Common Core Learning Day - Fayetteville Free Library


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Presentation delivered by Meredith Levine and Margaret Portier at Common Core Learning Day, held at Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY on May 31st, 2013.

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Common Core Learning Day - Fayetteville Free Library

  1. 1. FFL and theCommon CoreCommon Core Learning Day 2013Meredith LevineDirector of Family EngagementEmail: mlevine@fflib.orgTwitter: @schmoopie517Margaret PortierDirector of InnovativeFamily ServicesEmail: mportier@fflib.orgTwitter: @tophile
  2. 2. We all serve youth.
  3. 3. Patron ServicesBeing an information hub.
  4. 4. Patron Services Develop a pamphlet orhandout with resources forparents. Gold Star indicators on thechildrens collectionsdenoting Common CoreAligned. Our library website will havea Common Core sectionwith resources for parentsand teachers.
  5. 5. CollectionsSupporting Common Core
  6. 6. Collections - Nonfiction Reallocated budget fornonfiction titles Nonfiction materialsintegrated into displays Shifting to Dewey Hybrid allaround the library Integrating all media Adding new material in thecontent areas to supportSTEM learning Increasing nonfiction graphicnovel offerings
  7. 7. Collections - Nonfiction Resources for finding booksthat support Common Core Appendix B School Library Journal EngageNY Corestandards.orgPublishers Criteria Catalogs
  8. 8. Collections – Fiction Maintain classics collection Making sure collectionmatches curriculum Increasing the number ofhistorically accurate fictionmaterials Increasing the size of thegraphic novel collection Picture books haveCommon Core Alignedlabels
  9. 9. ProfessionalDevelopmentTo keep up with Common Core developments.
  10. 10. Professional DevelopmentWebinars by publishers highlightingtheir new nonfictionofferings School Library JournalCommon Core webinarseriesWorkshops NYLA School Librarysection offerings OCM BOCES CommonCore workshops
  11. 11. Professional DevelopmentStaff Training – NY statefunded Common Coreinformational site for schoolsand librarians FFL Common Core LearningDayProfessional Journals andOrganizations School Library Journal VOYA Join ProfessionalOrganizations
  12. 12. ProgramsTo enrich the Common Core learningexperience.
  13. 13. Storytime ELA Shift 1 BalancingEducational Literacy Text ELA Shift 3 Staircase ofComplexity ELA Shift 6 AcademicVocabulary 5 Storytimes per week Ages 0-1 Ages 1-2 Ages 2-3 Ages 4-5 Musical Family Storytime Early Literacy Skills iPads Music, Movement &Repetition Creating life long libraryusers
  14. 14. Murder Mystery in the Library Winter Break Program forschool aged children Evaluation of evidence Handwritten notes, videointerrogations, actualcrime scene clues Comprehend informationand critique ELA Shift 4 Text Based Answers ELA Shift 5 Writing from Sources ELA Shift 6 Academic Vocabulary
  15. 15. STEAMPunk Club Shift 1 Balancinginformational and literary text Shift 2 Knowledge in thedisciplines Math Shift 2 Coherence• Each month sponsored bya steampunk YA novel• Book discussion• Hands on projects• Hot air balloons• Salt water and airbatteries• Wind turbines• Takeapart• Skeletons• Rockets
  16. 16. Creation Club ELA Shift 2 Knowledge in thedisciplines Math Shift 5 Application Afterschool club for middleschool aged students Each month there is aworkshop teaching a newskill or use of technology inthe Creation Lab Club Creations are sharedon the library website andsocial media outlets
  17. 17. LEGO Robotics Math Shift 5 Application Math Shift 6 Dual Intensity College and CareerReadiness Use Technologyand Digital MediaStrategically and Capably First LEGO League Mission:LEGO
  18. 18. Extreme Weather Local TV meteorologisttalked about meteorologyand television broadcasting Used green screen wall tomake kids intoWeathercasters ELA Shift 2 Knowledge in theDisciplines ELA Shift 6 Academic Vocabulary College and Career Readiness UseTechnology and Digital MediaStrategically and Capably
  19. 19. Takeapart Tuesday ELA Shift 2 Knowledge in theDisciplines ELA Shift 6 AcademicVocabulary Math Shift 5 Application Community donatedbroken and usedtechnology Bring Your Own Tool event Patrons work together totake apart the machinesand figure out how theyworked
  20. 20. More ProgramsNow Make Your Own Book Minecraft Smartplay 3D Printer Certification Teen VolunteersSummer Young Scientists MOST Museum (OCPL) Zoo to You (OCPL) Maker Mondays Kids Can Cook LEGO Angry Birds
  21. 21. What’s Next?Questions?
  22. 22. Resources
  23. 23. Thank you!For further information or to schedule an FFL Innovation Tourplease contact:Susan ConsidineExecutive