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Powerpoint presentation prepared by Leah Kraus & Monica Kuryla of the Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY. Presented at the New York Library Association conference in Saratoga Springs, NY on 11/3/2011.

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Everything "E:" eBook Selection & Acquisition

  1. 1. Presentation by:Monica Kuryla, Fayetteville Free Library Leah Kraus, Fayetteville Free Library November 3, 2011
  2. 2.  82% of public libraries nationally offer access to e-books, up 10% from 2010 (LJ) First quarter 2011: ◦ eBook sales up 150%, to $233 mil. ◦ Declines in print sales - mass market and children’s paperbacks down by ~25% (PW.com) April 2011: Amazon sells more e-books than print books (nytimes.com)
  3. 3.  FFL: Chartered to serve 10,000 FFL Holds (10/24/11) ◦ 141 FFL patron holds on eBooks ◦ Average wait time: 14.44 days FFL Checkouts: ◦ 10/1/10 – 10/1/11 = 1,476 checkouts by our patrons ◦ 10/1/09-10/1/10 = 403! ◦ October 2010 = 56 checkouts ◦ October 2011 = 166 checkouts
  4. 4. ◦ Licensing◦ DRM◦ Privacy◦ Cost
  5. 5. ◦ Determine which eBook option meets the needs of your library/patrons◦ Pursue best practices for budgeting for these new formats/meeting patron demand◦ Help patrons learn about this new way of reading/ understand download process◦ Support library-friendly eBook initiatives
  6. 6.  Buying into a paid downloadable eBooks collection Offering access to free eBooks Purchasing and circulating eReaders with pre-loaded eBook content
  7. 7.  Pros:1) Popular titles2) “Always available” titles3) Kindle compatibility Cons:1) Complicated download process2) Lack of availability of certain titles
  8. 8.  Pros:1) Visibility/integration into shared catalog2) More available titles than any other vendor3) Kindle Book availability – expanding our digital library, allowing in-house download4) Patron-driven acquisition: coming soon Cons:1) Poor browsability for selection2) Privacy concerns –i.e. Amazon3) Lack of ownership of titles4) Consortial purchasing= titles in your library may be checked out by non-local patrons5) Each added feature (i.e. Advantage, Max Access) has a cost
  9. 9. Pros: Possibility to transfer content! Touch-screen Discovery Terminal Dedicated eReaders designed for patron checkout 2-click download process Early check-in possible The interface remains exactly the same, regardless of device Patron-driven acquisition feature included
  10. 10. Cons: No audio or video content Lack of Kindle compatibility Discovery Terminal is not yet a download station Possibility of lost investment upon switching ◦ Cost to build new eBook collection from scratch
  11. 11.  Blio: e-reader app ◦ Accessibility: enhanced eBooks, voice highlighting, text to speech ◦ Does not yet work with ePub, Kindle Axis 360: hosting and circulation platform ◦ Cloud based ◦ Sync up to 5 devices including Windows, Android and iOs compatibility ◦ Easy selection and acquisition workflow to current TS3 customers-MARC records appear in shared catalog within 24 hours of purchase
  12. 12.  No annual platform cost or pledged cost for materials Limited selection of titles Token system
  13. 13.  3M: ◦ Richland County Public Library (SC) ◦ Saint Paul Public Library (MN) ◦ Bergen County Cooperative Library System (NJ) ◦ Maricopa County Library District (AZ) ◦ Douglas County Libraries (CO) ◦ Darien Library (CN) ◦ State Library of Kansas Blio/Axis 360: King County, WA Freading: ◦ Westport Public Library (CT) ◦ Orange County Public Library System (FL) ◦ The Free Library of Philadelphia (PA) ◦ Maricopa County Library District (AZ) ◦ Los Gatos Public Library (CA)
  14. 14.  Start with list of bestselling authors Keep up with the “buzz” ◦ Earlyword.org ◦ Book Beast ◦ NPR Books ◦ Indiebound.org ◦ The Reader’s Advisor Online Blog Anticipate popular topics
  15. 15.  Reallocating funds that were used to purchase formats that are less in-demand eBooks are less expensive than many other formats, so you get more for your money Title availability is not as good as print Consider local stats Highlight the best free eBooks sites in house and on your homepage
  16. 16.  Project Guttenberg Manybooks.net Freebookspot.com Scribd International Children’s Digital Library Open Library • In-Library Lending
  17. 17.  Provide access to them ◦ Display links on web page ◦ QR codes in stacks ◦ Integrate into catalog ◦ Now available in OverDrive Pros: ◦ Free of charge ◦ DRM free: patron can do whatever they like with them Cons: ◦ Lack of popular titles ◦ Ad filled
  18. 18.  Stanza - access classics and self-published titles on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone Free Books - close to 25,000 free e-Books Wattpad - self-published works ICDL -children’s books
  19. 19.  Pros: ◦ Democratizing eBooks ◦ Provides a face for your digital services ◦ Allow patrons to learn new technology/digital literacy Cons: ◦ Major investment ◦ Doesn’t serve many patrons at once (small ROI) ◦ Devices may become obsolete in near future ◦ B&N & Amazon are huge corps., not built to serve libraries ◦ Legal issues
  20. 20.  Train staff on eReaders Offer dedicated classes on eReaders Partner with local retailers (if you buy from B&N, have them come train!) Document solutions to specific technological issues that staff have addressed and make that information available to staff Offer patron one-on-ones Step-by-step handouts
  21. 21.  Library Renewal Project Harvard’s Digital Public Library of America Internet Archive’s “Open Books” & “In- Library Lending” program
  22. 22.  eReader ownership: 15% (doubled in 6 months) Tablet ownership: 11% (tripled in 1 year) (PEW Internet & American Life Project) eReader boom expected, Christmas: ◦ 2011 – 27 mil. units, up from 16 mil. (IDC) Currently, only 9% get eBooks from libraries (Robin Nesbitt, LJ’s eBook Summit) Can we become a go-to place for eBooks? Only if we offer simplicity, selection
  23. 23.  Leah Kraus ◦ lkraus@fayettevillefreelibrary.org ◦ @LeahKraus73 Monica Kuryla ◦ mkuryla@fayettevillefreelibrary.org Colleen Bland ◦ crm2908@bn.com Tom Mercer (3M) ◦ tom.mercer@mmm.com Mike Shontz (OverDrive) ◦ mshontz@overdrive.com