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Golf operation program anglo revise 3


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GOLF OPERATION PROGRAM (GOP), the on-line education program to direct efficiently a Golf Operation

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Golf operation program anglo revise 3

  1. 1. 1. Program presentation……………… ............................ ............ 1.1. Golf Business Campus ………………………………….3 1.2.Program Structure ................................................... ...... .. 8 1.3.Agenda ................................................................. .. ...... .. 9 2. IGBC COMMUNITY ....... ... ... ....................................... .. ...... 26
  2. 2. Golf Business Partners (GBP) has interest in returning, to the Golf Industry, at least a part of the experience gained by its Professional Associates in the planning, development and management of over 250 golf projects worldwide. To meet this need, GBP has created a Training & learning Division call GOLF BUSINESS CAMPUS as the vehicle from which conducted a series of training programs to the golf industry. The success of the division is reflected in its more than 400 professional graduates. What is Golf Business Campus?
  3. 3. GOP is an on-line High Education Program for Direction, Operations Management and Benefit Centers of a Golf Club. What is GOP On - Line?
  4. 4. Business models are changing radically as a result of social economic changes in the markets. The revenues of the Golf Clubs have decreased dramatically, marketing is more difficult. So Golf Club sustainability depends more and more on the profitability of all Club operations. All these changes require Club Managers with great knowledge and, in some cases, severe recycling methodologies. GOP becomes the ideal tool for learning how to make an efficient & profitable operation management in this new area of golf professionalization. Why we need GOP On - Line?
  5. 5. • Directors & Golf Club Managers. • Golf Club staff who want to get a professional degree, suitable for promotions. • Professional players, Head Pros and Head Pro assistance who visualize the opportunity to reorient or supplement their professional careers in club management. • Anyone in Golf Industry who wish to professionalize their careers. Why we should attend GOP On - Line?
  6. 6. • GOP is an advanced course that provides all the necessary skills for Golf Club, operations and profit centers management; so that the profitability and add value objectives are maximize. • The training acquired by students through GOP allow the them to direct, with complete solvency, any golf club operation. What does the GOP provides?
  7. 7. GOP takes place in two parts covering both practice and academic training. Program StructureFirst Part Management • Business Concept. • Staff Management. • Machinery & Maintenance. • Management control. Second Part Club Operation • Golf Course. • Golf Academy. • Restaurant (F&B). • Sport Management. • Tournaments. • Cart rent. • Clubs & Locker room. BenefitCenterOperation
  8. 8. GOP On - Line First Part: Management
  9. 9. GOP On - Line Management: Golf Conceptualization Technical Note #1: Golf Conceptualization.  Schools associated to the clubs.  Independent schools.  Other schools. Technical Note #2: Other Facilities Conceptualization.  The Clubhouse.  The Maintenance & Repair Shed.  Other Sports Facilities. Case to develop: Golf School or go to Madrid?
  10. 10. GOP On - Line Management: Machinery & Maintenance Technical Note #1: Maintenance description.  Mowing task.  Fertilizing.  Spud.  Spud and soil ventilation.  Chemical treatments.
  11. 11. GOP On – Line Management: Machinery & Maintenance Technical Note #2: The resources: Staff and Machinery.  Maintenance levels.  Tasks according to the season and species.  Size of the staff.  Machinery description in a golf course.  Machinery inventory.  Machinery maintenance and spare parts stock.
  12. 12. GOP On - Line Management: Machinery & Maintenance Technical Note #3: Annual Maintenance Plan.  Task definition.  Resources allocated to these tasks.  Calendar.
  13. 13. GOP On - Line Management: Staff Management Technical Note #1: Organizational Chart.  Organizational chart and Job Description.  Head Pros (categories)  Administration (administration Manager ...)  Course Staff (Caddie Master, marshal, Head Pros ...)  Course Maintenance Staff (Green keeper, gardeners, plumbers, irrigation chief)  External Services Sub-contracted.  Restaurant.  Kindergarten.  Security  Pro Shop.
  14. 14. GOP On - Line Management: Staff Management Technical Note #2: Recruitment and Salary Policy.  Legal framework.  Salary structure.  Organizational implications and social benefits. Technical Note #3: Management Information.  Factors.  Measurement.  Modification.  Quality.  Self diagnostic
  15. 15. GOP On - Line Management: Staff Management Technical Note #4: Professional Classification and Mobility.  Job mobility  Traditional and emerging criteria.  Versatility and multiple task.  Adaptation and counterclaim. Technical Note #5: Termination of Employment.  Single.  Collective.  Suspension of employment.
  16. 16. GOP On - Line Management: Management Control Technical Note #1: Accounting Basics.  Patrimony Contributions.  Capital Contributions.  Cash flow.  Income and expense concepts. Technical Note #2: Approach to Management Control.  Business Structure and Management Control  How to design a Management Control  Process Management Control
  17. 17. GOP On - Line Management: Management Control Technical Note #3: Key Factors in the Golf School Business. Technical Note #4: Budgets. Technical 5: Designing Analysis Tools.  Objectives Management Deviations Analysis.  Design of Command Chain.  Design of the Income Statement.
  18. 18. GOP On - Line Management: Management Control Technical Note #6: Control Systems and Analysis Methods.  Report Systems.  Budget Analysis and Investment.  Treasury Control.  Performance Review: More than just numbers.
  19. 19. GOP On – Line Second Part: Club Operations
  20. 20. GOP On - Line Club Operations Course Benefit Center.  Course capacity.  Tee time models.  The Tee Time and bookings.  The Cady Master.  Marshall.  The Starters. Practice Balls as part of Benefit Center.  Tee time Management.  Peak and Low Hours.  Capacity of the Driving range.
  21. 21. GOP On - Line Club Operations Golf Classes  Beginners lessons.  Individual lessons.  Adults group lessons.  Children group lessons.  Group clinics.  High performance lessons.
  22. 22. GOP On - Line Club Operations Restaurant F & B.  Type of restaurant classification.  Positioning desired. The target objective.  Competitors and suppliers.  Basic deontology of restaurant.  Restaurant infrastructure.  Room machinery and equipment.  Kitchen machinery and equipment.  Hygiene and cleaning.  The restaurant.  The restaurant offer.  The schedule and menu. Menu Type  The wine list.  Planning.  Functional study of the banquet department.  Types of Facilities.  Coordination of services.  Facilities promotion and selling  Economic result of an event.
  23. 23. GOP On - Line Club Operations Reception & Pro Shop.  Procedures.  Job description.  Suppliers / purchase orders / stocks.  Merchandising.  Other Considerations Locker Room.  Service.  Costs and income. Cart Rent.  Sizing the fleet.  Cart Parking.  Electric Vs. Gas Carts.
  24. 24. GOP On - Line Club Operations Software Management.  Reservation center.  Green fees and other services charges.  Members fees and other recurring services.  Tournament management.  Pro shop inventory control.  The Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  25. 25. GOP On - Line International Golf Business Campus (IGBC) Community
  26. 26. IGBC Community All students that get a GBP Diploma, become members of IGBC Community. IGBC Community brings significant value to its members. The most tangible aspects of this ADDED VALUE are: International Job Board. Students who obtain the GOP Title, get access to the IGBC Job Community, which has agreements with major developers, suppliers and golf courses around the world. Through their previous training courses, IGBC Community has helped the incorporation of students to management positions in:  Golf Course.  Resorts.  Golf real estate projects.  Consulting Companies.  Management companies.  Golf machinery companies.
  27. 27. IGBC Community IGBC Community Activities. GBP graduates join the Student Association as members of IGBC Community. IGBC Community, among other activities as promotes networking among students, organizes annual meetings, golf tournaments sponsoring, and generally, interact as continuously "lobby" to promote the exchange of experiences and help between members. Facilitating the IGBC member to reach their maximum potential. Hot Line. IGBC Community provides its students Community a “hot-line“ service, for any professional consultation on a golf projects or golf courses. IGBC Community NEWS. All members receive IGBC Quarterly News. A News-Letter which includes news, features and current Golf Industry information around the world. IGBC Community PUBLICATIONS GBC makes a regular number of technical publications on different golf industry aspects. These publications will be free for members of IGB Community.
  28. 28. “Professional Training is our vocation as Golf is our passion” Contact: