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Introduction of myself for Professional Placement


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My introduction presentation for

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Introduction of myself for Professional Placement

  1. 1. • Pre-service teacher at Swinburne University • I’m going to take the role of Mrs. Tyndall and teach you for the next 4 weeks Introduction of myself By Alena Krasnopeeva
  2. 2. I was born in Siberia, where there are a lot of friendly people and many natural resources. And Yes, during winter time it is freezing (-20 to -40 degrees), however during summer time it gets up to between +20 to +40
  3. 3. When I turned 1 year old, my parents and I moved to Nakhodka, 4 hours from Vladivostok by car (side of Asia). This is where I spent most of my childhood.
  4. 4. At the age of 17, I moved to St. Petersburg to study economics and business management for 5 years. While being there, I got a good chance to explore the architecture and attractions. That city really has a lot to offer!
  5. 5. Here is the map of how I moved throughout my life in Russia. By the way, the distance between Vladivostok and St. Petersburg is approx. 9000 km. Did you know that Vladivostok and Melbourne are located on the time zone?
  6. 6. After studying, I moved back to Vladivostok and started my carrier as an accountant in a company which specializes in construction of roads and house foundations.
  7. 7. • Job commenced in 2003 as an accountant to Spetstechnika • Sells new and restored heavy machinery equipment from Japan. • Started with three management staff and some employees, in 7 years employed more than 100 staff. • Key Roles: Financial Director – Financial Management Commercial Director – production aspects About the company
  8. 8. • In 2003, I took on a role as an accountant • Took the initiative to build and establish new processes, which included bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, secretarial, human resources and advertising. • Social activities to bring the team spirit together also fell under my initiative. • The Financial Director (FD) and Commercial Director (CD) were responsible for all financial and production aspects accordingly. About my role in the Company
  9. 9. • This is why I was sent to Sydney, to study the language and then commerce. In 2009, my company decided to bring foreign investors into business and become a distributor of Komatsu in Russia on the Eastern side. In order to achieve that, they had to make financial statements transparent with compliance of international standards.
  10. 10. THANK YOU!