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  1. 1. Blogs And how to make them!
  2. 2. Aims of today! • How to set up your blog • How to write a post • How to insert a picture
  3. 3. What is a blog? • A blog is the abbreviation for the words ‘web - log’. • They function as a website. • Most blogs provide commentary on a particular subject, or act as a diary. • A typical blog can contain text, images, audio and links to other blogs and websites. • Most importantly, readers can leave comments, making the blog interactive. People can subscribe to your blog, kind of like a magazine subscription.
  4. 4. What to use blogging for…. • Blogs can be used in wide range of contexts. • Simply as a diary for your class. • As a homework tool. • As a communication between the community. • Have a look at some of these blogs and websites for some great ideas:, (10 great ways to use your blog)
  5. 5. To begin (if you want to use blogtown)…. • Log onto blogtown website… (today this is doen for you) • Login or register…… • You will then need to click next to your blog name ‘Admin page’
  6. 6. The dashboard:
  7. 7. Design • The first step is to select what design you want for your blog. • To do this select ‘appearance’ from the left hand menu and then choose ‘themes’. • Some themes allow you to personalise your blog further by including photographs. If you want to add a photograph to your blog, you can do so once you have selected your theme.
  8. 8. Writing a post • Select the ‘write’ tab. • Write the title for your blog. • Write your entry. It is best not to cut and paste as this can confuse the site.
  9. 9. Adding an image • Before you start doing this, we need to open a programme on your computer to enable you to shrink the file size of the photographs. • Open your internet - enter into the tool bar. • (cntrl + click to right click on a mac) • This will enable you to store more images onto your blog.
  10. 10. Adding an image continued • O.K. So, you have your image saved on your desktop, next back to your blog. • Just above the ‘posts’ page is a small grey box - click here and follow the instructions. You may need to edit your photo, this is possible from here too.
  11. 11. Visit the Site • Do this often as you can whilst you write and make your blog. You will see what it looks like, and how the children and parents will find navigating their way around it.
  12. 12. Finally…. • It really is up to you how/if you use it! We have links to our blogs on our school website to enable the teachers to publish their own class information. • You can make it as interactive as you like and don’t forget - the children can write the posts for you. • The more you use it, the easier it becomes to navigate and the more ideas you will invent.