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God vs. technology final project presentation


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God vs. technology final project presentation

  1. 1. God vs. technology Based off the movie Never Let Me Go Fatima Freeman Ethics and Technology May 10, 2012
  2. 2. God vs. Technology • This a presentation that is based off the film Never Let Me Go and question the ethics of using technology to track people. • The film starts with a narration from the main character named Kathy and she starts to tell the audience about growing up at a special school called Hailsham. • Where she befriended Tommy and Ruth. • However, later in the film the audience learns the cold truth about Hailsham. • Hailsham is a school that teaches Kathy, Ruth and Tommy that one day that on their third donation they will die.
  3. 3. • That is when as the audience we should ask ourselves • Why will Kathy, Ruth and Tommy die after their third donation? • Therefore, the question of ethics on the technology that is been used to track people. • The technology is used to track Kathy, Ruth and Tommy from escaping Hailsham. • Now ask yourself this question . • Why would Kathy, Ruth and Tommy want to escape Hailsham when it is just a school?
  4. 4. • This school raises Kathy, Ruth and Tommy to believe that it is their obligated duty to stay healthy in order to save mankind. • How they save mankind is by giving their organs as a donation to help human beings defeat disease and deformities. • Donating organs is not considered unethical, but the idea of not having a choice in whether I want to donate my organs or not is. • In the film Never Let Me Go a world is created to make the audience believe that we can make a perfect world with no disease and deformities. • However, in the film made up world of perfection Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are been selected in order for human beings to breath longer without worrying about getting ill or having any type of deformities.
  5. 5. • Therefore, the medical facilities idea of avoiding disease and deformities among human beings is to have the organs removed from Cathy, Ruth and Tommy’s bodies. • However, medical facilities do not think of other means to solve the problem of disease and deformities among human being and the fact that clones are been used the question of morals and ethics is never asked. • According to the rules of ethics: • For example, for any medical personnel to consider if using this technology is ethical they should consider the Kant method. • Kant creates a maxim rule or the moral rule based on the ethical issue. • Therefore, the ethical rule in the film Never Let Me Go is should technology be used to track human beings.
  6. 6. • In order for a medical personnel to make further ruling on whether tracking human beings using technology is to consider why does this technology need to be used to track human beings. • The reason that this technology is been used is to track Cathy, Ruth and Tommy of when they become a certain age they must donate their organs. • Therefore, this technology is also to ensure that Cathy, Ruth and Tommy do not escape. • To go through the process of how medical personnel use this technology for tracking Cathy, Ruth and Tommy is ethical or unethical is to utilize the steps that apply to the Kant Method.
  7. 7. • According to Kant the moral rule that is based on the ethical issue and the film Never Let Me Go the moral rule based on the ethical issue is that should Cathy, Ruth and Tommy be tracked using technology so that they will not escape so that their organs are removed to save other human being from disease and deformities. • Based on the universal rule of the technology is been used to track Cathy, Ruth and Tommy is that all of the medical personnel are using this technology. • However, using this technology on Cathy, Ruth and Tommy does not solve the made up world of Never Let Me Go. • For example: • If every medical personnel were to use this technology to track Cathy, Ruth and Tommy just to remove their organs to save mankind from diseases and deformities then this would fall in to the case of murder. • Plus, the question of moral should be placed because Cathy, Ruth nor Tommy were ever asked if they wanted to donate their organs.
  8. 8. • Also, if the medical personnel has taken the power that they hold over the weak and sick too far . • Furthermore, the thought of the medical personnel are playing God and that the medical personnel never give any information of who will be receiving the organs. • The idea of the medical personnel using technology to track Cathy, Ruth and Tommy in order to keep them from escaping so that their organ can be removed to save mankind is a self-destruction. • What makes this idea self- destruct because Cathy, Ruth and Tommy can not escape from donating their organs. • Plus, they do not have a choice but to donate their organs because all through lives at Hailsham they are taught that. • Furthermore, because they are clones that is how the made up world of the film Never Let Me Go see Cathy, Ruth and Tommy lives as to just be created to donate their organs so that another human being can breathe to see another day.
  9. 9. • Therefore, the idea of tracking human beings sis unethical. • However, it is ethical to donate your organs, but when it is up to that individual to make that choice on their own. • Therefore, not to be forced to donate their organs.
  10. 10. 2010 Never Let Me Go Quin, Michael J 2009 Ethics in Technology 3rd Edition