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Turkish dramas


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Turkish dramas

  2. 2. •What is media and its effects: •What is meant by drama •What is culture? •Turkish dramas •Affect on Pakistani drama industry •Effects of these dramas on society •Percentage of people watching these dramas •Rating of viewers •Bold pictures in of these dramas •Questions from class (Stop blaming others) •Conclusion
  3. 3. Media is a source of information or communication.
  4. 4. In general, "media" refers to various means of communication . Effect of media:  Media plays a vital role in every one's life.  In today's modern society media has become a part and parcel of our life.  Its duty is to inform, educate and entertain.  It is considered as the 4th pillar of our society.
  5. 5. Pemra should take notice of this drama in order to save our Pakistani society culture change.
  6. 6. A new wave of Turkish dramas is getting popular among the Pakistani people and some people are considering them as a threat to Pakistani drama industry, and are demanding a Ban on them. These dramas are based on pure non Islamic culture and Pakistan is an Islamic country.
  7. 7. (Hamayun Saeed)
  8. 8. These dramas are also affecting the Pakistani drama industry as well and we can judge it by following rating AsK-I- Memnu: ( Turkish dubbed drama) Aşhq-ı Memnu has been dubbed in 59 languages.  In Pakistan on it's final episode it got a total of 11.88 ratings with being the most watched drama of Pakistan.  It beat successful series like “Meri Ladli” and “Humsafar”, which got ratings 10.85 and 9.71 on their last episodes. Its last episode aired on 15 December 2012, 8pm. (Saturday)
  9. 9. Other such drAmas
  10. 10.  Such dramas make people fall in fantasy dreaming.  Showing class difference(which is totally against the Islamic rules) makes wrong impact on people.  Then big homes and luxuries life. Such things make people to complain their self that why can't they have such royal life etc.  Showing that boys falling in love with girls also affect the mentality of teenagers. Teenagers are the mostly victim of such things.  Then these dramas are totally based on fake facts. In reality such things are impossible.  Then showing love and attempting murder etc. This all ruins positive thinking  These dramas are also effecting our industry: “Our local production standards are very low; if we don’t raise them then in no time these dramas can eat us up,” says Rashid Khwaja — President of United Producers’ Association (UPA). “However, stopping the influx of foreign content is not the solution,” Khwaja tells The Express Tribune.
  11. 11.  Turkish dramas being aired on different Pakistani channels have only raised the level of vulgarity in Pakistan and in our media  The Urdu translation of this Turkish soap is considered to be infectious by its viewers and while some Pakistani writers, directors, and producers take it as a healthy competition, others believe it’s a grave threat.  Such dramas affect directly culture and when a nation is culturally weak it’s easy to destroy it.
  12. 12.  PERCENTAGE of people watching these dramas: 10% Pakistanis say they viewed Turkish dramas on local channels
  13. 13. In the survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked: “How much do you like these (Turkish) dramas personally?”
  14. 14.  why we are watching these dramas?  We say they are destroying our culture etc .They are not forcing us or giving money in return to watch this all.  Then question arises that why we and our media is pointing that Turkish dramas are the reason of destruction?  Why don’t we point Indian dramas? What Indians show, simply their religion their culture their religious songs etc is this all not effecting us?  We are not a supporter of these foreign plays, however we just question Pakistani artists that if they never feel shame on wearing western and vulgar clothes, and speaking on bold topics, why they are angry on the same things being done by the foreign artists.
  15. 15. STOP BLAMING OTHERS Unfortunately we are such a desperate nation That we never feel pride on our assets and always love to promote imported item.
  16. 16. Conclusion It can be said that infidels govern on the electronic media by which they can easily do what they want. So, this is the duty of all the Muslims to burry the hatchet among themselves and be united so that infidels’ sway or mastery on the media could be at least diminished. As infidels propagate against the Muslims.
  17. 17. • Let us save our drama industry from foreign influence before it is too late