Kcl anual report 2010 v2


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Annual report 2010 for Kitengesa Library

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Kcl anual report 2010 v2

  1. 1. Kitengesa Community Library<br />Annual Report<br />[2010]<br />Collection development<br />Present size of collection 3098 of (3845 titles)<br />Present size of each category<br />CATEGORYBOOKS RECEIVED 200-2010BOOKS LOST 2000-2010BOOKS DAMAGED 2000-2010Art155Beginning Reading9418Biography58412Business68712Classics121214Computer324Drama7079Education2315Environment476Fantasy Stories10048Framing75313General Reference3813Geography7718Health1571119Home Care1113Historical Stories72311History81114Journalism5Language259729Mathematics120728Mixed Stories41Modern Stories102470115Morals98914Nature244Poetry6518Religion1401319Society2571018Science185916Sports1Technical Skills8Traditional Stories5157398Totals3845249498<br />Number of books donated 2010: 313<br />Donors: <br />Friends 221<br />Pat Duffy 2 books<br />Pockets of Change 85 books<br />Thomas Brannan 5 books<br />Types of books donated: Story books and children education books.<br />Number of books purchased this year [funds donated by Friends] 221 books<br />Types of books purchased: readers e.g. story books, a few text books<br />Membership<br />Total number of members recorded 1313 members<br />Number of members from Kitengesa Comprehensive Secondary School 1058 members<br />Number of members from outside Kitengesa Comprehensive Secondary School 255 members<br />Number of male members 578<br />Number of female members 735<br />Number of members under fifteen 608 by the time they registered. <br />Number of members currently active 1179 <br />Number of active members from Kitengesa Comprehensive Secondary School 951<br />Number of active members from outside Kitengesa Comprehensive Secondary School 228members<br />Number of new members (joined this year) 178 members<br />Number of new male members 77 members<br />Number of new female members 101 members<br />Number of new members under fifteen 118 members<br />Library staff<br />Daniel Ahimbisibwe<br />Academic achievements:<br />Successful completion of Bachelors Degree at Uganda Martyrs University <br />Courses/conferences<br />Attended Uganda Community Libraries Association Workshop on developing and using children reading materials June 2010. Kabubu Community Library.<br />Family news<br /> On 19 November 2010 we had a fabulous Graduation and baptism ceremony<br />Gorreth Nakyato <br /><ul><li>Academic achievements:</li></ul>Joined Muteesa I Royal University for a Diploma in primary Teaching<br />Courses/ conferences <br />Attended a workshop on Children reading, Organised by Uganda community Library Association<br /><ul><li>Attended a workshop on multilingualism in Nairobi Kennyatta University </li></ul>Family News<br /><ul><li>On 7th November 2010 we had a wonderful and colourful baptism of my child Precoius.</li></ul>Ssentume Julius<br /><ul><li>Academic achievements:
  2. 2. Joined Muteesa Royal University for a BA in Information Science
  3. 3. Courses /conferences
  4. 4. Join Kitengesa Community Library as a Computer lab Assistant
  5. 5. Attended E-granary workshop in Kubuli.(2010)
  6. 6. Also read for books for the little children aged 7 and bellow, and ask them questions about the book read.</li></ul>Library scholars<br />This year’s scholars:<br />NameClassDate became a scholarKatumba JimmyS4March 2008ChristineS2March 2008Kato JamesS4March 2008Ssepuuya JamesS4March 2009Bagalaliwo JohnS3March 2009Muwonge John BaptistaS4March 2009Kasekende BenjaminS2March 2009<br />Volunteers/Interns/Researchers<br />Rogers Woo from UBC<br />Thomas Brennan from UBC<br />Alexis Cassap- Hanson from UBC<br />Dr. Mathabo Tsepa from Mohoma Temeng Youth and Community Centre Lesotho & UBC<br />Special visits<br />Nancy Wolf from USA <br />Lelia Ruckenstein from USA<br />James O’Malley from New Jersey USA<br />Sarah Switler and Rodgers Shelukindo from Kwekitui Community Library Tanzania<br />Zakia Najjuko from Suubi Community Library for induction course<br />Mike Woodridge BBC world Affairs London (covering the library story)<br />Delegation from Bosolwe Community Library to learn library programmes<br />Delegation from Uganda Community Libraries Association Visiting the library after the workshop at Bwala Social Centre <br /> Library activities<br />Number of visits: 33783 <br />Major purposes of visits, Reading books, Reading Newspapers, learning computer typing skills, family literacy classes and meetings.<br />Number of loans 4944 loans<br />3 most popular categories of loans Modern stories, Traditional Stories, language<br />Computer use<br />Women Groups four times a week for two hours each session, typing skills using alpha Smart computers<br />Library scholars: one hour a day, typing skills using alpha smart computers<br />Youth Group: two hours every day each session, typing skills using alpha smart computers. <br />EGranary not active <br />Number of users<br />Information accessed<br />Regular meetings<br />Lwannunda Women’s Group Meeting once every month<br />Adult Class Meeting once a week<br />Newspaper Club. Not active<br />Writers’ Club. Meeting once a week <br />Children’s Day. Once a month although Children are coming on their own any time of the day<br />United to Develop ( U) Once a month<br />Straight Talk Club is now meeting outside the library under the guidance of teachers. Not active<br />Youth Group Meeting every Tuesday afternoon.<br />Special events <br />Writers Workshop, students from Masaka secondary school writers club and KCSS writers club, Mr. Mugasha facilitated the work shop<br />Number of participants— 40 students and 6 teachers<br />