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Kanji report ayran l13 #3 to #6


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Published in: Education
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Kanji report ayran l13 #3 to #6

  1. 1. Kanji #148 to #151 Franklin Ayran FLC3 - JSP
  2. 2. ingredients, materials; fee, fare料 料王里(りょうり)cooking 料金(りょうきん) charge/fare 授業料( じゅぎょうりょう) tuitionリョウ 家会料(きゅうりょう) salary
  3. 3. reason理 料王里(りょうり)cooking 理由(りゅう)reasonリ
  4. 4. special特 オ寺に(とくに) especially 特別な(とくべつな)special 特急電車( とっきゅうでんしゃ)トク;トシ super express train
  5. 5. cheap; ease; peaceful安 安い(やすい) cheap アン安心(あんしん)relief 不安な(ふあんな) uneasyやす;アン