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MLB baseball online betting tips, preview & how to bet on baseball guide


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Favourit's expert MLB baseball online betting tips guide gives you free information to help improve your betting.

We also explain about how to bet on baseball, the history of the MLB league, some useful stats and live scores sites and information about MLB baseball betting markets.

The MLB is the most well known global baseball competition with teams including the fabled Boston Red Sox.

Favourit is the online social betting site that gives you a better way to bet, the best betting odds and ways to improve your betting.

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MLB baseball online betting tips, preview & how to bet on baseball guide

  1. 1. Expert MLB Betting Tips & How to Bet Guide © Favourit 2013.
  2. 2. History of MLB MLB is the professional baseball league of the US, one of the four major US sports featuring 30 teams founded in 1869. There are 29 teams from the US and one team from Canada. The most recent champion is the Boston Red Sox, with the most titles having being won by the New York Yankees (27 titles). The official website is
  3. 3. MLB Betting Stats
  4. 4. If you want to learn how to bet on MLB better, here’s our helpful betting guide. Favourit is the social betting site that lets you follow betting experts, access MLB betting preview, get the best odds and earn rewards from your betting.
  5. 5. MLB Betting Basics • There are plenty of MLB betting odds featured in loads of markets including – – – – • Head to head Line 1st innings winner Over / under Plus you can bet on MLB on the go with a mobile betting app
  6. 6. MLB Stats & Insight • Important MLB stats we recommend you look for: – Current standings – where is your team currently positioned on the ladder? How many points do they have this season? – Game performance – how many matches have they won or lost? What’s their winning percentage? – Head to head record – what is the team’s track record of winning or losing against the other team? – Live scores at specific periods – what is this teams style, do they come out hard to tend to catch up towards the end of the match? • For more information to learn how to bet on baseball, head to our expert guide. • For the best odds, more stats and the best online sports betting experience, head to Favourit.
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