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Bedford public library ppt library thing for libraries


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Bedford public library ppt library thing for libraries

  1. 1. LibraryThing for Libraries Net Fair I : Taming Library Monsters: LibraryThing and Library Elf Texas Library Association Annual Conference Dallas, Texas April 16, 2008 Barbara Glassford Johnson Bedford Public Library, Texas Technical Services Manager/Systems Administrator
  2. 2. So what is LibraryThing for Libraries (LTFL)? It’s LibraryThing for your online catalog. Enrich your library’s online catalog with the power and fun of “Library 2.0.” Provide enhanced findability. Let your patrons browse, search and discover your library’s holdings in new, powerful and engaging ways. Provide patrons with exciting new content, including recommendations and informal, natural language subject descriptors known as “tags.” Enhance your catalog with just a few lines of HTML. Works with any OPAC and requires no back-end integration. Draw on the collective intelligence of your patrons and LibraryThing members.
  3. 3. Features Book recommendations. Show high-quality "recommended" or "similar" books – similar to those provided by Amazon. Tags and tag browsing. Give your patrons the power and flexibility of searching and browsing your catalog using LibraryThing tags. Other editions and translations. Link related editions and translations of the same work. "FRBR"-ize your catalog with a few lines of HTML.
  4. 4. Coming Soon . . . User reviews. Access hundreds of thousands of reviews and let your patrons add their own. User tagging. Let your patrons tag. Tags can be shared across all participating libraries. User ratings. Add our ratings and give patrons the ability to rate books.
  5. 5. Libraries Using LibraryThing for LibrariesIn order by installation date: Danbury Public Library (Connecticut, USA) — WebPac | example Bedford Public Library (Texas, USA) — WebPac Pro | example Deschutes Public Library (Oregon, USA) — WebPac Pro | example Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) — WebPac Pro | example Claremont Colleges (California, USA) — WebPac Pro | example Bowdoin College (Maine, USA) — WebPac Pro| example Randolph County Public Library (North Carolina, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example Richland County Public Library (South Carolina, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example Salt Lake County Library System (Utah, USA) — Horizon | example Cal State University Channel Islands (California, USA) — Voyager | example San Francisco State University (California, USA) — WebPac Pro | example Los Gatos Public Library (California, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example East Brunswick Public Library (New Jersey, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example ITT Dublin (Ireland) — Innovative | example Kingston Information & Library Service (Australia) — AmLib InfoVision | Australian Tax Office (Intranet) (Australia) GMILCS, Inc (New Hampshire, USA) — Horizon | example
  6. 6. Libraries Using LibraryThing for LibrariesIn order by installation date: Arlington Heights Memorial Library (Illinois, USA) — Innovative | example Irving Public Library (Texas, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example Weld Library District (Colorado, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example Andrews University (Michigan, USA) — Innovative | example King County Library System (Washington, USA) — WebPac Pro| example Yarra Plenty Regional Library (Australia) — SirsiDynix | example State Library of Tasmania (Australia) — Talis | example Aurora Public Library (Colorado, USA) — WebPac Pro | example Altadena Library District (California, USA) — Innovative | example Small Public Library in Southern California (California, USA) West Vancouver Memorial Library (British Columbia, Canada) — Innovative | example California State University, Northridge (California, USA) — WebPac | example Libraries Online, Inc. (Connecticut, USA) — WebPac | example Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library (West Virginia, USA) — | Richardson Public Library (Texas, USA) — Horizon | Williamsburg Regional Library (Virginia, USA) — Horizon | Murray Public Library (Utah, USA) — SirsiDynix | example
  7. 7. Libraries Using LibraryThing for LibrariesIn order by installation date: Lincoln Trail Libraries System (Illinois, USA) — Horizon Dynix | example MORE/Indianhead Federated Library System (Wisconsin, USA) — WebPac | example North Vancouver City Library (British Columbia, Canada) — Horizon | example SWITCH Library Consortium (Wisconsin, USA) — WebPac | example Westport Public Library (Connecticut, USA) — Horizon | example Cleveland State University (Ohio, USA) — WebPac Pro | example Seattle Public Library (Seattle, WA) — Horizon | example University College Cork (Ireland) — Innovative | example University of Utrecht (Netherlands) Trumbull Library System (Connecticut) Western Washington University Moonee Valley Library Service (Australia) Davidson County Public Library System (North Carolina) Portland Public Library (ME) Pelham Public Library (Ontario, Canada)
  8. 8. LTFL in the BPL Catalog Demo
  9. 9. FAQs How it works Coverage Matching Format Speed Statistics
  10. 10. Ok, so how much does it cost? Simple yearly fee based on combination of annual book circulation and match rate against the LT database. $1,000 minimum fee. Consortia get a 20% discount. No cost to install and test internally. Can host live for 60 days without committing to keep it. Price includes existing features as well as features currently in beta and future widgets
  11. 11. So how good is LTFL? Can enhance 65% or more of your ISBNs Recommendations cover 656,000 ISBNs Related editions and translations covers 275,000 ISBNs Members have cataloged more than 25 million books Members have added more than 32 million tags to books Low occurring and “bad” tags have been removed
  12. 12. Implementation Step one: Send LibraryThing your data.  Export ISBN, title and author information in tab-delimited format and send it to them.  LibraryThing will soon be able to handle raw MARC records as well. Step two: Paste the HTML  Add a few lines of HTML to your catalog template.  Each LibraryThing for Libraries “widget” is fully customizable.  Library controls how it works and how it looks. Step three: Test and go!  You can test out LibraryThing for Libraries without your patrons noticing any changes. Turn it on. (Turn if off anytime too.)
  13. 13. What are the Benefits? Patrons love it – they get really excited Staff loves it – it has been great for Reader’s Advisory It was super easy to work with LT staff – they were responsive and willing to tweak things for us Purchasing this type of product from the typical ILS vendor would, no doubt, have been pricey and time- consuming to implement We could never have done this on our own
  14. 14. Bedford’s Timeline 5/23/07 - sent my email inquiry to LibraryThing 5/24/07 – sent tab-delimited file of ISBN’s 5/24/07 – resent files since I didn’t do it right the first time 5/26/07 – LibraryThing sent Firefox extension so I could test in my OPAC Early June – timeout for FY 07/08 budget preparation 6/20/07 - copied and pasted a few snippets of HTML into my OPAC template 6/21/07 – data not displaying correctly. LibraryThing tweaked code and I tried it again. 6/23/07 – Success! 6/26/07 – Went Live!!
  15. 15. Further Reading LibraryThing – LibraryThing for Libraries – LibraryThing Blog - Thingology Blog - What people are saying about LibraryThing for Libraries - Danbury kicks off LibraryThing for Libraries Bedford adds LibraryThing for Libraries Danbury Library presentation - LibraryThing and the Library catalog - LibraryThing for Libraries: Tekkies Meeting at Collin County Community College - TLA Net Fair I – Taming Library Monsters: LibraryThing and Library Elf -
  16. 16. Contact Info LibraryThing for Libraries Send an email to Provide library name, ILS vendor and your email. Bedford Public Library Barbara Glassford Johnson