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Mt presentation


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Published in: Education
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Mt presentation

  1. 1. Micro teaching Cycle & its elements
  2. 2. What is micro-teaching?????? It is a technique for improvements of skills… & Also a device of skill practice
  3. 3. Micro-Teaching Cycle have following steps: Planning Presentation while being video tapped Viewing by all participants along with presenter Discussing Filtration Re-planning
  4. 4. PlanningPresentation while being video tapped Viewing by all the participants along with the presenter Discussing Filteration Re-Planning
  5. 5. 7 to 10 minutes May revolve around a single presentation Should achieve objective stated Should be clearly defined
  6. 6.  Donot be camera conscious  Your students are also participants
  7. 7.  All participants along with presenter will view the presentation Viewing the video tapped presentation All will note down the discussion points
  8. 8. Plus and minus points will be discussed in following manner:i. 1st plus points & then the negative pointsii. 1st the presenter and then by participants again plus points will beiii. Negative points will be considered a step towards improvementsiv. Any negative points already pointed out will not be re- narrated again
  9. 9.  Summingup suggested improvements
  10. 10.  Re-plan the presentation,in the light of outcomes of the step four and present it again
  11. 11. There are seven elements of Microteaching:  Preperation  Skills  Classsize  Time unit  Teach lesson  Feed-back  Re-Teach leson
  12. 12. CONCLUSION