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Miat presentation


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presentation for interview

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Miat presentation

  2. 2. • The odds of a plane crash depend on a various amount factors, such as: The type of plane The size of the plane The pilot The time of year The weather • BUT actually, the plane crash is also because of the main department which are : o Management Department o System Department o Mechanical Department
  3. 3. • lack of motivation • fatigue and stress • time pressure • misperception of hazards • inadequate skills
  4. 4. • Date: August 12, 1985 • Time: 18:56 • Location: Mt. Osutaka, near Ueno Village, Japan • Operator: Japan Air Lines • Flight #: 123 • Route: Tokyo - Osaka • AC Type: Boeing B-747-SR46 • Registration: JA8119 • cn / ln: 20783/230 • Aboard: 524 (passengers:509 crew:15) • Fatalities: 520 (passengers:505 crew:15) • Ground Fatalities: 0
  5. 5. • The aircraft suffered an aft pressure bulkhead failure at 23,900 ft. The aircraft had severe control difficulties with loss of all controls and eventually after 40 minutes, collided with a mountain. Improper repair of the bulkhead while being supervised by Boeing engineers after a tail strike in 1978 is the reason for this crash. Worst single plane disaster in aviation history. Kyu Sakamoto, 43, famous for his Japanese song "Sukiyaki" was killed in the accident.
  6. 6. • Improper repairs by Boeing after a tail strike 7 years earlier, led to a rupture of the pressure bulkhead and loss of all controls.
  7. 7. • Continuous maintenance re-training for aircraft technicians. • Create mechanisms for reporting, investigate reports, and provide legal protections to the people who informed them • Human factors training for airline management and aircraft engineers
  8. 8. BACK
  9. 9. - poor communication between the airport operator and air traffic controllers - Mistakes by controllers that working at radar facilities - Security control - low security awareness
  10. 10. BACK • Mentally go over exactly what you will say before touching the radio and keep it in mind. • Determine your position • Acquire necessary information • Communicate your request in a professional and organized manner. • Tighten up the security
  11. 11. • System Department is where Avionic’s engineer work. They will check the system, the engine, radar and the electrical in the aircraft. • When system in aircraft fail, the plane must be in serious problem. That can cause the plane accident.
  12. 12. • Follow all the safety rules and regulations, the checking procedure. • Obey all the standing order procedure • Never try to shortcut • Don’t ever compromise. BACK
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