Get Rid of Fax Machines - Increasing the Speed of Health Information Exchange


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Faxing remains one of the most common methods for securely exchanging health information, but using a fax machine requires time, paper, and patience. And in spite of the drive to digital information in healthcare, offices still use fax machines.

This SlideShare will talk about an alternative to fax machines that keeps some of its best characteristics without generating paper and aggravation – while saving time and effort.

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  • And yet, many organizations still use traditional fax machines -- we continue to run into companies (some of them very large) with hundreds of fax machines spread out across departmentsThere are a lot of issues with traditional fax machines... Of course, there are the obvious costs associated with maintaining individual fax machines with paper, toner, separate phone lines etc.But the two biggest issues relate to:Document security and compliance (because with stand alone fax machines you don’t have an audit trail of who sent each fax, and inbound faxes with sensitive information can’t be directed to a specific user or group)And, the Lack of Integration with other Applications
  • Fax Servers (like RightFax) can help address all of these issues. A new report on Enterprise (or Network) Fax from Frost and Sullivan helps drive home the value of fax servers in today’s IT world. According to their research fax still has a lot of advantages over other technologiesFrost says fax servers are the best communications medium for meeting regulatory compliance requirements (this is due not only to the delivery confirmation, but also the ability to route faxes directly to the intended recipient, ability to have a complete audit trail, and also the ability to automate fax transmissions (and so taking the manual touch points out of internal processes)Not only is the enterprise fax server market relevant today, but Frost and Sullivan expects the market to grow at almost 7% into the year 2017.So, now that we’ve made the case for fax and fax servers, lets take a closer look at RightFax…
  • OpenText offers a better way to fax – RightFax. RightFax provides all the benefits of traditional faxing while addressing the weaknesses.
  • Notes:These vendors have created fax integration between their applications and RightFaxSome of these vendors sell RightFax as part of their solution OpenText provides a range of integration options for EMR and HIS
  • The University of Kansas Hospital is one of the US’ leading academic medical centers. The hospital provides clinical experience and residency positions for students using a multidisplinary approach to patient care. Nationally ranked in US News Best Hospitals for 2011-2012 for Cancer, Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Ear Nose & Throat, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Pulmonology specialties and #1 for Kansas City Missouri
  • To manage the weekly transfer of thousands of medical files, they relied on dozens of fax machines, multi-function devices, and fax servers. Different faxing methods across the organization created lots of challenges. Including services delays, labor intensive security, costly supplies and hardware and lacked integration.
  • Get Rid of Fax Machines - Increasing the Speed of Health Information Exchange

    1. 1. Get Rid of Fax Machines: Increasing the speed of health information exchange Greg Horton, Director of Product Marketing, OpenText
    2. 2. We‟ll be at the HIMSS Conference! Booth 3409 Orlando, Feb 24–26, 2014 OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 2
    3. 3. Fax Use In Healthcare 61 percent of doctors said that the fax machine is their predominant means to share information with other doctors - Markle Survey on Health in a Networked Life 2010, Jan 2011 Fax is the primary form of communication for 63 percent of physicians - 2012 National Physicians Survey, Oct 2012 OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 3
    4. 4. IS FAX STILL RELEVANT IN HEALTHCARE?  The fax can communicate complex information in human readable format. Text and diagrams, and handwritten notes are all handled well.  It is a ubiquitous capability that can be added to any office. The technology is used for many purposes so the allocated cost for clinical information sharing is close to nothing.  It involves only two parties the sender and the receiver. 4 OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 4
    5. 5. IS FAX STILL RELEVANT IN HEALTHCARE?  There are no complications associated with verifying the trust relationship between the sender and receiver. That happens off-line.  The transmission itself is reasonably secure. HIPAA quite reasonably does not impose encryption requirements on information sent over a switchable network.  There is no time-consuming and difficult to understand overhead to maintain security keys. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 5
    6. 6. IS FAX STILL RELEVANT IN HEALTHCARE?  Every fax machine in the world is directly addressable with a simple number containing fewer than 12 digits.  It works well in mixed modes, where some providers have integrated IT systems and others have no integration or no clinical IT system.  Fax can easily be integrated into IT systems both for outgoing and incoming messages. Wes Rishel, vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner's health care provider research practice, provides a simple answer: „Fax is the standard to beat.‟ OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 6
    7. 7. What types of PHI is exchanged by healthcare providers via Fax?  Laboratory Results  Physician orders  Radiology Reports  Prescription filling and rewriting  Transcriptions  Referral certification and authorization  Claim Status  Fact Sheets: Admittance documentation  Patient accounting records  Treatment information  Payment and remittance advice  Communications with other hospitals, care providers, vendors and patients OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 7
    8. 8. Fax Machine Risk  University Medical Center of Southern Nevada – A former UMC volunteer faxed patient face sheets to an attorney who used the sheets to contact prospective clients  The protected health information involved in the breach included names, addresses, and dates of birth, social security numbers, and diagnoses.  5,301 individuals were at risk  One person has been indicted on one count of conspiracy to illegally disclose personal health information in violation of HIPAA  Children‟s Hospital of Orange County inadvertently faxed patient records to an auto shop  Doctors‟ offices in Tennessee accidently sent patient information, including social security numbers and medical histories, to an Indiana businessman‟s fax machine for more than four years without realizing it OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 8
    9. 9. Challenges with Fax Machines  Delay in delivery & receipt  Can be delivered to the wrong desk or lost  No convenient acknowledgement of delivery  High document distribution costs  Compliance issues  Lack of integration with other applications 9 OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Open Text Corporation 2009 - 2010. All rights reserved. 9
    10. 10. Where do Fax Servers fit in? Frost and Sullivan “Enterprise Fax Market Report”, November 2010  “Fax advantages over other technologies…Faxes can include signatures, annotation, images and unique messaging, support multiple languages, and confirm receipt”  “Demands for compliance: Fax servers offer regulation compliance better than any other communications medium. …”  “The value proposition of enterprise fax services, particularly fax servers and FoIP, is clearly identifiable, demonstrated, and proven.” OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 10
    11. 11. Fax machines vs. fax servers Fax Machines Fax Software  Must add costly fax kits to MFP devices or purchase fax machines  Hard Dollar ROI: Eliminates MFP fax kits, legacy fax machines, dedicated phone lines  Need to run phone lines to all fax devices  Limited/no ability to integrate fax into VoIP network  High IT management costs and overhead  No consolidated audit trail or history  No centralized control of fax activity  Need to control access to fax machines to comply with HIPAA  Consolidate phone lines at the Fax Server  Use Fax over IP (FoIP) to eliminate need for local PBX connection  Compliance & Security: Centralized fax tracking & reporting  Reduces IT management costs and overhead  Integrate into backend applications  Faxes securely routed to correct recipient OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 11
    12. 12. A better way to fax….
    13. 13. RightFax Overview  Software based solution  Can be deployed in several ways  On-premise server connected to your telephone system or internet provider  Analog, Digital or IP-Based telephony environments  Combination of on-premises server with telephony provided “as a service”  Extensive back-end integration options  Completely flexible to support exact customer needs  Disaster Recovery/High Availability options OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 13
    14. 14. RightFax can fax enable virtually any healthcare platform or system to send, receive, and archive patient information securely OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 14
    15. 15. RightFax Integration with Health Information Systems OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 15
    16. 16. Benefits of RightFax in Healthcare: Improved Productivity  Reduced Inbound Busy Signals  More referrals  Happier physicians  Faster responses  Scheduled jobs  Schedule jobs at night  No waiting for faxes  No stack to sort through  No delivery delays  Productivity increases  Fax from EMR  Fax from computer desktop  Fax from MFP  Reduced use of     Paper Toner Fax machines Phone lines OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 16
    17. 17. Benefits of RightFax in Healthcare: Improved HIPAA Compliance  Reduced faxes sent to incorrect addressee  Auditable accountability  Digital archive of all faxes  Ensure confidential health information reaches its intended recipient with delivery to private mailboxes  Centralized communications hub for protected health information  Options for encrypted and certified delivery OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 17
    18. 18. Success Story  Founded in 1906  More than 500 physicians  More than 1900 nurses (RN & LPN)  More than 4500 employees  606 licensed beds  More than 25,000 admissions annually  Nationally ranked hospital* OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 18
    19. 19. Success Story  Successfully integrated RightFax with its EPIC EHR system to meet HIPAA compliance regulations protecting PHI.  Previously printers and fax machines could not be left unattended, now inbound documents containing PHI are electronically transmitted to their EHR system and only authorized staff has access to those documents “RightFax really eases this process (availability of medical transcriptions) and helps us ensure the latest transcribed report is on their (physicians) desk in a timely fashion.” Keith Anetsberger System Administrator OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 19
    20. 20. Benefits of RightFax in Healthcare: Enhanced Patient Service Levels  Improved health information tracking and storage  Fast retrieval of related health information  Accelerated scheduling, follow up, and claims processing  Reduce care delays because referral information/patient records were not sent OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 20
    21. 21. Success Story  Founded in 1860  More than 200 physicians  More than 750 nurses (RN & LPN)  477 licensed beds  More than 25,000 Admissions Annually OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 21
    22. 22. Success Story Denver Health’s Central Fill Pharmacy  Manually managing 700 refill requests per day  30% were duplicates  With RightFax, duplicates were easily recognizable by sending fax number or medical record number  Electronic Document management system determines if prescriptions are incomplete or have mistakes and kicks them back to physicians for correction.  Errors quickly found and patients get the meds faster OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 22
    23. 23. Why OpenText? Fax Integration and Automation for Healthcare Over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Fax Solutions #1 Enterprise Fax Server vendor* Leading Cloud Fax vendor** Fastest growing provider of FoIP Solutions* Part of a global $1.3+ Billion market leading EIM company Over 10,000 systems in use with Hospitals & Clinics worldwide *Computer-based Fax Markets: 2012-2017 (Davidson Consulting) ** Who's Who In North American Cloud Fax Services for Enterprises: 2012 (Gartner) OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 23
    24. 24. Learn more about OpenText Fax Solutions  Visit us at  Call us at 800.304.2727 or 1.425.455.6000  Email us at  Follow us at @OpenTextIX  Join us: OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 24