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wieght control diet


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wieght control diet

  1. 1. People with less-than-ideal bodies are often thought of as lazy and self- indulgent, and many of them wish or strive for bodies they are biologically unable to WEIGHT CONTROL AND DIET
  2. 2. Determining how much fat a person’s body has is not as easy as it may seem. Bulk or stockiness alone can be misleading since some stocky people simply have larger skeletal frames than others, or their bodies are more muscular.
  3. 3. We judge the desirability of our weight with two criteria. -One is attractiveness. -The second criterion for judging weight is health fullness
  4. 4. The prevalence of overly fat people varies with Nationality socio-cultural factors Gender age
  5. 5.  Until the mid-1990s, overweight was evaluated by the degree of excess over ideal weights.  Now it is based on body mass index.
  6. 6.  The metabolic rates of individuals can differ greatly.  Two types of tissue lean tissue and fat tissue in cell nucleus that controls the metabolic process .
  7. 7.  Heredity :fatness of parents and offspring's are related by the genetic factors.  set-point theory: Which proposes that each person’s body has a certain or ‘‘set’’ weight that it strives to maintain that involves the hypothalamus.
  8. 8.  There are two hormones that involves in decrease or increase in proportion to the amount of body fat of the person.  Leptin  Insulin
  9. 9.  Negative emotions  Chronic stress
  10. 10.  Binge eating  Lifestyle factors
  11. 11.  Three factors are involved in over weight and health.  One of which is Degree of overweight.  The other two factors in the health risks of being heavy peoples fitness and distribution of fat on the body.
  12. 12.  Hypertension  Cancer  Diabetes  stroke