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Ielts speaking format


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IELTS speaking test

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Ielts speaking format

  1. 1. IELTS speaking test
  2. 2. IELTS Speaking FormatPart 1 Examiner introduces him/herself and checks 4 - 5 minutesIntroduction your identity. Starts the recording.and The examiner asks you a few questions basedInterview on familiar topics such as your family/favourite restaurant etc..Part 2 The examiner asks you to speak for 1-2 3 - 4 minutesIndividual minutes on a particular topic. (includeslong turn You will get a card with a topic and some 1 minute questions. You will have ONE minute to preparation brainstorm,/ prepare. Use this time! Think of time) what you will say, how to organize your ideas; it’s just like an essay, think of the intro/body/conclusion.Part 3 The examiner will discuss with you in more 4 - 5 minutesTwo-way detail some issues related to the topic in partdiscussion 2. This is more at critical thinking level.
  3. 3. Part one You will have 3 to 4 minutes in this part. In many ways it’s the easiest part of the IELTS test because it’s all about you!  Where are you from?  Tell me about your family?  Where did you go to school?  Do you have any pets?  What’s you favourite restaurant? Avoid short answers. Explain reasons and give descriptions.
  4. 4. Interview, Part OneLet’s talk about your home town or village. • What kind of place is it? • What’s the most interesting part of your town/village? • What kind of jobs do people in your town/village do? • Would you say it is a good place to live? [Why?]
  5. 5. Part two You will be given a card with a topic. There are some questions to help you form your ideas. You have ONE minute to prepare a short talk of 1-2 minutes. The examiner will NOT stop you once you start. It’s not a discussion, so don’t get upset if the examiner doesn’t say anything. S/he is NOT allowed! You have one minute to prepare and then one - two minutes to talk.
  6. 6. Part two (cont.) The thing to remember is they can ask anything to do with your daily life, from school to politics. Good examples are: books, films, traffic, education, elderly, technology, art, sport, religion, and travel. ONE minute: Look at the questions on the card. Organize your ideas into a short talk. If you don’t understand a word, ask for clarification.
  7. 7. Interview, Part TwoDescribe a teacher who has significantly inspired you in your education.You should say:• where you met them• what subject they taught• what was special about themExplain why this person inspired you.
  8. 8. Part three Discussion topics, this part is 4-5 minutes These questions are open topics that ask for your opinion. There are many questions but based on how the discussion is going, you will be asked 2-3 only. It’s similar to Task 2 Writing- argumentative essay. You need to present your opinion and be able to support it. You can pause and think for a few seconds before you start your answer. You can even say ”let me think… hmm….…..” ! The topic will be based on the topic of part two. The next example would follow the example in part 2, where you talked about a teacher;
  9. 9. Interview, Part ThreeDevelopments in education - (describe) changes over the last ten years in your country - (compare) your experience of education with that of your parents or grandparents - (speculate) on likely changes in the next fifty yearsA national education system - (describe) your country’s aims for education - (compare) expectations of today’s school-leavers with previous generations - (evaluate) advantages/disadvantages of grouping learners by abilityDifferent styles/methods of teaching and learning - (describe) teaching styles/methods for different age-groups in your country - (suggest) your preferred method of learning - (evaluate) advantages/disadvantages of grouping learners by ability
  10. 10. GOOD LUCK !!!