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Introducing IITTI Corporate Image Management Certification


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Published in: Education
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Introducing IITTI Corporate Image Management Certification

  1. 1. Esteem Image Consultancy & Training Institute proudly introduces the Institute of Image Training and Testing International – (IITTI pronounced as “ET“) to our Business Image & Etiquette programs.
  2. 2. IITTI – a non-profit, open-source, educational organisation established by a team of experienced, certified image and etiquette consultants from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). AICI is the leading and largest professional association of image consultants worldwide which sets and promotes the highest professional standards for image consultants in appearance, behaviour and communications.
  3. 3. IITTI offers a standardised testing and certification structure that image, etiquette and civility trainers can use as an independent assessment tool with their clients.
  4. 4.  Enhance your personal and professional brand  Conform to the highest international standards of business image and social etiquette  Design specifically for business use
  5. 5. There are three exam levels which include:  a written and/or  practicum component. For each level, exam candidates must pass all its components in order to earn an IITTI certificate for that level.
  6. 6. The IITTI exams are designed by a group of world-renowned image and etiquette consulting authorities, and education experts specialising in curriculum development and assessment design. The tests are designed for corporate application and focus on corporate etiquette. As such, they would be suitable for any corporate environment where the employer is eager to improve the quality of their organisation’s brand and professional image, internationally.
  8. 8.  Prepares you for promotion opportunities  Develop strong interpersonal skills – this is a MUST to deal with people at a personal or professional level  Suitable for roles from management to operational levels including self- employment.
  9. 9. Employers can utilise the examinations as a measure to determine knowledge and understanding of:  business etiquette standards and  the personal grooming practices of their current employees and/or job applicants It is necessary for any organisation whose staff members interact with clients, vendors or the public e.g. banks, hotels, government, insurance companies, trading companies, travel agencies, tour companies, IT companies, and advertising agencies.
  10. 10. Individuals who successfully complete the IITTI training programs:  become certified by a world standard organisation  understand the importance of good corporate etiquette  acquire the necessary knowledge and training to perform any job with decorum  show prospective employers that they care about people and business relationships
  11. 11. Question: Can you just pick up an etiquette book to learn and pass the IITTI test? Answer: No Question: Why? Answer: Good manners and personal grooming require practice over a long period of time.
  12. 12. We use IITTI’s standardised tests and certification structure in the following manner:  to demonstrate how effective measuring soft skills can be in the areas of personal appearance, business/social etiquette and communication for recruitment of new hires, as well as employees.  to support the HR profession by creating greater synergy among the recruitment, reward and performance management functions.
  13. 13. You can invest in training at Esteem Image – Consultancy & Training Institute, a reputable image consulting school that prepares you for the IITTI exams. Our expertise includes training full-time undergraduate students, university and corporate employees in business etiquette and image management.
  14. 14. For further information, kindly contact: (868) 328-2185/752-1764