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anorexia and bolima...exercise


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Published in: Healthcare, Health & Medicine
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anorexia and bolima...exercise

  2. 2. Eating disorder Characterized by drastic reduction in food intake unhealthy loss of weight
  3. 3. intense fear of gaining weight distorted idea of body shape ANOREXIA NERVOSA
  4. 4. characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating, excessive exercise.
  5. 5.  followed by purging by self- induced vomiting, laxative use, or other means to prevent gaining
  6. 6.  experience chronic high stress  can cause a wide range of medical problems, including inflammation of the digestive tract and cardiac problems.  Bulimic individuals are aware that their eating pattern is abnormal  are fearful of having lost control of their eating
  7. 7. There may be following factors:  Biological  psychological,  and cultural factors
  8. 8. exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons including:  strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system  for athletic skills.  weight loss or maintenance. as well as for the purpose of enjoyment.