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Lean system


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Lean System in Operations and supply Management

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Lean system

  1. 1. Aamir Hussain Chandio Akshay Kumar Rohra Fawad Ahmed Jamali Kamlesh Kumar Rohra LEAN SYSTEM Operations Management BBA_6A
  2. 2. Outline  Lean System?  Seven Wastes  Characteristics  Lean System Manufacturing Techniques  Advantages & Disadvantages  Lean System Achievement  Implementation Issues
  3. 3. Definition A systematic approach to the identification and elimination of waste and non-value added activities through employee development and continuous improvement in all products and services It is the production of goods using less of everything compared to traditional mass production
  4. 4. Seven Wastes  Over-production  Queues  Transportation  Inventory  Motion  Over-processing  Defective-product
  5. 5. Lean System Dimensions  JIT  Waste  Origins (Toyota Production System)  Lean Manufacturing Elements
  6. 6. CHARACTERISTICS  Pull-Method of Materials Flow (Contrast to the traditional Push Method)  Consistent High Quality  Small Lot sizes (Benefits of small lot sizes)  Uniform Workstation Loads  Flexible Workforce And, of course, continuous improvement (Kaizan)
  7. 7. Lean Manufacturing Technique  5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)  Single Minute Exchange of Dies  Kanban  Cellular Manufacturing
  8. 8. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Increased Productivity Changing Process to Implementing lean principles Reduced Time Negative Employee Perceptions Improved Flexibility Long term Commitment Required Improved Customer Relationship Management Aggressiveness with JIT Increased Sustainability of the business
  9. 9. Steps to Achieve Lean Sytem  Design a simple manufacturing system  There is always a room for improvement  Continuously improve
  10. 10. Lean System Implementation Issues  Supply Chain issues  employee development  cultural issues  Technological challenges