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Jane's Walk, Colchester - 2013 Walk Timetable


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Details of the walks taking place over the Jane's Walk weekend in Colchester (3-6 May).

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Jane's Walk, Colchester - 2013 Walk Timetable

  1. 1. Jane’s Walk 2013 Timetable of weekend walks: 3-6th May 2013FRIDAY 3RD MAYDate/time Walk Title Brief description Access Meet and end pointWalk 1 ‘Tales from the This short, lunchtime walk around the University of Essex campus will Walk Start: Outside theFri 3rd May, campus’ led by incorporate stories, urban myths and oral narratives to explore the Accessibility: Lakeside café,13.00-14.00 Kate Dunton coming of the university to Wivenhoe Park, including the sale of the 1 Square 5. land by the Gooch family, the envisioning of the new university by the End: Square 4 first VC, Albert Sloman, the responses of the locals to their new neighbours, and the student protests of the late 60s and early 70s. Access: hard surfaces but long steep gradient.Walk 2 Colchester’s Come join us in a lunchtime exploration of Colchester’s transport Walk Meet and end point:Fri 3rd May, Travel Plan history with special focus on the town’s experimentation with trams! Accessibility: Town Hall12.15-13.00 Club’s Tram and We encourage you to share your own experiences and knowledge of 2 Transportation Colchester’s transport past (this walk is repeated Mon 6th, see below). Tour Access: hard surfaces but some steep gradients.Walk 3 Fred Slatterns A history and poetry tour with Colchester’s slum poet, Fred Slattern and Walk Meet and end point:Fri 3rd May, Greenstead friends. 500,000 years of history and fun, squeezed into 90 minutes. Accessibility: Greenstead18.00-19.30 Gambol Culture vultures don your walking shoes... 1-2 Community Centre, Access: Almost all hard surface (short grass section) but hilly in Hawthorn Avenue places. (frequent buses)SATURDAY 4TH MAYDate/time Walk Title Brief description Access Meet and end pointWalk 4 “Stuff we like to A family walk (loads of kids please!) led by Emily Harrup’s boys, Halim (6) and Walk Colchester Castle bridgeSat 4th May, look at in the Zak (4) who give us their tour of the Castle Park: slitty windows, garde de robe Accessibility: (at entrance)10.30-12noon park” poo shoots and portcullis gate at the Castle, ammonites in the roman wall, 1-2 bumpety bumpety steps, feeding the squirrels, pooh sticks on the Colne and Approx. age range more! What’s your Castle Park? 10 years and under. Access: hard surface, but steep slopes and one section of shallow steps. Children accompanied by an adult please!Sat 4th May, Jane’s Walk intro A welcome to the Jane’s Walk weekend and an invitation to take part in the 2 Slack Space, Victoria12.30-2pm and 1-minute-1- one-minute-one-slide session (see end, below) Place (off Eld Lane). slides Access: small step at entrance but otherwise level. No accessible toiletWalk 5 Colchester A trail of notable Colchester buildings and their stories, then and now, told Walk Meet and end point:Sat 4th May through the lens through postcards from the past 100 years, led by local historian Jess Jephcott. Accessibility: Slack Space, Victoria14.00-16.00 of old postcards This walk cut its teeth in bitter wind and rain at Jane’s Walk 2012. Even then, it 1-2 Place (off Eld Lane). was one of the most talked about... Arrive 1pm for Jane’s Access: hard surface, but some steep slopes. Walk intro and one- minute slides.Sat 4th May, I Walk the Line Great local music given free all night in support of Jane’s Walk. Artists include: N/A Slack Space, Victoria6pm-late Jane’s Walk supports The Catrinas, Yak Attack, The Occupants, Oliver Daldry, The Sally Army Place (off Eld Lane). local music... (featuring Sally Theobald) and Cake Stupid. Make it the mid-point of your Jane’s Walk weekend. Oh please bring your own!
  2. 2. SUNDAY 5TH MAYDate/time Walk Title Brief description Access Meet and end pointWalk 6 Exploring A joint Ramblers and Jane’s Day walk with Colchester Ramblers, Walk Meet and end point:Sun 5th May, Colchester’s heading out from the town centre into the surprisingly natural fringes of Accessibility: St Botolph’s ruin - next to10.00-12.30 Urban Fringe the town, past Abbeygate, the Roman Circus, the Cemetery, Bourne 3 interpretation board. with Mags Mill, Bourne Valley and Distillery Ponds, St Leonards on Hythe Hill, the End back in the town Hobby Moors and back into town. Time to take photographs, swap stories centre. (5.5 miles) about the areas we walk through, do some geocaching: whoever comes, decides. Access: Mixed, but mostly paved/tarmac. No steps but one long steep hill (the town’s ‘East Hill’)Walk 7 Christopher One of the Friends of Castle Park, Christopher takes us on a leisurely Walk Meet and end point:Sun 5th May, Howard’s hike around our beautiful park, highlighting 65 of its trees which range Accessibility: By the entrance bridge to13.00-15.00 Castle Park from the rare to the familiar. Learn how to tell your Ash from your 2 the Castle Tree Trail Elder, and other fascinating facts from some interesting stories about this surprising collection. Access: hard surfaces, but some steep slopes and one section of shallow steps.Walk 8 Walking with Colchester seen through poetry, song and imagination - a poetic stroll Walk Meet and end point:Sun 5th May, the around some interesting buildings and places round the town. Led by Accessibility: Slack Space, Victoria15.00-17.30 wordsmiths. Dorian Kelly with help from the poets and singers of Colchester. 1-2 Place (off Eld Lane) Access: hard surfaces, some steep gradientsMONDAY 6TH MAYWalk 9 CTPC’s Tram An extended version of Friday’s lunchtime walk for those who couldn’t Walk Meet and end point:Mon 6th May, and make it, with Colchester’s Travel Plan Club. An exploration of Accessibility: Town HallTime tbc Transportation Colchester’s transport history with special focus on the town’s 1-2 Tour. experimentation with trams! We encourage you to share your own experiences and knowledge of Colchester’s transport past. Access: hard surfaces, some steep gradients.Walk 10 Secrets of New It was a new adventure – to build a new town rivalling Colchester. It Walk Meet: old garrisonMon 6th May, Town’ with used new designs and new materials to create the housing and the Accessibility: church on Military Rd,15.00-16.30 Derek Wray factories for Colchester’s rising industrial classes. It was boasted to 1 now Church of St John have everything a town should have - from sewerage even to gas street the Wondermaker lights. It was the birthplace of Colchester’s cooperative movement, and (Russian Orthodox). the home of England’s very own foreign legion – the German Legion. All End: opposite the old this and more in The Secrets of New Town. Recreation Hotel, corner Access: hard surfaces, no hills. Bus stop for no 66 or 61 nearby. of Wimpole & Old HeathWalk 11 ‘Blah-di-blah-di Or What’s that… in the Castle Park? In Will’s words ‘an experimental Walk Meet and end point:Mon 6th May, Blah...’ with democratic walk led by the customer/guest… hoping it wont stray into Accessibility: War Memorial17.30-19.00 park ranger politics or religion too much!’ Aka a meander through the park’s rich 1-2 (at main entrance to(with drink Will Jenkins! landscape with walkers setting the agenda - come armed with Castle Park)after!) questions… and stay for a beer afterwards at The Castle pub as this is officially the end of the Jane’s Walk 2013 weekend. Access: hard surfaces, but steep slopes.
  3. 3. Jane’s Walks happening elsewhere in the regionFriday 3rd May marks the launch of the Walton Trails project, a funding bid which it is hoped will see the creation of 4 themed trails connecting withWalton’s history and local environment. To mark this, and to connect with Jane’s Walkers in Colchester and worldwide, guided versions of the intendedtrails are being given over the weekend. Walk coordinator is local Colchester graphic designer, Sara Hayes, who has been instrumental in the project.Date/time Walk Title Brief description Access Meet and end pointWalk 1 Walton Wildlife A wildlife walk around the stunning Naze at Walton, as an introduction Walk Meet and end point:Sat 4th May Trail to the new Trails project, a group of walks in and around Walton. A Accessibility: The Naze Tower14.00-16.30 fairly long walk at a fairly slow pace. Dogs are welcome, on a lead 2(4.5 miles) near nesting areas. Children welcome but consider walk length. Regular trains from Access: this walk is mainly off-road and the terrain is grassy and can Colchester to Walton-on- be uneven. Refreshments and toilets available at the meet point, but the-Naze. Bus service no pit stops over a large part of the walk and it is very open terrain. from town to Naze. Please dress sensibly for the weather and bring water.Walk 2 Walton WWII An interesting walk exploring the history of the Naze during World War Walk Meet and end point:Sun 5th May Trail Two. Short walk at a slow pace. Dogs and children are welcome. Accessibility: The Naze Tower14.00-15.00 Access: this walk is off-road, the terrain is grassy and can be uneven. 3 (transport as above)(1 mile) Refreshments and toilets are available at the meet point.Walk 3 Walton History A walk through the town and industrial areas of Walton-on-the-Naze Walk Meet and end point:Sun 5th May Trail with a focus on the history of the town. A short walk at a slow pace. Accessibility: Walton Train Station10.00-12.00 Dogs and children are welcome. 3 (transport as above)(3 miles) Access: this is a medium length walk partly off-road on paths that may be overgrown. Refreshments and toilets are available en route. Parts of the walk are on open sea wall, please dress sensibly for the weather.Walk 4 Walton Little A walk around the town of Walton designed for children, stopping at Walk Meet and end point:Mon 6th May, Explorer Trail points of interest with things to see and do. Dogs are welcome. Accessibility: Letterbox Nursery Walton10.30-11.30 Access: this walk is all on road. Refreshments and toilets are 1 High Street(1.5 miles) Approx. age range available en route. Bring paper and crayons to do rubbings of the (transport as above) 10 years and signs en route. Children accompanied by an adult please! under.Walk Accessibility (Note: this is a rough guide only. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further).1 Easy Access (mostly level, hard surfaces; fully wheelchair accessible)2 Partially accessible (e.g. curbs, busy pavements, some gradients - mobility-restricted walkers and chair users may require assistance, but there will beplenty available if necessary)3 Limited Access e.g. steps, uneven terrain, steep or narrow paths (likely to be inaccessible to chair users, but please contact us to discuss)ALL WALKS ARE FREE AND NO PRIOR BOOKING IS NECESSARY. For more information, and updates about Jane’s Walk ColchesterVisit:; Email:
  4. 4. ONE IDEA : ONE MINUTE! How would you change our town? Saturday May 4th at 1.00 pm Venue: Slack Space, Victoria Place (off Eld Lane). One Idea: One Minute is part of the Jane’s Walk 2013 lunchtime launch to which all are welcome. It will be followed by ‘Colchester through the lens of old postcards’, a walk with Jess Jephcott at 2.00pm Jane Jacobs, in whose memory Jane’s Walk was established, believed in the importance and vision of local people to understand and shape the places where they live. So, to launch Jane’s Walk 2013, we are calling on Colchester people…You are invited to present one idea in one minute on the subject of:Something I would do to make our townan even better place…Who can take part? Absolutely anyone (kids very welcome)How will it work? The ideas will form a slideshow (one idea, one slide, one minute!)which we’ll show on the day. All we need from you is a title for your idea, together withyour name and brief contact info, and we’ll create a slide for you. If you want to include animage (or even design your own slide) that’s fine, just send it on. And then we simplyneed you to turn up on the day to speak for your minute!Note: slides will be organised alphabetically by surname, so you’ll know roughly when toexpect your own. It’s fine to write down what you want to say and simply read it out, butbe careful to time it first, because the clock won’t stop for anyone…What kind of ideas? Your idea may relate to physical spaces, buildings or events; it maybe serious, playful, off the wall… small, large, conservative or radical!ALL ideas very happily received.Who should I send them to? Please send the title of your idea etc by May 1st Any queries at all, call Rowena (07710 474999)Is that it? That’s it. See you there…