, • Improving SEO (search engine optimization) : tag website contents including images, blogging with rich contents, and • Making mobile-friendly view publications. # ACA Ask an Expert Site Hits Hits per week Weeks (until 01/2014) Total Hits 1 What is the difference between bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans? 21.0 30 628 2 What health insurance plans can I enroll in? 5.3 33 175 3 Is a Health Savings Account (HSA) a good idea? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 4.8 30 145 4 What will it cost if I don’t get health insurance? 3.6 35 125 5 What do EPO, PPO and POS mean? 3.2 30 95 6 How do I take on a new cost for health insurance when I can barely pay my bills now? 2.8 30 84 7 Do children fall off my insurance policy on the day of their 26th birthday? How do they avoid a lapse in coverage? 2.7 22 59 8 Is there anyone who can help me determine my best health insurance option? 2.6 31 80 9 Are all hospitals supposed to accept any or all insurance? 1.6 30 49 10 Are all pre-existing conditions allowed? 1.3 30 39 • Age: 27.50% (18-24), 33.50% (25-34), 15.50% (35-44), 12.50% (45-54), 5.50% (55-64), and 5.50% (65+). • Gender: Female (45.85%) and Male (54.15%) • State: Iowa, (top), Pennsylvania, Montana, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, and Missouri (top) • Search terms: Affordable Care Act, ACA, health insurance, and healthcare. Health Insurance Literacy Overall Statistics RESULTS # Search Type Acquisition Behavior Visit % New Visits New Visits Bounce Rate Pages / Visit Avg. Dur. 1. (direct) / (none) 474 65.19% 309 38.61% 5.09 04:53 2. google / organic 132 63.64% 84 43.18% 3.70 03:11 3. bing / organic 75 80.00% 60 80.00% 1.64 00:45 4. yahoo / organic 51 82.35% 42 58.82% 1.94 00:57 5. / referral 30 40.00% 12 0.00% 4.50 07:20 6. / referral 24 50.00% 12 37.50% 2.38 03:32 7. / referral 21 42.86% 9 14.29% 8.43 20:31 Other Google Analytics Results RESULTS (continued) INTRODUCTION