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  1. 1. lawyer<br />By Fatima Gomez <br />
  2. 2. Intro<br />Lawyers helps people in need Lawyers helps who ever needs there help in a crime problem or in immigration situation. <br />
  3. 3. Nature of work <br /><ul><li>As a advocates represent one of the parties in criminal and civil trials
  4. 4. As a advisor lawyer can counsel their client about legal rights obligation and suggest particular courses and personal matter </li></li></ul><li>Job Training/ education <br /><ul><li>To became a lawyer you need 4 years of undergraduate study followed by 3 years of law school
  5. 5. need a bachelors degree for pre law
  6. 6. Doctorate in judicial law
  7. 7. Law specialty
  8. 8. Counting in education </li></li></ul><li>Salary and benefits <br />Median annual wages of all wage-and- <br /> salaried lawyers were $110,590<br /><ul><li>The middle half of the occupation earned between $74,980 and $163,320
  9. 9. Per hour they get paid 35.25 to 63.00
  10. 10. Paid vacation, health insurance, flexible </li></ul> hours, childcare<br /><ul><li>pay for additional education </li></li></ul><li>Job out look <br /><ul><li>One of the fields still growing
  11. 11. Us anticipates increase in need for lawyers by 13% from 2008 to now
  12. 12. increasing demand for legal services in such areas as healthcare, intellectual property, bankruptcy, corporate and security litigation, antitrust law, and environmental law.
  13. 13. Attorneys are now working in non-traditional roles</li></li></ul><li>Advantages and disadvantages <br />Advantages <br /><ul><li>lawyers who wish to work independently have flexibility in work environment
  14. 14. Salary
  15. 15. Service to the community</li></ul> Disadvantages <br /><ul><li>Very competitive field
  16. 16. time consuming
  17. 17. Not always get rewarded for efforts
  18. 18. Salaries are inconsistent </li></li></ul><li>Biography <br />

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