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this is my presented about this my homework . Thanks.

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Ict gadget Homework

  1. 1. Fayza Sakina M.D.7B
  2. 2.  KentonganHas been used for a long time, started from kingdom of demak, surakarta, yogyakarta and etc.FunctionTo give information (code/sign) for flood, robbery, party, celebration sign that praying time has come.
  3. 3. • SmokeFamous for Indian tribe in AmericaFunctionTo send secret information to a friend or foeSample: One cloud of smoke mean danger three trouble to health human going dead…………………. Trouble/request for help
  4. 4. • Epigraphy and Palmyra palmFor correspondence started in period of Kutai, Taruma Negara, Majapahit, Sriwijaya, and Mataram Kingdom
  5. 5. • A telephone and cell phone Invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 from fix line to a cellular phone since April 3rd 1973.Not only for communicating, ell phone also has many funcitions. Sending text messages, pocket camera, video recorder, portable radio and even your pocket PC.
  6. 6. TelevisionA communication media trough electronic equipment whereyou can see vivid picture and hear the sound. It gives youvarious information from all over the world, invented in 1883by Paul Nipkow from black and white TV to colorful TV andINTERNET TV now.
  7. 7. • TelegraphIs a long distance message sender and reciver founded by Samuel F.B. Morse and Alexander Brain.Telegraph uses Morse code (standard of tone, voice, or light transmitting data by differentiating dash and dot tap from sentence word, letter, number and punctuation mark message.A message sent/received is called telegram.
  8. 8. Fac s Is a imile m doc achin ume e netw nt tr that s resu ork tha ough te able to t s Fou lt as th produ lephon end n e c e Bain ded in origina e the s a It’s from S 1843 b l docum me a sc cotl y Al prin ann and exa ent. ter a er, m . ndemac nd p ode r hine hoto m, n cale c e d FA opier i twork X M n one ACH INE
  9. 9. o g Radi t as a unicatin called i y. I t ’ s m kCom metimes andy-tal sedW e so lkie or h can be u . 2 a wa lkie-t adio that two ways r a2 way nicate in u n to c omm eople ca ore p te. or m unica comm
  10. 10.  Pageris personal telecomunication tool to send and recieve short massage. Numerical pager can only recieve one way short massages and only consistsof a couple of digits, just like a phone number that can only be used to call. An alpha numerical pager can recieve a two way short massage service (SMS)
  11. 11.  Satellite PhoneThe size of satelitte phone is not as big as GSM phone. This phone has inter-reciever intercom function (just like walky-talky)Equipped with an automatic scanner to scan waves and other impressive features
  12. 12.  InternetInternet is one of most advancedx products of communication and information technology at thnis moment . The development of intyernet started when computer networking technology was created in around 1960. initially, computer network was employed by the us force to develop nuclear weapons
  13. 13.  At the first, our ancestors didn;t know any numerical symbols. Even so they had known ho to coun. For example they counbted cattlen that they harded. Every morning when they released the cattle , they carved lines on the tree. Each line for animals.Other tools that were used to count were fingers, pebbels and knots on rope . In south america people of inca indian use rope’s knots as numerical symbols . Symbolizes by certain knots arragement . All the knots arragements are called kuipu
  14. 14.  The beginning of computer invention was startednby a mathematician professor from england, charles Babbage. Babbage made a diffrence engine that was used to calculate diffrential equation. By using steam energy , the engine can save program and calculate and print the result automatically. In 1890 Herman Hollerith from us census bureauwas ableto create punch card counting that uses punch card as a data medium. In 1944 Howard Aiken from harvard univesity together with business machine(IBM). Succeded in creating a machine that was able to perform a series of arithmetic operation automatically. This
  15. 15.  A. First generation computer was developed during world war II . The characteristic of the computervin this generation was that its operating system was made specifically for certain task. B. Second GenerationThe seccond generation computers didn’t have vacum tube anymore, wich was replaced by a transistor. There was also an anti-magnetic memory development to become smaller,faster relieable and mor efficient in energy using, compared to the predecessor
  16. 16.  Third generationtransistor ‘s componets that were used on the second generation computer were replaced witg integaret circuit (IC). This is because transistor produced too much heat that could destroy computer’s internal partsic combined three elctronic componets in a small silicon disc was made from quartz sand
  17. 17. Bye Bye