Attitude Skills and Knowledge Training


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A Reflection through Pictures... training for managers and administrative personnel.

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Attitude Skills and Knowledge Training

  1. 1. ASKED Aklan Reflections
  2. 2. The challenges confronted by managers are just spices that adds up to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to make a difference in the world and be an instrument of change for greater good.
  3. 3. I realized that targeting perfection in job, I have manipulated people around me, unknowingly… I can make better changes in my management style with moral power.
  4. 4. The more questions that I cannot answer, the more I need to know and learn.
  5. 5. … I need to climb up – I need to move on, because I know something/someone is waiting for me at the other side. I then further realized that true power is actually a responsibility… Only a true leader understands this.
  6. 6. There is no barrier whatsoever while we broaden ourselves to a certain extent of contributing and exploring our field of expertise, accepting our failure, striving for our right choice no matter the circumstances. With the right attitude among us supervisors… we can attain our goal/objective and more even more.
  7. 7. It is very true that success and failure of an organization depends on the attitude of leaders and the subordinates, how they work together. A leader must have wisdom and love to bring his men into proper perspective. It must always be considered that the welfare of the people is the supreme law.
  8. 8. As managers, we have a moral obligation to our subordinates- to lead, guide them and set an example – for us to gain their respect not only for our title or position but also for our person.
  9. 9. Knowing the source of your power and using it to achieve a noble purpose will empower the powerless.
  10. 10. Responsibility means to face whatever the outcome of our plans. Also, we have to consider the people who will be affected by it; they also have human freedom.
  11. 11. The greatest model of attitude in leadership is the Greatest Servant Leader of all – Jesus Christ. That’s because when you’re thinking about the Lord, you are not thinking about being the head of office. Instead, you’re thinking about putting on an apron and towel, you’re thinking about washing the disciples’ feet. You’re thinking about putting others first.
  12. 12. I am a firm believer of the saying, “you cannot give what you do not have…” so a an administrator, I advocate to my teachers that changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives; as your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you, as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you, as by the way you look at what happens.
  13. 13. Let us be more concerned with our character first. Know yourself first. Our character is what we really are.
  14. 14. Dealing with people is an art. And supervising is a challenge. I believe that the ability to empower people is a gift from God… a gift that needs to be nurtured and reinforced by trainings such as this.
  15. 15. As a leader/manager, there is a need to be more humane then just having the “boss” image.
  16. 16. I realized that we, supervisors and managers should have “SUPER VISION” – we should not be short sighted in looking at our subordinates, that we should look beyond their shortcomings and weaknesses, but we should look into their beauty, talents and untapped potentials
  17. 17. We are powerful in a sense that we have the power to touch other people’s lives. When we touch the powerless, we should touch them beautiful so they can be empowered. Power should be used to help and to make life easier and human for others.
  18. 18. Let us “celebrate what’s right with the world.” Let us embrace life with the same depth, height and breadth of God’s trust in us and love for us.
  19. 19. Celebrate what’s right with the world rather than wallow with what is wrong with it – the choice is ours.
  20. 20. Our attitude will determine our actions and our actions will determine our accomplishments.
  21. 21. God for sure has a reason why LEADers are created … to oversee things in behalf of HIM, to take care of his creation, to guide, to help, to support, to polish and nurture humans, and that’s where our job comes in – to SUPERvise if things are done well.
  22. 22. Life is a matter of choice. As we are equipped in the seminar the knowledge on how to deal with our attitude, the challenge remains. It is still up to us to decide. Should we effect miracle to our fellowmen?
  23. 23. I have learned that being a supervisor, we have to be humble and polite in dealing with our subordinates. They need guidance and as much as possible, motivation towards positive outlook in life.
  24. 24. I realize that I have many things to change in my work ethic toward the betterment of our people.
  25. 25. It is possible for a manager to have formal authority without power and it is possible for a subordinate to have power without formal authority.
  26. 26. Each day will be a journey towards self- mastery – a journey that would take a lifetime – but it’s worth “the climb”.
  27. 27. There’s neither an exact formula and right book for management, nor a perfect management style. It has to start with or be guided by virtues. One has to build character not a reputation, possess moral authority over legal authority, to influence rather than manipulate, to gain respect and not fear – these are some of the basics of management.
  28. 28. I will use my power and authority to do more good things like service to my subordinates and be open to their suggestions and listen to their problems. Even in correcting, I have to season my correction with kindness.
  29. 29. Strong determination and will, guided by positive attitude and with necessary skill will pave the way to attaining what one aspires in life.
  30. 30. We will see to it that our subordinates will be treated as our younger sisters and brothers especially in terms of giving guidance so that they can perform their jobs well…
  31. 31. When we are stressed we have the tendency to REACT rather than RESPOND. When I don’t stop to REFLECT, what comes next is DISASTER.
  32. 32. … This moves me to become a better person – that to do right is to find the truth.
  33. 33. The inspirational lectures and presentations motivated us to aspire for greater heights in public service- by tangible gestures of leadership by example, in recognizing our limitations and mastering our potentials to serve others…
  34. 34. It is noteworthy to develop our subordinates that with or without our presence, everybody accomplishes the tasks expected of them.
  35. 35. The three kinds of power made me realize that we can be powerful enough if we do things for the common good… we are also powerless due to failure of doing the right thing and empowered if we stand on the principles worth dying for.