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Online video to promote wine by Ward de Muynck


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Ward de Muynck's presentation on video marketing of wine made in the video marketing session of #WBIS

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Online video to promote wine by Ward de Muynck

  1. 1. Online video to promote wine
  2. 2. Case Study: Chateau CastignoLast summer: weekly film about our harvest.
  3. 3. Ward De Muynck @warddem
  4. 4. 2007
  5. 5. 2007
  6. 6. Last summer:Weekly web episode about our harvest.
  7. 7. GOAL:Virtual visit of the domain 
  8. 8. organic contemporary languedoc food historyVirtual visit of the domain history youth old vineyards food pairing horse
  9. 9. STORY?Collect keywords (paper, wall, evernote...)Divide into groupsSelect visual (moodboard)Narrative styleWrite storyDraw storyboardWrite out interviewsDecide goals & budget !!!
  10. 10. Crew + Gear:Find crewdirector, cameraman, post production, editor ...Epic Red vs Dslr
  11. 11. DISTRIBUTION (digital) Facebook Youtube fanpage Vimeo groups promotion Castigno.comTwitter (drupal) google
  12. 12. DISTRIBUTION (physical) dvd/usb stick iphone presentation food pairing partners sales and promotion cavistes wine fairs (tv in stand)
  13. 13. New project: @leVanRouge
  14. 14. Ward De @leVanRouge