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Yamashita presentation


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Yamashita presentation

  1. 1. Your Mission You are on a mission from the Department of History, Xingapur. You receive a note stating that your boss, Captain Malcolm wants to see you. Visit Captain in his Office
  2. 2. “Ah yes, you are finally here! I have a new assignment for you. Weare working on our past about the JapaneseOccupation. I need your help to conduct an interview…but first do you accept this assignment?” Accept the Assignment
  3. 3.  Captain: “Good! Now, I need to find out more about the Japanese invasion of Singapore. I went through our archives earlier and managed to get a list of contacts” I need you to go back in time and interview the Japanese Military Commander and get details about the Japanese Invasion from him. Good luck. Take the list from Captain Malcolm
  4. 4.  Out of these men, who was the Japanese commander for the Japanese invasion of Southeast Asia? General Major General Tomoyuki Tomitaro Yamashita Horii Lt. General General Yui Yamaguchi Mitsue Motoomi
  5. 5. Try a different Japanese Commander
  6. 6. Begin the Interview
  7. 7. General Yamashita was aruthless and brilliant militarystrategist. With hisexpertise, Japan successfullyconquered Malaya &Singapore.Unfortunately, after years onthe battlefield – Gen.Yamashita seems to havesuffered some amnesia. Hemay need your assistance withsome hard facts!
  8. 8. The Sultan’s Palace
  9. 9. The Sultan’s PalaceGen Yamashita: Oh! I remember the view like it was yesterday. From the palace tower I had a birds-eye view of Singapore. I could plan my strategy from there.
  10. 10. Bombed the Bombed the Causeway Sultan’s Palace Bring in Navy Equipped theirReinforcements officers withat the Straits of bicycles Johor
  11. 11. Go back to the question
  12. 12. Crossing the Straits of Johor Although the British had bombed the Causeway I could still send some of my men across on rafts and rubber boats. Ah the date of that … do you remember the date? 1st January 8th February 1942 1942 15th February 31st March 1942 1942
  13. 13. Go back to the question
  14. 14. I do remember what helooks like but his name slipsmy mind!
  15. 15. General GeneralPercival Arthur General GeneralChurchill Wilson
  16. 16. Try Again
  17. 17. The Fall of Singapore
  18. 18. Ford Motor Yeo Hup Seng Factory Factory British City Hall Ambassador’s Residence
  19. 19. Ooops! Try Again!