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CV -Syed Fawaad Hussain


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CV -Syed Fawaad Hussain

  1. 1. SYED FAWAAD HUSSAINSHAMSI SHAH UNDER GRADUATIONSOFTWAREENGINEER Dhock Raja MuhammadKhanAirportChaklalaRawalpindi Mobile Num:03055134061 Age: 20 Email: ACADEMIC EDUCATION: 2010-2012 Matric fromFazaia Inter College Chaklala Rawalpindi Subjects: Math, Biology, physics, chemistry 2012-2014 FSC fromFG Quaid-e-AzamScheme3 Rawalpindi Subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry 2014-2016 Currently doing my Bachelor’s in SoftwareEngineering and has given the exams of 4th semester justnow. Institute: APCOMS (Army Public College of Management Sciences), affiliated with UET Taxila. MajorCore Courses which I have studied untilknow are as follows:
  2. 2. • ITC(Introduction to Computers) • FOP (Fundamentals of Programming) • Freshman English • Communication Skills • OOP (ObjectOriented Programming) • C++ • Advanced Programming in Java • ITSE(Introduction to SoftwareEngineering) • Introduction to Database Systems • OOSE(ObjectOriented SoftwareEngineering) • OS (Operating Systems) • DS (Data Structures) • SoftwareEngineering Economics Other Skills: • MicrosoftSQL server (Database) • MicrosoftOffice • C++ • JAVA • Operating System (Windows) • SoftwareDesign • ERD Diagram • Relational Schema’s • Use caseDiagram
  3. 3. • Class Diagram • Sequence Diagram • Activity Diagram • State Diagram • GRASP pattern • I have no job or internship experience before. This will be going to be my firstexperience of the job environment. • I want to get internship or job in Databasebecause I havebest skills to create a Database. • SQL Queries.