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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. LONDON
  2. 2. Hay 5 visitas imprescindibles There are five interesting visits• 1- Palacio de Westminster (Palace of Westminster)
  3. 3. • Llamado también las Casas del ParlamentoIt is also known as the Houses of Parliament
  4. 4. Abadía de Westminster (Westminster Abbey) .
  5. 5. Westminster Abbey is the mostfamous and oldest temple in London
  6. 6. Torre de Londres- Tower of LondonHere are the crown jewels
  7. 7. Palacio de Buckingham ( Buckingham Palace)• Queen Elizabeth II and her husband live in Buckingham Palace.
  8. 8. La catedral de San Pablo (St. Pauls Cathedral)• It is the second largest in the world
  9. 9. Visitas interesantes y cursiosas Visits interesting and curious• 1- Big Ben:the famous clock of the Houses of Parliament has become one of the most famous images of London, and one of the main symbols of the city.
  10. 10. El puente de la torre (Tower Bridge)• It´s next to the Tower of London and it´s one of the most famous symbols of the city
  11. 11. El ojo de Londres(London Eye )• London Eye is 135 metres.
  12. 12. El palacio Kensington( Kensington palace)• At Kensington Palace had lived the kings of England
  13. 13. La plaza de Picadilly(Picadilly Circus)• Picadilly Circus meets many Londoners and tourists
  14. 14. La plaza de Trafalgar( Trafalar Square)• Trafalgar Square is one of the most important and lively squares of central London
  15. 15. • The Changing of the Guard is one of the major tourist attractions of London. The ceremony was held at the main entrance to Buckingham Palace
  16. 16. Cabinas de teléfonos enLondres(telephone box in London)
  17. 17. Los taxis en Londres (Taxis in London)