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The top rated electronic cigarette


Published on This PowerPoint presentation compares the different electronic cigarette brands

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The top rated electronic cigarette

  1. 1. Freedom CigarettesFreedom Cigarettes
  2. 2. Quitting smoking is hard For people who do not like being labelled a ‘cigarette smoker’, an electronic cigarette offers the perfect solution. With e cigs, theres no need to stand outside every time you crave a cigarette and smoking is far healthier. Stopping tobacco smoking is incredibly tricky. Lots of tobacco users attempt to stop but following many unsuccessful attempts, return to smoking. E- cigs offer a fantastic substitute to smoking tobacco. An electronic cigarette isnt only less costly but additionally healthier than normal cigarettes.Freedom Cigarettes 2
  3. 3. Ecigs are better than tobacco cigarettes Whilst ecigs are not a stop cigarette smoking device, an electronic cigarette delivers an incredibly low cost and efficient way for smokers to quit cigarette smoking quickly and with minimal discomfort. They operate by swapping cigarette smoking for e cigarette smoking - breathing in harmless vapor rather then hazardous cigarette smoke. Holding these mock cigarettes and looking at the vapour rising, the sensation reduces strain and calms cigarette smokers down whenever they find themselves dying to have a cigarette. .Freedom Cigarettes 3
  4. 4. E cigarettes are becoming more popular E-cigs are getting increasingly liked with a lot more smokers switching to them. Once youve decided to try out an electronic cigarette, you will need to choose which electronic cigarette brand and whether to purchase a disposable electronic cigarette or a reusable electric cigarette. Unsurprisingly, the powered cigarette brands differ hugely in price and quality. As with anything youll find brands that focus on the bottom end of the industry and brands that focus on the top end of the market.Freedom Cigarettes 4
  5. 5. Disposable ecigs For anyone who is only looking to test out an electronic cigarette, it is best to keep it basic and get a disposable powered cigarette. Disposable ecigs are ready to smoke and usually last about 200 puffs. If on the other hand youre wanting to use an e cigarette often, it truly is far nicer and cost effective to get a reusable electronic cigarette. Disposable ecigs have been specifically developed to be simple to use. As a result of this, the only real option youve got is which flavour to opt for. There are slight variations in the amount of puffs they have as well as the quality of the electronic cigarette, however if your purpose is merely to test out e-cigs, these dont matter. You will discover far much more options when it comes to selecting a disposable e cigarette.Freedom Cigarettes 5
  6. 6. Reusable ecigs When searching for e cigarettes, you may discover that there are automatic and manual powered cigarettes. An automatic electronic cigarette operates any time you breathe through it whereas a manual e-cigarette requires you press a button. The automatic e-cig is of course easier however the manual e-cigarette offers more control.Freedom Cigarettes 6
  7. 7. More choice The leading brands are now selling electronic cigarettes which can be refilled with e-liquid instead of having to get electronic cigarette cartridges. This is a huge advantage as you may then refill your electronic cigarette with any electric cigarette brand of ejuice giving you a huge choice of flavours and levels of nicotine. Electronic cigarette cartridges are good but they force you into getting electric cigarette refills from a specific brand which limits your choice.Freedom Cigarettes 7
  8. 8. Have you tried an electronic cigarette? Try Freedom Cigarettes http://www.freedomcigarettes.comFreedom Cigarettes 8