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Learning made visible


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Learning made visible

  1. 1. Learning Made Visible Presented by Rhonda Jackson Kingdom Kids Day Care
  2. 2. What do parents expect when they enter a classroom?• Clean and inviting environment• Displays of work and information• Neat shelves• Caring and knowledgeable faculty• Learning taking place
  3. 3. Have parents ever asked these questions ?• What is this ?• What is the point of this project ?• What did my son/daughter learn from this ?
  4. 4. Tools To Make Learning Visible• Digital Cameras• Computers• Resource Library• Children ( Most important tool)
  5. 5. Make LEARNING Visible• Bulletin Boards• Journals• Documentation Panels• Classroom Displays• Portfolios• Classroom Homepage
  6. 6. Make Learning Visible Bulletin Boards• Purpose : To display the work of the children .• Interactive – Mathematical Concepts : 100 days of school, patterns – Names : spell their names and recognition of classmates’ names
  7. 7. Learning Made Visible Bulletin Boards (2)– Geography : chart vacations, learn states and continents, introduce landforms– Vocabulary builders : introduce new words and concepts
  8. 8. Bulletin Boards• Bulletin Boards – Lesson, Lesson displays lesson plans – Job Description invites one to learn how their child thinks.
  9. 9. Make Learning Visible Journals• Purpose : Communication tool between the parent, child and teacher.• Writing Tool – Encourages children to write and draw how they feel. – Teachers and parents can correspond about academic progress and behavior. – Improve handwriting, organize thoughts and introduces sentence structure.
  10. 10. Make Learning Visible Documentation Panels• Purpose: Documentation panels allow parents and guests to see milestones of the class, not just individuals. – Documentation panels are usually created on a poster board or displayed on a door – Usually cover special events, projects or everyday activities
  11. 11. Make Learning Visible Classroom Displays• Purpose : To introduce parents and guests to the children’s world. – Art and Special Projects : Always include an explanation of how the project is done and the learning benefits – Center Signs : Explain or give some of the benefits of each center – Job Boards, Choice Boards, Picture Schedule
  12. 12. Learning Made Visible Classroom Displays– Parent Board : Lesson plans, menus, newsletter, parent information and teachers’ schedules should be posted– Circle Time Area: most learning takes place in this area
  13. 13. Classroom Displays• Circle Time Area – Letter, Shape, Color, and Number of the week displayed – Calendar and Weather
  14. 14. Make Learning Visible Portfolios• Purpose : To collect samples and photographs of a student’s progress when they enter until they are promoted to the next grade. – Portfolios should be divided into categories such as : Logic and Science, Assessment and Social Relations – Portfolios are not scrapbooks. The cute pages should be saved for documentation panels
  15. 15. Learning Made Visible Classroom Homepage• Classroom homepages allow parents to learn what is happening via computer.• Teachers can build the homepage at• Special links : Announcements, Book Lists and Homework.