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ecdp email bulletin 42


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ecdp email bulletin 42

  1. 1. November 2012 This update includesMonthly Bulletin 42 articles on the following topics:Dear Members,Over the last three years, ecdp has been workingwith Essex County Council and OPM to evaluate ecdp newsthe impact of Personal Budgets. 1. ecdp takes Essex UniteThis week, the final results of this long term study to Governmentwill be published. You can read more about this 2. ecdp supportingin the national news section of the bulletin, on Department of Healthpage 10. on Personal Health BudgetsOn page 3 you can read an update on ecdp’s 3. ecdp’s 15th Annualunique employment programme, Essex Unite, General Meetingwhich is now in its fifth week. Last week, two 4. Free training foryoung people on the programme were invited to disabled employers andmeet the Minister for Disabled People to talk their PAs in Thurrockabout role models for disabled people.  Empowering the employerThis month we will be holding our Annual General  Personal AssistantMeeting. All members are invited to attend and Traininghear about the work the organisation has beendoing in the last year to enhance the everydaylives of disabled people. You will also have the local newsopportunity to share your thoughts about ecdp’swork in the future, shaping our new strategy. 5. Activities for youngInformation about the AGM is available on page disabled people in5. Essex 6. DIS – A new way toMembers will know that we have been working deliver personalclosely with Skills for Care to ensure people aspirationsemploying care and support staff have access tothe support and tools they need to do thisNovember 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 1 of 15
  2. 2. Monthly Bulletin 42 – November 2012successfully. We have now finished this work buton page 14 you can read an update about theways in which you can get involved with Skills for national newsCare and access the support they offer.We look forward to seeing you at the AGM! 7. The impact of Personal BudgetsBest wishes, 8. EHRC launch final disability relatedFaye Savage harassment reportLived Experience Officer 9. Local authority support for people who employ personal assistants – report launched 10. Share your experience of Learning Difference with TOTKO 11. Working with Skills for Care We welcome member contributions to the bulletin, our website and the ecdp magazine. If you would like to write something, or comment on any of the articles in this edition of the bulletin, please get in touch with us using the details below. If you have missed a previous email bulletin, they are all available on our website: ecdp monthly email bulletin. Telephone: 01245 392 300 Email: Post: Ivan Peck House, 1 Russell Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3AANovember 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 2 of 15
  3. 3. ecdp newsecdp takes Essex Unite to GovernmentLast month we launched our innovative new work experiencescheme for disabled people, Essex Unite. We are running theprogramme in partnership with the private sector organisation,MITIE and with companies across Essex who have offeredplacements to 15 disabled people.The aim of the scheme is to support disabled people to gainvaluable work experience and help them to gain or extend theirskills in order to get into paid work.The Essex Uniters are now 4 weeks into their work placements,and through regular phone calls and visits, receive support frompeers at ecdp.Sebastian Fontenelle and Leanne Morley, two participants ofEssex Unite recently took part in a discussion with the Ministerfor Disabled People, Esther McVey on how role models caninspire young disabled people.In the afternoon Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Workand Pensions popped by to thank everyone for their help andsupport (see pictures on the right).For more about the Essex Unite programme see the Essex Unitepage on the ecdp website. Photographers wanted! ecdp is looking for volunteer photographers to take pictures at events and to help us build up our photo bank for publications and the website. If you are interested in using your photography skills to help us out, please call 01245 392 324 and speak to Faye or email 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 3 of 15
  4. 4. ecdp newsecdp supporting Department of Healthon Personal Health Budgetsecdp is delighted to be working with the Department of Health on itswork on Personal Health Budgets (PHBs).Personal Health Budgets allow people to have more choice, flexibilityand control over the health services and care they receive. They drawupon Personal Budgets in social care, which ecdp has considerableexperience of, especially in supporting people to ensure they have asmuch choice and control as possible over the care and support theyreceive.The Department of Health has asked ecdp to capture the information,advice and guidance people need to make the most of the opportunityof Personal Health Budgets. We will develop guidance for peopleresponsible for implementing PHBs so that they know the best way ofoffering information, advice and guidance to people. We will also beworking in detail in one area to develop the information offer, as wellas understand how well websites and other forms of giving informationwork in practice.This work is just starting, and we will keep you up-to-date as itprogresses. In the meantime, you can read an article we’ve written thatcaptures our 7 top lessons from working on Personal Budgets in socialcare for people developing Personal Health Budgets, on our website: 7practical suggestions to help Personal Health Budgets succeedfor everyone.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 4 of 15
  5. 5. ecdp newsecdp’s 15th Annual General Meetingecdp’s 15th Annual General Meeting (for 2011/12)will be held on Wednesday 21 November 2012 at theMillennium Hall Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM29RL. The meeting will start at 2pm and finish at 5pmafter a buffet, where there will be an opportunity tonetwork with other members and ecdp staff.Full details of the day are available on our website,including the letter and notice sent to members plus areply slip for members to book their place.So that we can make the necessary arrangements, such as providingfor any access needs, we need to know in good time if you will becoming to the AGM. If you have not already done so, please use thereply slip, available on the website, or request a booking form bycontacting us on 01245 392 300. Alternatively, you can confirm yourattendance via email: using ensure we have your booking form by Monday 12 November2012 at the latest.Following the AGM, we will be holding an interactive session todiscuss the planning for ecdp’s next strategic plan to be launched nextyear.Once again, we look forward to welcoming you on the day.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 5 of 15
  6. 6. ecdp newsecdp running free training for disabledemployers and their PAs in Thurrockecdp and Thurrock Borough Council are running two freetraining courses, for disabled people who employ staff and fortheir Personal Assistants. Details of both courses are below:Empowering the Employer: Training for disabled people whoemploy personal assistants.This peer-led workshop covers a range of skills needed as a PAemployer, including: Rights and needs – examining how Human Rights and physical and emotional needs are linked and why it is important to get your needs met. Resolution – resolving difficult situations and elements of compromise when managing a PA. Behavioural types – approaches to working with different types of people. How disciplinary and dismissal procedures work – what you need to have in place. Appropriate record keeping – A list of legal and necessary paperwork needed to maintain Direct Payments/Personal Budgets.The training for employers will be repeated two more times on 22November and 21 January and will start at 10.30 and end at 15.30.Personal Assistant Training: Training for Personal Assistants whosupport disabled or older people.This workshop covers a range of information and skills needed as aPA, including: Equality Act 2010 – basics of the Act and how it relates to being a PA.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 6 of 15
  7. 7. ecdp news Safeguarding – recognising abuse and what you can do to stop it. Employer’s responsibilities – the responsibilities of your employer to you as their employee. Best working practice – good practice and how you can be a great PA. Lone working – risks and how to keep safe. Dignity in care – what is dignity and why it is important in PA work?The training for Personal Assistants will be repeated two moretimes, on 23 November and 23 January and will start at 10.30 andend at 15.30.If you or your PA are interested in participating, please contact FayeSavage at ecdp: 01245 214 023 or email: Could you be an ecdp Trustee? Could you help set the strategic direction at ecdp – a leading Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO) – which serves, and represents, the interests of disabled people in Essex and beyond? We are a charity and company limited by guarantee and are looking for people to join our existing Board of Trustees/Directors. To find out more, please contact the Companies and Charity Secretary, Margaret Watchorn ( ) or telephone 07546 597044.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 7 of 15
  8. 8. ecdp newsNovember 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 8 of 15
  9. 9. local newsActivities for young disabled people inEssexInterAct run activities for young disabled people (aged 13-18) in theChelmsford, Basildon, Brentwood, Braintree, Colchester andTendring areas and aim to provide an enjoyable way for youngpeople to learn and practice skills while socialising with their friends.On the ecdp website is a programme with the details of InterActevents for the next 2 months. If you want to attend any of theseevents, please complete this booking form.For further information about InterAct’s activity and events programmeplease contact them by phone 01245 608201 or Help judges make the right decisions in disability cases There are opportunities available for individuals who work with disabled people in their profession or as a volunteer, or who are disabled themselves, to work with judges to help ensure the right decisions are made in benefits appeals cases involving disability. There are vacancies for Fee-Paid Disability Member roles to sit as judicial office holders in the First-tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber. These roles involve working on a panel, with a judge and a medically qualified member, to analyse the evidence and reach a decision on the effects of disability and entitlement to benefits. For more information about these roles, please see the ecdp website. The closing date for applications is 12 November.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 9 of 15
  10. 10. local newsDIS – A new way to deliverpersonal aspirationsAn article from DIS, the Disability Inclusion Society…With the backing of Essex Social Services, Basildon Counciland MP Stephen Metcalf, the Disability Inclusion Society (DIS)was born.In a nutshell DIS work with small groups of disabled and non-disabled individuals on community projects. Workingalongside our three trained and experienced artists up toseven individuals can attend our sessions run throughoutBasildon.In the sessions we work on community projects, which could includedecorating community halls, maintaining an elderly persons gardens’or maintaining Basildon District Volunteer Carers fleet of wheelchairsto name but a few.DIS works with most people who either have a physical, sensory,cognitive or developmental disability or multiple impairments. We meetall people who are interested in joining DIS to find out what they likeand don’t and what adjustments we will need to make to meet theneeds of everyone working with us.DIS are currently looking for individuals aged 18 and upwards (noupwards limit) who are looking to participate in fun, exciting andworthwhile projects in and around Basildon. They are able toaccommodate people with the widest range of disabilities.DIS would like to offer a free taster session for all those interested infinding out more. To book this please contact us on 07914334892 oremail us on your taster session the programme costs will be £55 for a halfday and £90 for the whole day including transportation (subject tolocation).November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 10 of 15
  11. 11. national newsThe impact of Personal BudgetsAt ecdp we’ve been working in partnership with OPM and EssexCounty Council on a three year research project to explore the impactof Personal Budgets on service users in Essex.One of the key findings of this study has been the huge variety ofbenefits we’ve seen Personal Budgets enabling service users toaccess. These benefits range from a greater sense of empowermentand self esteem, to access to better quality, flexible and consistentcare. However, an equally interesting finding from the research is theways which Personal Budgets have been shown to have a positiveimpact on the friends and families of service users.Many family members reported how the care and support theypurchased through Personal Budgets has eased their caringresponsibilities and given them much needed time to themselvesduring their daily lives. They described how they are now able to livefuller lives, by, for example, taking part in leisure activities, socialisingwith friends or just simply running errands. Some have even been ableto plan holidays and go back to part-time work.The full report will be available on the ecdp website, but before it isreleased you can watch 3 short films illustrating the effect PersonalBudgets have had on specific people with social care needs in Essex,via the links below:Simon’s StoryNicola’s StoryTim’s StoryIf you would like to speak to OPM about Personal Budgets or any ofthe issues raised in this post, please contact or youcan contact Faye at ecdp: 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 11 of 15
  12. 12. national newsEHRC launches final disability relatedharassment report‘Out in the open: a manifesto for change’ was publishedby the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)at the end of October. This report follows ‘Hidden inplain sight’, which was published following theconclusion of the EHRC’s major inquiry into disabilityrelated harassment.‘Out in the open’ includes a summary of agencies’ formal responses tothe disability related harassment inquiry and finalises therecommendations made in 7 strategic areas by the original report.The UK government published its formal response to Hidden in plainsight on 17 July 2012. It refers to a number of significant new policy orlegislative approaches that have been or will be influenced by theinquiry’s recommendations.When the original report was published, ecdp noted some of thesimilarities between the recommendations we made following ourdisability hate crime report, which ecdp coproduced with members andpublished in May 2011. You can listen to them in an audioboo on ourwebsite.ecdp is continuing to work with Essex Police and other key agenciesaround disability hate crime. For more information on this work, pleasecontact Faye, ecdp’s Lived Experience Officer: ‘Out in the open’ report is embedded below and is also availableto read on the EHRC website.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 12 of 15
  13. 13. national newsLocal authority support for people whoemploy personal assistants –report launchedA research report into what local authorities across England are doingto support people who employ personal assistants has been launched.Skills for Care, the Association of Directors of Adult Services (ADASS)and Learn to Care came together to produce ‘Better understanding oflevels of support for individual employers and their personal assistants(PAs)’.The report was commissioned to find out more about how localauthorities support more than 170,000 individual employers and theirpersonal assistants, who now make up around a fifth of the adult socialcare workforce.It points to the leadership role that local authorities have ascommissioners in developing local markets. It also makes it clear thatlocal authority partnerships with direct payment support and user ledorganisations are crucial to embed personalisation.One of the areas highlighted was the need for more support andinformation for PAs plus more learning and development opportunitiesfor this growing part of the workforce.The three organisations make very clear recommendations that localauthorities and key partners can begin to implement. An advice notefor local authorities was also launched setting out the minimumstandards of support for individual employers and personal assistantsbacked by examples of good practice.This article is continued on the ecdp website.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 13 of 15
  14. 14. national newsShare your experience of LearningDifference with TOTKOTOTKO (takes one to know one) is a not-for-profitorganisation that supports, informs, and connects withall people affected by learning disabilities, difficulties, ordifferences.They provide services in schools, businesses, and our owncommunity, to challenge the way learning disabilities are viewed.As part of their work to facilitate discussion and awareness aboutconditions such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and formsof Autism, they are running a short survey: TOTKO survey.For more information about TOTKO, please see their website, or findthem on Twitter @hellototko. Are your CRB checks up to date for your employees? If you employ Personal Assistants (PAs) or carers, you may wish to take advantage of ecdp’s fast and efficient CRB service. If you employ a PA and use ecdp’s payroll services you will not be charged an administration fee to process your CRB applications. While the CRB fees for all disclosures still apply, ecdp can arrange this payment for you direct from your account with us. For any other employers, ecdp has recently reduced the fee you will pay, making it even cheaper to CRB check your staff through us. For more information, please contact the ecdp Admin Team on 01245 392310 or email 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 14 of 15
  15. 15. national newsWorking with Skills for CareShare your information through the NMDSSkills for Care run the National Minimum Data Set forSocial Care. This helps them gather information about theadult social care workforce – including Personal Assistants– so they can help the government make decisions aboutpolicy and funding for the social care workforce. It alsohelps local councils – like Essex County Council – to know what theworkforce issues are in their area.To help Skills for Care, you can sign up to the National Minimum DataSet for Social Care. To do this, you can follow the instructions here:Signing up to the National Minimum data Set for Social CareJoin the Skills for Care Advisory GroupThe Department of Health has given Skills for Care the job ofimplementing the Personal Assistant Framework. In undertaking thistask it is very important to Skills for Care that we take advantage of thewidest possible consultation. To do this they have set up a SectorAdvisory Group.Members of this group will have many roles including informingdirecting and advising on how the work around the PA Frameworkshould be done. There are no limitations to who can join the group andthere are no expectations as to how much time and involvementvolunteers can give to the task. It is also up to volunteers to decidewhich areas they are most interested in getting involved with.If you would be interested in learning more and/or registering yourinterest in being part of the Sector Advisory Group please contactSkills for Care on or 0113 2411275.November 2012: Monthly Bulletin 42 Page 15 of 15