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Paralympic Games


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My presentation on Paralympic Games, and the role of ICT in developing it.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Paralympic Games

  1. 1. Paralympic Games
  2. 2. What Are Paralympic Games? TheParalympic games is an international multi-sport event, where disabled people can compete against each other. The full form of Paralympic is ( Parallel Olympics ).
  3. 3. How Did It Start? The Paralympic games started in a hospital in England, because a doctor thought that competitive sports are part of the process of getting better.
  4. 4. Technology Todaystechnology gives those disabled athletes the opportunity to do what they’ve wished for, lets check out what ICT gave these people!
  5. 5. First #1Prosthetic Limbs Prostheticlimbs are devices that replace a missing body part such as ( arms, legs etc. ) what they do is that they receive signals from your brain to move the device.
  6. 6. Second #2Wheelchairs Thewheelchairs used in the Paralympics are much more different than those we use in the regular bases. They are designed to deal with harsh smashing, and are very slanted in order to maintain stability. It also has a simple “wing” at the front so athletes don’t stick with each other while contact.
  7. 7. The End!I’ve mentioned sometechnologies that athletes usein the Paralympic games, I’msure there are more to comeand I hope our technologywont stop till this era andkeeps on going andimproving!Thanks :D!