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Ict homework


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Ict homework

  1. 1. Name: FAYZA SAKINA M.Class : 7BSchool : SMPN 73
  2. 2.  What is ICT ? Why we need ICT ? Brief History about ICT ICT Now and Then ( comparison) ICT gadget or media Breaktrough on ICT Possitive and negative effect of ICT summary
  3. 3. What is ICT ? INFORMATION is facts or details that tell you something about a situation,person,event,etc. COMMUNICATION is the process by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings TECHNOLOGY is new machines,equipment,and ways of doing things that are based on modern knowledge about science and computers.So ICT(inforamtion and communication technology) is machine,equipment or ways of giving or exchange fact or detail about a situation , person , event , etc.
  4. 4.  Imagine yourself living in jungle alone. No TV, telephone, electricity, internet, radio, satellite, frie nds to talk to just like the stone age period. How do you feel about it ? Human being is social creature, we must live and communication each other. For that reason people invent many thing to ease their social needs. Nowadays, people hardly live with ICT. It’s almost in every sectors of our live. Kitchen, bedroom, office, school, mosque, church, eve n open spaces like park or street have avalaible communication media. Internet, TV,Radio,Telephone ( mobile and fix line) , newspaper are unavoidable source to our life.
  5. 5.  PremechanicalThe premechanical age is the earliest age kentonganof information technology. It can be definedas the time between 3000 B.C when humansfirst started communicating they would try to use language or simple picture drawingsknown as petroglyths which were usuallycarved in rock. Early alphabets weredeveloped such as the Phoenician alphabet. prasasti
  6. 6.  Mechanical age 1450-18401450 Newspaper in europe1625 The first slide rule1640 The first mechanical computing machine1671 German mathematician and philosopher invented mechine called the stepped reckener.1821 The first modern computer design1830 The first automatic loom during1832 The first anylitical engine
  7. 7. This is some ICT gadget or media: Telegraph Telephone Fax Television Radio Cellphone Computer
  8. 8.  From an ICT point view , realizing a robust , intelligent and self regulating living technology based on the same principles as biology would revolutionizeour ability to control the microcoscopic world in rela time and with high information density. This would take it “whwre the action is,” which is online , immersed and , nano , giving it the same kind of funcionallity of cells and organelles but with encancehed programmable control of function. Ict components in machinery or bio-medical devices might chance their phisycal form in response to changing environmental conditions , greatly enhancing their funcionality . The vision is to allow ICT specialist programmable algorithmic entry to the vast world of nanoscale chemical system processes , leading to in immeasurably more powerful genertion of Ict devices and software.
  9. 9.  Positive: Wealth of Information The Internet is an incredible tool to use for homework assignments or projects. If you need to research information for a paper or essay, there are a number of excellent resources found on the Web, such as the Internet Public Library or one of the many online encyclopedias. The Internet Public Library is an online reference where science professionals can answer your questions. The Internet has also made searching for information much faster than looking through printed resources. Positive: Internet Based Entertainment The Internet will allow you to take advantage of many forms of entertainment. The Web hosts a series of entertainment services such as YouTube to watch online videos posted by people around the world, MySpace to interact with friends and family online, and also RealPlayer to enjoy your favorite music, movies or photos. These positive impacts of the Internet will develop fun activities for home entertainment.
  10. 10.  Negative: Time Consuming As the number of websites found on the Internet increases, the amount of time you spend browsing for information will increase as well. The Internet has become a huge time investment and sometimes a tremendous waste of time. Also, when attempting to sift through your emails, you could be spending five to 10 minutes before you finally find an email that requires your attention. Many emails are advertisements or spam. Negative: Unreliability of Resources Another negative impact that you may run across when using the Internet is receiving information that is unreliable. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information out there from unaccredited sources that publish their own websites. They litter the Internet with falsified or exaggerated information about various topics. You need to be careful when browsing the Internet for research because many websites you access may not have credibility. Before submitting for a report any information that you gathered from a website, make sure the source of the website is reliable.
  11. 11.  ICT is Information an Communication Technology Information Communication Technology is machine,equipment or ways of giving or exchange fact or detail about a situation , person , event , etc. The premechanical age is the earliest age kentongan. of information technology. It can be defined as the time between 3000 B. Ict gadget like Telegraph , telephone , fax , etc. From an ICT point view , realizing a robust , intelligent and self regulating living technology based on the same principles as biology. Postive effect is wealth of information and internet based entertainment Negative effects is time consuming and reability recoures