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4 tips on Healthy living


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Learn techniques to help you reach you desired state of Good Health

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4 tips on Healthy living

  1. 1. ==== ====Control Portions and Boost your WorkoutBoost Your Workout==== ====Good health is the secret of happy life. Good health can be defined as the state of being vigorousand free from bodily or mental disease. It is the most precious possession of a man. If a manlosses his health, he loose the charms of happy living. Ask the man who has lost his health. Hewill tell you the value of good health. Health is real wealth of man.Sound mind in sound body is an old saying. Healthy mind can be found only in healthy bodies.Sickly men have sickly minds. Their attitude toward life is gloomy. On the other hand, if the manhas good health, his outlook to life is also healthy. He can work for long hours without feeling tired.If a student has good health, his memory is good and his mind is sharp.Good health cannot be had on demand. There are certain things which are essential for goodhealth. Nutritious food comes first. We should take only that food which is nutritious value. Freshair is also important for good health. People living in the open air usually enjoy good health.Exercise plays a great role in making a man healthy and fit. Balancing ones hour of sleep and restalso contribute to good health.There are certain things which are bad for health. We should guard ourselves against them.Smoking is injurious to health. Eating too much spoils ones digestive system. If a man is irregularin his habits, he is likely to lose his health. Lack of energy also results ill-health. So, one must stayfit to lead a happy and healthy life.NatashaArticle Source: ====
  2. 2. Control Portions and Boost your WorkoutBoost Your Workout==== ====