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  1. 1. Personal andTechnical TrainingIntel India places a highpriority on new hireintegration thatincludes personal andtechnical developmentof all employees with apublished road map oftraining at differentlevels.A unique feature foremployee developmentis the Intel University—a full on-line structureof courses in multipleareas that allows anemployee to enroll inself-paced trainingprograms at theirconvenience.How Intel empowers their female work forceBy Kelly Kass Technology workers and men usually go hand inhand which is why the Global Diversity & Inclusion (GD&I) team at Intel introduced the Global
  2. 2. Women’s Initiative in 2005 to focus on development and retention of its female employeeswho make up 24 per cent of the company population.GD&I together with Intel Women’s Leadership Council (IWLC) and Women at Intel Network(WIN) strive to make Intel a great place to work for women.Four years ago, the world’s leading chip manufacturer formed the Intel Women’s LeadershipCouncil (IWLC), consisting of female Vice Presidents and Fellows, to champion existing andnewly formed internal efforts around the development and retention of women. Currently,there are 26 women vice presidents from various business groups and three female IntelFellows on the council who serve as a passionate voice for women at Intel.Over the last year, the IWLC has reached out to women mid-level managers and individualcontributors in a number of ways to encourage development, and ultimately retention, ofwomen at Intel. Through the Women’s Leadership Exchange, Women Principal Engineer’sForum, efforts on key work/life concerns and on-going support of Women at Intel Network(WIN) activities council members encourage women to remain at Intel to build theircareers.“Our aim is to give back to the women of Intel,” says Lori Wilson, one of the Women’sInitiative Managers at Intel.Arming women employees with the skills they needWilson and Intel Fellow Kelin Kuhn have partnered up to develop a skill-building workshopentitled Command Presence. This interactive workshop is designed for mid level technicalwomen looking to improve their confidence when presenting during intense meetings to gainincreased respect and recognition in the workplace. The goal is to ease the effects of working ina male-dominated environment. Currently women working in technical roles make up only 16.5per cent of employees.Another successful program is the Women’s Leadership Exchange with members of the IWLChosting luncheons for senior women. This allows women to share information aboutthemselves in an intimate environment while also receiving career advice on topics such aspathway to promotion, effective networking and gaining visibility in the workplace. Issues likethe environment, reducing isolation and helping women progress rapidly at Intel are alsoaddressed.The Women at Intel Network (WIN) is the largest employee group at Intel, consisting of 10chapters in the U.S as well as chapters in China, Japan, Europe, Costa Rica, Malaysia and Israel.WIN partners with Global Diversity & Inclusion to conduct a yearly leadership and developmentconference for women. In addition to the networking and mentoring, these conferences
  3. 3. provide valuable workshops such as Strategic Thinking which is offered to women managersworking in technical roles to sharpen their skills from tactical to strategic. Wilson continues,“We’re always asking ourselves, ‘what can we do to help women early on in their careers?’ Wehave so many women come to us and say, ‘if only I would have known then what I know now.’”The role of social media Like many other companies bitten by the socialmedia bug, Intel has an internal social networking platform called Planet Blue for all employeesto connect and contribute in assorted groups and forums. This “Facebook for the Enterprise”solution launched a year ago and already has more than 200 groups. Most recently, the GlobalWomen’s Initiative Portal was created to better connect women throughout the company(fittingly launched on International Women’s Day this past March).According to Wilson, the goal of the site is to give women a space to engage in conversations,interact with leaders on the Women’s Leadership Council and to feel connected in what couldbe an isolated, male-centric work environment.“Often many women are the only female on their team so we’re giving them a place to gowhere they can read about different experiences, share similar stories with other women andsimply learn from one another,” Wilson explains.In addition to promoting that critical bond, the portal has also helped establish transparency forthe Women’s Initiative. “Before we launched the site, people didn’t really know what we weredoing or why we were doing it or the issues we were addressing,” Wilson recalls.Giving women a voice
  4. 4. So what kind of content can one expect to find on the Global Women’sInitiative Portal? A popular feature on the site is the “share your success” forum, which allowswomen to blog about various recognitions and career opportunities. The portal alsocontains “tech talks” links to internal and external training and development, upcomingconferences, educational videos as well as personal postings and photos.According to Intel Global Diversity & Inclusion Communications Manager Denise Moyer, theportal isn’t without a few male visitors to the site.“When we launched the portal on International Women’s Day, we polled our readers aboutwhich famous women they admired most. Many of the 300 responses we received were frommale readers.”Within only a month, the Women’s Initiative Portal has become one of the largest populationswithin Planet Blue.“The groups that are most successful are the ones that have bought into the fact that we’re acommunity. It’s not the technology; it’s about the participation of the individual. That’s one ofthe things we will continue to address on the women’s side,” Moyer points out.She continues, “We are a large and diverse organization and Planet Blue now gives everyone atIntel an opportunity to share intelligent thoughts, offer differing opinions and engage in healthydebate. To a certain degree it’s just absolutely fundamental to our Intel culture. People wantopen, honest, direct, constructive conversations. Giving everyone a platform to be heard ispowerful.
  5. 5. We don’t moderate our social networking. If there is something threatening or personallyderogatory posted on our sites, we remove it. But for the most part, the conversations are self-moderated. Sure you can get some heated conversations on some topics but at the end of theday it really supports our communications strategy of respecting diverse perspectives. If youremain open minded, you’re going to walk away with a better understanding of other people’sthoughts, experiences and ideas which helps improve teamwork and morale at Intel.”Helping women achieve a successful work/life balance Intel is no stranger to the work they’vedone to help their female staff juggle the pressures of home and work lives. For the past severalyears, has recognized Intel as one of the Top 100 companies for workingmothers because of their work in this area, such as providing flexible job rotation andtelecommuting opportunities.For new moms, Intel has introduced state-of-the-art nursing mother rooms after employeefeedback revealed a need for more space and privacy for nursing mothers needing to pumpduring working hours.Intel’s Nursing mother rooms include special stalls equipped with comfortable chairs andadequate storage space for breast pumps – a far cry from other companies that merely providea small room behind a closed door.“Employees also brought to our attention the need to set up a schedule where there aren’t 16people in the room at the same time. So we’ve really worked hard to make these roomscomfortable for the mothers and to make the spaces more accessible. So the situation has beenmuch improved in the last year or two,” Wilson points out.For all new parents – whether the employees are male or female – Intel offers a formal re-integration program at the conclusion of a person’s maternity or paternity leave.
  6. 6. “If you’ve just had a child or if you’ve adopted a child, the program allows you to work withyour managers to come back to the office on an adjusted schedule so you can ease your wayback into work,” Wilson explains.And if an employee’s child needs help with their multiplication tables, there’s even aHomework Hotline where students can log on and get tutorials in Math, English and many othersubjects. Moyer herself is a participant in the program and was planning to assist withhomework tasks at the time of our interview.Each of these noteworthy programs undoubtedly contribute to raising morale and productivityamong employees.Looking aheadIn the next month the Women’s Initiative will be producing a video in-house to further educateIntel staff about the women’s group portal and the Women’s Initiative. Moyer explains:“We’re hoping to get more enthusiasm around our programs and increase membership on theportal. Our plans are to become the next great case study of the effective use of social media.”Life and workManaging your career and your personal life can be challenging. Intel is committed to making iteasier. We want to help our employees make the most of both worlds. Whether you are aparent or have education goals, eldercare responsibilities, or just some of lifes details to attendto, we have a variety of programs in place around the world to help.To address the diverse needs of our employees, we offer a range of options that varies acrossbusinesses, geographies, sites, and job types. Our areas of focus include:
  7. 7. Flexible Work Options Compressed workweeks and alternate work schedules, telecommuting, and part-time and job share opportunities to fit your unique needs. If your personal responsibilities require professional flexibility, Intel may be the perfect fit. We offer creative approaches to help you meet your commitments in life. From compressed workweeks, flextime, and alternate start times to telecommuting and part-time and job share positions, each business unit has a range of options for you to explore. We also offer a variety of rideshare and transportation programs that make getting to work less of a hassle. From subsidies for public transportation to the Intel shuttle, which makes daily flights between our sites, its one more thing you wont have to worry about.Family FocusTake care of your family with our childcare and eldercare solutions and resources, onlinehomework help for your children, adoption assistance, and other family-related benefits. Childcare We provide assistance in finding quality childcare and priority access to childcare centers near our sites. Programs include access to summer camps, tax deferral options for childcare services, and prepaid backup care. By investing in our communities and the education offered at local childcare providers, and developing relationships with childcare centers that meet national accreditation standards, we offer successful site-specific solutions. Eldercare For employees who find themselves caring for their parents, we offer on-site caregiver training and other services. Other Services
  8. 8. As an Intel family, you can benefit from other services as well, such as employee discounts and referral services, nursing mothers rooms, adoption assistance, and online homework help for students in grades 4 to 12. We also offer employees and their dependents confidential and convenient access to short-term professional counseling services to help with any life challenges that may arise.Personal and Professional DevelopmentFrom work-life seminars and paid sabbaticals to tuition reimbursement, IntelUniversity, and employee groups and clubs, we want to help you grow. Becoming a well-rounded individual benefits you personally and professionally. At Intel, we know that growth is an ongoing process. Creativity and innovation at Intel come from the diverse people who work here. Intel University and our other career training courses offer in-person and online opportunities for learning and applying new skills. Whether you want to develop new management abilities, improve your computing skills, learn factory-specific information such as machine processes, or enhance your personal organization, Intel University has a course for you. As an Intel employee, you also have access to an extensive online library of the latest management, leadership, business, and technical publications through Books 24x7. Employees also benefit from a wealth of personal development seminars and opportunities, from finding better ways to balance life and work to financial planning and healthier lifestyles. With access to fitness centers and recreation facilities, employees have the convenience and resources they need for their physical and mental well-being.Health and WellnessExcellent coverage and preventive care, proactive programs, and a range offitness resources help keep our employees healthy and happy. We want our employees to be healthy and happy. Our health and wellness programs are designed to help. We offer excellent medical and dental coverage and preventive care, as well as proactive wellness programs and access to mental health and fitness resources. Our confidential Health for Life Three-Step Wellness Check is an excellent
  9. 9. example. It offers comprehensive health assessment, access to a wellness coach to create a personalized health program, and a range of health resources help along the way.Learning and Development. In 2011, Intelinvested approximately $299 million inemployee training and development, includinginstructor-led and e-learning courses. Thatamount translates to an investment of approximately $3,297 and an average of 34.6 hours oftraining per employee. Intel University coursesfocus on job skills, professional development,and managerial training, and employees alsohave access to professional certification programs and world-class institutions via tuitionreimbursement. We encourage employees toconnect with managers, senior leaders, andone another through Open Forums, quarterlyevents, mentoring and coaching relationships,employee groups, and online and social mediachannels, and to expand their skills throughrotational or sabbatical coverage assignments.Promoting Diversity. Diversity is an integralpart of our competitive strategy and vision.The wide range of perspectives that we gainby hiring from a diverse, global labor poolgives us a better understanding of the needsof our customers, suppliers, and communities.
  10. 10. Studies also show that employees workingin a diverse environment tend to feel morefulfilled, creative, and productive—resultingin increased productivity, efficiency, andinnovation. We have key initiatives designedto improve recruitment, retention, andleadership development of under-representedminorities and women in technical roles.Safety Culture. Since 2010, Intel has maintained certification for Occupational Safetyand Health Administration Standard 18001,the internationally recognized standard foroccupational safety and health managementsystems. We ended the year with an OSHArecordable rate of 0.63, two times betterthan the U.S. semiconductor industry average.Our employees and contractors receive a widerange of safety training, starting with orientation sessions and continuing on the job. Thecompany invested more than 250,000 hoursin Environmental Health and Safety training in2011 through 65 web-based and 98 instructorled classes, many of which are available inmultiple languages.Volunteer Impact. Through the Intel Involvedprogram, in 2011 our employees donatedover 1.1 million hours of service—an average
  11. 11. of 13 hours per employee—at 5,100 schoolsand nonprofit organizations in 45 countries.Employee volunteerism earned more than $8.2million for schools and nonprofit organizationsfrom the Intel Foundation through the IntelInvolved Matching Grant Program. Through theIntel Involved Matching Seed Grants Program,the Intel Foundation also awarded grants of upto $5,000 to help teams of employees get theircreative volunteer initiatives off the ground,such as a project to provide solar reading lightsfor students in rural Kenya and one to establisha mini organic farm at a primary school in China.Through the Intel Education Service Corps, overthe past three years, teams of volunteers havetraveled to 11 countries to complete 25 Intel®-powered classmate PC deployment and trainingprojects benefiting more than 50,000 students.In Anticipation of the SEC rule on Conflict Mineralsposted by Gary Niekerk on August 21, 2012With the SEC vote on the conflict minerals rule set for tomorrow (August 22, 2012), I decided to writethis short blog and answer some of the questions that I have been receiving from differentstakeholders.1. Does Intel support the pending regulation?Our public position has always been that we support government involvement in this issue including
  12. 12. fair and timely regulations that align with our own efforts to create a conflict-free supply chain. Wewere working on this issue before there was a proposed regulation and we believe the rule will behelpful in bringing others to the table and maintaining broad momentum on this important issue.2. What are your thoughts about the rule related to compliance, costs, etc?We haven’t seen the final rule (assuming it’s approved) so it will take some time to go through it andunderstand the details.3. Did Intel do any work on the development of the SEC rule?We were working on this issue prior to the rulemaking processes. Clearly our efforts have beentargeted towards putting the systems and processes in place to establish a conflict-free supply chain.We have a published a white paper which describes in detail our ongoing efforts on this issue, and weshared that white paper with the SEC; also, Intel’s leadership was referenced in congressionaltestimony supporting the SEC rulemaking. Additionally, we have already put information in our mostrecent Form 10-K report referencing conflict minerals. Continue reading →
  13. 13. Why Intel is a Best Company to Work ForOur small, yet mighty, team that was working on communicating this award put our heads togetherand realized what a crucial role employee input plays in selecting the companies that make this list(“Two-thirds of a company’s score is based on the results of the institute’s Trust Index survey, whichis sent to a random sample of employees from each company. The survey asks questions related totheir attitudes about management’s credibility, job satisfaction, and camaraderie.” And yes, that’staken straight from FORTUNE.) So who better than to express why Intel is a Best Company to WorkFor than Intel employees?“I love working here because of the Great Place to Work events. I feel like I’ve seen the best shows,artists and sights in Portland–and I haven’t had to plan a thing! It was so much easier gettingadjusted to a new city and meeting people when we had such a fantastic list of things to do that Intelplanned for us.‖ Lisa, HR, Oregon, 7 months“Innovation is at the heart of Intel. It is amazing to work for a company with such a strong culture ofinnovation, creativity and boundary pushing. That, to me, is what opens the door to unlimitedpossibilities. To me, the ability to shape tomorrow is just plain cool. Intel is a global brand, whichallows me to do what I love – to work with people from around the world and see differentperspectives and learn about different markets. The fact that Intel offers vast opportunities for careergrowth, fantastic benefits and a flexible working environment is just icing on the cake.” Ekaterina,Marketing, Oregon, 6 years―One of the many things I love about working at Intel is walking down the halls and hearing 5-8different languages being spoken. It makes me remember what global reach our products have andhow we are changing the world.‖ Shawn, IT, Oregon, 11 years“Intel is an awesome place to work because it puts its money where its mouth is when supportingchildren’s educationlocally and around the world. Intel walks the talk.‖ Esteri, Netbook and TabletGroup, California, 11 years“The software effort has been regarded as one mainstream of Intel, which really makes me feelglorious. I am more than happy to work for a company that takes software seriously, instead of justas a tool.‖ Robert, Software and Services Group, Beijing, 5 years“I think Intel is a great place to work because it’s a company that works hard everyday to do the rightthing for its employees–whether it’s work/life balance or health care or resolving concerns or rewardsand recognition, it’s a company that thinks ahead and solves tomorrow’s problems today!‖ Ramya,HR, India, 8 years“I love working at Intel because the company gives me great work/life balance. My managers haveunderstood my roles as a Mother, employee, student and wife.‖Alicia, Training, Costa Rica, 13 years“I joined Intel just 9 months ago as a senior director to build a new business focused on employeecentered design and usability. Talk about innovation — and the opportunity to impact more than 100Kemployees globally. This is why I’m here.‖ James, HR, Oregon, 9 months―Why do I think Intel is a great place to work? Because Intel lets me play in all roles. It is funidentifying new potential business solutions and from a position of a lone nut (who is working oncutting edge technology or new futuristic direction) and be able to influence and impact Intel’s roadmap. Throughout the years I worked at Intel, I always picked my next role and the ability to do theselateral moves always kept me energized and passionate. I would say that Intel allows me to be a startup entrepreneur in a safer more supportive environment. Even my friends consider me as the guy whois having fun at work!‖ Shai, Architecture Team Manager, Israel, 14 years“Intel is a great place to work because of all the awesome benefits. There are those benefits youwould expect from a large corporation – great healthcare, good bonuses, opportunities for
  14. 14. advancement and a good retirement plan to name a few. But it is the flexibility to telecommute, theopportunities to volunteer in my community (on company time!), the fitness centers, the freefruit/coffee/tea/soda in the cafes (even the cafes themselves!), the health for life program and PAIDSABBATICALS every 7 years to name just a few more that make me so glad that I work here!‖ Terry,Intel Learning and Development, Oregon, 15 yearsFrom Recent College Graduates (RCGs) to experienced leaders, around the world and acrossdifferent careers, Intel is a great employer in many different ways! And this is just the tip of theiceberg. I have many, many more fantastic testimonials to share with you soon!As for that grammar correction, you’re right, I should change the “a” in the title to “the” becausethat’s what we believe: Intel is THE Best Company to Work For.
  15. 15. The Importance of Teamwork in an Organizational Settingby Mary Jane, Demand MediainShar e Share RSS EmailTeamwork in organizational settings is an important aspect of creating a well-oiled machine to get tasksand projects done. A single team often has a team leader, who guides all members to reach thecompany’s expectations. In addition, each team leader must include all workers to boost motivation andworkplace morale. However, the role of teams in organizations also has a practical importance.Sponsored LinkGoogle Apps for BusinessShare Files Easily With Integrated Chat & Commenting Feature. Visit of the WorkTeamwork is important in an organization because of the scope of the work it performs on a daily basis. Asingle employee cannot take on all of the responsibilities of an organization, according to Net Team. Eachemployee hired by the company has a certain skill set, which contributes to a single department. In otherwords, a single department has a collection of workers who each contribute something to reach theorganization’s goals and objectives.Physical DistancesSome organizations have managers and executives who travel frequently, meaning they are not in theoffice every day. These individuals communicate via email and telephone to stay updated with tasks,assignments and production. Teamwork is important in these situations, because modern technologyallows all employees to stay in touch about tasks and assignments despite being miles or time zonesapart. Teamwork in these situations also shows trust and reliability, because employees trust that otherworkers get the job done in their absence.Departments and TeamworkEach organization is made up of various departments. Sometimes these departments must work togetherin creating a project or task for the organization, such as the production department working closely withthe accounting department to create products on a budget. These departments must work together as ateam to meet the company’s goals and objectives, despite having very different functions within theorganization.Ethnicities and BackgroundsAnother important reason for teamwork in an organization is the different backgrounds and ethnicities ofpeople working in a single organization. Each employee has a different background or experience,meaning each of them can perform differently on any given tasks. Teamwork is important as thesedifferences get ironed out, so all employees think and perform with the same goal in mind. In addition, allemployees understand the methods used to reach these goals.