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Fax is something most enterprises cannot do without, but it is very costly in terms of time spent waiting at traditional fax machines and maintaining necessary infrastructure. Cloud fax services help – freeing both fax users and IT personnel to focus on more strategic enterprise tasks. This webinar will show how the cloud can optimize fax operations.

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  • Are you still faxing? Of course you are. Despite its legacy, faxing is ubiquitous, simple, reliable, is traceable and most importantly - legally binding.
  • But at the enterprise level, there are serious challenges associated with faxing. These challenges have lead to enterprise mandates requiring top IT leaders to investigate cloud fax solutions in order to foster greater cost and productivity efficiency – with the idea being to make fax more of a value added business aspect, as opposed to simply a functional one.
  • These challenges have lead to enterprise mandates requiring top IT leaders to investigate cloud fax solutions in order to foster greater cost and productivity efficiency – with the idea being to make fax more of a value added business aspect, as opposed to simply a functional one. This is thanks to the capability of cloud technology and its ability to provide a similar level of outsourced services - as opposed to on-premises implementations centered more on maintaining internal control over fax.
  • So what exactly does fax in the cloud entail? A cloud fax service allows you to transmit messages via the cloud minus the typical hardware components mentioned earlier (fax machines, fax servers, fax boards and the like). Messages are sent and received from either common email or desktop applications – through the cloud – to fax machines and/or MFD devices. Again, NO HARDWARE, TELECOM CHARGES or many IT SUPPORT PERSONNEL required. Adding speed, agility and scalability to an enterprise grade fax ecosystem – all of which streamline fax communications and accelerate ROI - tactics that enterprises deem essential given the advent of recent recessionary times.
  • So, what makes a cloud fax service enterprise grade? Meaning what makes it capable of addressing the needs of today’s common enterprise.
  • So now that we know what makes the service enterprise caliber, let’s discuss the unique benefits resident in a cloud fax service.
  • Let’s reviewOpenText’s flag ship cloud fax services products – it starts with Fax2Mail:A fax is sent – then it’s forwarded through our high speed, high volume network of servers with total transparency to end users (Virtually all common document files, spreadsheets and graphic image files are automatically converted to outbound faxes)When sending a fax you simply enter the recipient’s fax number along with the handle; then attach the document you’d like to fax and hit send. It will arrive to the intended recipient as a fax. When a fax is received over our system via a user’s uniquely assigned fax number - it is automatically forwarded to that assigned user’s email box as a TIFF or PDF attachment
  • … since production is such an important aspect of enterprise faxing let’s touch upon OpenText Production Messaging. Integrated into your backend and other systems, Production Messaging automates the management of high-volume outbound fax documents, whether the format is CSV, XML, FTP or SMTP for delivery as fax, email, secure email and SMS.
  • OpenText has 14, redundant geographically diverse data centers backed by state of the art architecture. We own this network - helping ensure reliable, cost effective and secure fax communications. We also offer global network accessibility, customer care & technical support you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • OpenText Cloud Fax Services - Too Many Fax Machines - Not Enough Time

    1. 1. Too Many Fax Machines, Not Enough Time The Power of Enterprise Cloud Fax Scott Mitchell, Product Marketing Manager
    2. 2. Agenda  Are You Still Faxing?  Challenges of Enterprise Faxing  Addressing Enterprise Fax Challenges  Cloud Fax Services  Benefits of Cloud Faxing  What Makes a Cloud Fax Service Enterprise Grade?  OpenText Cloud Fax Services OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 2
    3. 3. Are You Still Faxing? Ubiquitous Simple Reliable Traceable Legally Binding OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 3
    4. 4. Challenges of Faxing Long wait times at fax machines Over dedication of IT resources On-going capital expenditure in fax hardware Adhering to ever changing compliance mandates Maintaining service uptime OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 4
    5. 5. Addressing Enterprise Fax Challenges Traditional Approach On-premises fax implementations: • Expensive fax servers and systems • IT support personnel overhead • Regional telecom costs Advent of the Cloud Cloud Fax Solutions: • No fax hardware expenses • Managed service reduces IT overhead • No telecom charges OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 5
    6. 6. Cloud Fax Services  Cloud fax services provide similar functionality to in-house fax servers, transmitting fax messages through the cloud to reduce both capital and on-going maintenance costs. OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 6
    7. 7. What Makes a Cloud Fax Service Enterprise Grade?  Architecture and Performance  Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR)  Security and Compliance  Diverse Features and Capabilities  Global Support  Proven Experience OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 7
    8. 8. Benefits of Cloud Faxing  Send and receive faxes as electronic messages Fax from common desktop applications Outsourced solution allows greater IT bandwidth No capital expenditure in fax hardware required Enables security connections, compliance and audit-ability High availability OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 8
    9. 9. Long Wait Times at Fax Machines  Cut costs and drive productivity by faxing from common desktop applications  accelerate information exchange by faxing from common email and enterprise software applications  experience no busy signals OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 9
    10. 10. Over-dedication of IT Resources  Provide IT with more bandwidth  managed service requires little to no internal IT resources  network and data support ensures system consistently functions at an optimal level  service keeps pace with latest technology and other new service models  24 X 7 Help Desk and support options available OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 10
    11. 11. On-going capital expenditure in fax hardware  Cut capital expenditure in fax hardware  remove stand-alone fax machines  no need to acquire, implement, deploy nor maintain robust onpremises fax servers  eliminate third party connectors  convert capital costs into operating costs OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 11
    12. 12. Adhering to ever changing compliance mandates  Enable security connections, compliance and auditability  complete security auditing and reporting ensures full compliance with all industry-specific regulatory requirements  maintain strict security policies including:  annual or biannual site audits in compliance with client security guidelines  periodic SAS 70 compliance audits that meet rigid security standards  optional secure message connectivity along with point-to-point message encryption OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 12
    13. 13. Maintaining Service Uptime  Multiple, redundant data centers worldwide ensure high availability:  24 X 7 fax uptime should a major disaster occur  eliminate the cost and complexity associated with maintaining redundant systems  experience no disruption in service or any signs of performance degradation OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 13
    14. 14. OpenText Fax2Mail  Fax2Mail allows you to send and receive faxes using existing e-mail infrastructure and the Internet:     Send and receive faxes as email attachments Email documents to any fax machine View/print/save faxes from your desktop Reliable, global service 24/7 OpenText Cloud Fax Services SEND RECEIVE OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 14
    15. 15. OpenText Production Messaging  Production Messaging automates the management of high volume outbound documents:  accepts any kind of client data from backend systems for deliver as fax, email, voice and SMS  integrate with back-office applications  reduces costs by eliminating third party connectors  increases compliance by automating workflows for tracking, auditing and archiving OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 15
    16. 16. Succcess Story: Fax2Mail Customer: One of the largest shipment and logistics companies in the world. Challenge  Reduce and/or eliminate extra time required to manage incoming and outgoing faxing needs like:  The need for the drivers to receive and submit updated clearance paperwork to present at customs.  Human Resources needing to sign and approve medical forms for leave of absence or disability.  The company needing to fax inventory lists for plane parts to their mechanics. Solution  Fax2Mail – with a VPN directly to OpenText for security purposes.  Customer chose OpenText because of its global network, pricing, telecom coverage and Fax2Mail’s excellent feature functionality within the administrative portal Results  ROI: 30 % savings annually due to a reduction in fax machines, paper and toner. OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 16
    17. 17. Power of the OpenText Cloud OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 17
    18. 18. Industry’s Most Sophisticated Network Frankfurt Toronto Boulder Columbus Slough Munich Tinton Falls Piscataway Paris Beijing London Milan Tokyo Chai Wan Virginia Las Vegas Wan Chai Suwanee Seoul Shanghai Austin Mumbai Kuala Lumpur Singapore Sydney Sao Paulo Melbourne 14 Data Centers 20 Co-locations 34 POPs (Points of Presence) OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 18
    19. 19. Learn more about OpenText Cloud Fax Solutions  Visit us at  Call us at 800.304.2727 or 1.425.455.6000  Email us at  Follow us at @OpenTextIX  Join us: OpenText ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 19