Wine Tourism - From Products to Experiences by Stefano Soglia


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Stefano Soglia's presentation used during the #WBIS conference held in Brussels on 19th Jan 2013. What are the benefits - and risks of wine tourism and how can wineries develop their activities? For further information

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  • Wine Tourism - From Products to Experiences by Stefano Soglia

    1. 1. from productsto experiencesStefano Sogliawww.stefanosoglia.itBruxelles, 19/1/2013
    2. 2. The long tail of travelSource Chris Anderson (GM of Wired Magazine)
    3. 3. SHORT wine tourismHEAD LONG TAIL
    4. 4. visits in wineries
    5. 5. Possible experiential paths
    6. 6. wine tourists in ItalyWine tourists by chance - 1,900,000 people 35-45 years. More than a real interest in the cellars just the opportunity to be there as suggested by friendsWine tourists - 2,100,000 people Prevalence of adult male with good spending power. Good knowledge about wine, interest in winery tours, courses and shoppingTalent scout - 600,000 people Collect wine tourism destinations and very knowledgable. They live the wine experience like appearance. They are always looking for something newLuxury lovers - 400,000 people High spending power. Sometimes very knowledgeable about wine, places, labels and prices. Source: F. Taiti 2008 6
    7. 7. top Italian wine destinations Source: F. Taiti 2010
    8. 8. On top of the rank, six provincesrepresent the harmony between food and qualitywines: Cuneo, Siena, Verona, Bolzano, Trentoand FlorenceAfter these: Asti,Brescia, Udine, Gorizia, Pavia,Treviso, Alessandria, Perugia, Ancona, AscoliPiceno, Grosseto, Avellino and Palermo. Source: 10th “Rapporto sul turismo del vino “ – February 2012
    9. 9. Drivers for wine tourism networking multifunctionality
    10. 10. Suggested strategies
    11. 11. Advantages for producers• Increased consumer exposure to the product• Opportunity for marketing survey and enrichment of the customer data base• Building brand awareness and loyalty• Promotion of company branded merchandise• Increased margins through direct sale to consumers, due to the absence of distributors• Ease of producer-consumer interaction and spreading of education and experience of products and regions
    12. 12. Tourism revenues for a “non top” destination (Romagna – North of Italy, 2011)
    13. 13. Disadvantages for small operators• Increased cost and management time• Seasonality• Capital required for facilities the balance depends on investments
    14. 14. Increasing graduation Milziade Antano
    15. 15. Scacciadiavoli
    16. 16. Caprai
    17. 17. CarapaceLunelli
    18. 18. ITALY TUSCANY Siena Area Montepulciano Area The entire territory cover 16.500 hectares Montepulciano is not in Abruzzo!
    19. 19. Different approaches
    20. 20. A networking approach
    21. 21. Touristic toursfrom 1/1/2012 to 3/9/2012thematic tour nr. groups total people average p.standard wine tour 68 296 4,4old town cellars 28 319 11,4 75%special wine tours 16 49 3,1New Moon tour 14 61 4,4cooking course 9 21 2,3goumet tour 8 29 3,6other interests 7 48 6,9Montepulciano tour 4 61 15,3 154 884 6,4
    22. 22. Related income
    23. 23. Winetourism? Yes, if….• The tourist can find my wine when he goes back home• The visitor lives a unique and memorable experience -> sensorial experience• Visit it is conceived as an “act of communication”• There is coherence between my winetourists and normal price of my wine• It is possible to increase loyalty -> visitors are testimonials• I can purpose souvenirs and “cash cow” services• The wine is an excuse to sell the territory• I consider wine tourism as 24x7 business
    24. 24. Holistic experience (source: Pine&Gilmore)
    25. 25. • Just in time: do the right things at the right time (better a bit before)• Do not stay in midstream: if you do not have the conditions and the resources to jump, better to avoid it and to concentrate on something else