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Blog pdhpe

  1. 1. BLOG 1 PE tutorial <br />On 3 August 2011, I participated in the first PE tutorial for the semester. I met Victoria Rawlings for the first time. I was eager and enthusiastic as to what kinds of activities I was going to learn. <br />I hadn’t been educated in Australia; this had left me anxious regarding expectations required.<br />As I participated in various warm up activities such as Rats and Roosters, Train Trail, Bulrush, … I found myself filled with excitement and confidence even though I hadn’t been familiar with most of these games. I enjoyed the teaching strategies demonstrated by Vic and appreciated the FUN embedded in them.<br />I, particularly, enjoyed the ‘Iceberg’ activity, which I will incorporate into my classes in the future. It is such a great approach in terms of grouping and regrouping students or even summoning the whole class. It disperses away confusions that might arise before and during PE classes.<br />BLOG 2 PDH tutorial<br />On 7 September 2011, the topic of PDH tutorial was Sexuality. I entered class with an inquiring mind as to what and how to teach Sexuality. It is certainly a sensitive subject matter.<br />I enjoyed the beginning of the lesson as we all had to get familiar with the language associated with sexuality as it is a ‘must’ in order to impart proper information to students. <br />The book “ Where do I come from” was a surprise at first. However, it provided me with insight into what and how issues related to physical development and sexuality could be addressed and taught in class across all stages. <br />I left that tutorial feeling more confident and aware of my responsibility as a teacher in educating my students about this topic.<br />