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The healthier alternative to cigarettes


Published on This Powerpoint presentation goes through why electric cigarettes offer a healthier substitute to tobacco cigarettes

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The healthier alternative to cigarettes

  1. 1. Freedom CigarettesFreedom Cigarettes
  2. 2. A new way to smoke There is very good news for individuals that enjoy a cigarette to relax, who would like justification at work to take a smoking break, for smokers who have tried and tried to stop, but have not prevailed. It’s a foul habit and a dangerous addiction but cigarette smoking just got much healthier. E-cigarettes are for anyone who has had enough and would like to ditch the tobacco - without saying goodbye to the smoking experience. What exactly are e-cigarettes?Freedom Cigarettes 2
  3. 3. Electric cigarettes Electronic cigarettes were invented to decrease the danger of smoking associated diseases. Just like the name implies, they are powered by battery and need to be purchased with a a charger and liquid refills, unless of course you purchase a disposable ecigarette. As ecigs do not have tobacco in the, theyre not restricted to tobacco flavours. Powered cigarettes may be purchased with different eliquids and flavours differ from the regular tobacco flavours through to fruit flavours.Freedom Cigarettes 3
  4. 4. Nicotine makes it easier to switch Whilst they are a healthier substitute, electronic cigarettes aren’t completely free from nicotine. As they still contain nicotine, the smoke and tobacco risks are evaded fully. Purchasers have the choice to buy e juice containing nicotine, and may even choose the strength of the hit provided. It really is recommended by health advocates that e smokers slowly wean themselves off of nicotine by reducing their intake over a number of months to eventually becoming nicotine free e cigarette smokers.Freedom Cigarettes 4
  5. 5. Ecigs are popular in clubs The moment electric cigarettes initially came out, the elder tobacco smokers that lead the switch to e-cigs. It was maybe simply because they had been more aware of the dangers of cigarette smoking and wished to lead a healthier life style. Since powered cigarettes have become much more popular, younger people are starting to use them especially in night clubs. As ecigs dont contain tobacco, electric cigarettes arent included in the smoking ban and can be used in pubs. Furthermore they are not damaging to people that inhale the smoke so you may smoke them next to your family without worrying with their health.Freedom Cigarettes 5
  6. 6. Ecigs are making smoking social again Numerous smokers only smoke on nights out however with the smoking ban, smoking isnt overly social as you now have to smoke outside or in designated smoking areas. E cigs are changing things though, smoking is becoming social yet again.Freedom Cigarettes 6
  7. 7. Ecigs taste better Theres so much in the press right now about how dangerous tobacco cigarettes are that quite a few people are smoking e cigs rather than tobacco cigarettes because theyre significantly better for ones lungs. As people have started to switch, theyve come to realise that powered cigarettes actually taste far better. There are a range of flavours offering smokers much more choice and normally smokers start out with the tobacco flavours and at some point end up smoking the fruity flavours.Freedom Cigarettes 7
  8. 8. Electric cigarettes are cheaper The tax placed on traditional cigarettes is incredibly high in an attempt to stop people from tobacco smoking. Because of this, youll be able to save up to seventy% by changing to electric cigarettes. For all those that smoke several packets per day, this could mean hundreds of pounds savings every month.Freedom Cigarettes 8
  9. 9. Have you tried electric cigarettes? Try Freedom Cigarettes http://www.freedomcigarettes.comFreedom Cigarettes 9