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The Power of Healthy Living


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The Power of Healthy Living

  1. 1. ==== ====According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey, 23% of Americans do meditation, yoga, or someother form of stress-reducing practices. learn whyWai Lana Yoga==== ====The United States has seen a huge increase in the number of obese people leading to an obesityepidemic. Its so bad that they even had to add a category to the popular BMI system. No longerare the largest people considered morbidly obese they are super obese! Crazy to think that thereare people beyond the morbidly obese stage but they do exist and mainly in the United States.Because of our extreme obesity problems pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on "quick fix"diet pills that promise to shed pounds in weeks. Most people can vouch that most of these dietpills are ineffective and a waste of money.Not only are diet pills in abundance but diet programs as well. Theres always a new diet fad thateveryone is trying. What people really need is a basic understanding of dieting and weight loss.Follow these 4 tips on healthy living:Tip #1: Drink More WaterWater is crucial in order to maintain or lose weight. With all of the soda Americans consume, wateris getting left out of the picture. Try to substitute your soda drinks for water. It is important to flushout the toxins and junk your body. Healthy living requires keeping your body hydrated and waterdoes just that!Tip #2: Eat More OftenWhat? I need to eat more not less? You need to eat more often, say every 3 hours instead of 3times a day. Yes you need to consume less calories overall but eating more frequently will helpincrease your metabolism. It allows your body to remain at a healthy state that never goes intostarvation mode. Breakfast is crucial for healthy living so dont skip it.Tip #3: Get to MovingYou need to be more active - move more. Even if your physical condition doesnt allow you toexercise vigorously at least get up and walk or move your arms and legs somehow. Use the stairswhen you can, go for a walk on your lunch break, go dancing, play with your kids or pets. You canmake movement fun - it doesnt always have to be the dreadful jogging.Tip #4: Understand WhyUnderstand why you need to start living healthy. Do you feel tired and groggy often? Do you wantto fit into your old clothes? Do you want to live to see your great grandchildren graduate college?Whatever it may be you need to contemplate it on a regular basis. Thinking about the "why" is
  2. 2. crucial to keep you motivated with your healthy living goals.Follow these 4 tips on healthy living and you will definitely notice a difference in the quality of life.Its not hard to live healthy - it just takes dedication and will power! Think about what your goalsare and why you need to change. If you are having trouble getting motivated go online and joinfree weight loss forums. Talk to your peers who are going through the same thing. It always helpsto talk to someone who knows what you are going through. The internet is the perfect place forjust that! To learn more about healthy living and to receive a free ebook, 177 Ways to BurnCalories visit www.BetterFitnessPlan.comShaye Michaels is the creator of, a blog dedicated to exerciseand fitness. Discover the latest in free fitness tips and review popular workout programs like P90Xand Insanity.Article Source: ====According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey, 23% of Americans do meditation, yoga, or someother form of stress-reducing practices. learn whyWai Lana Yoga==== ====