The "Ability" to Achieve Social Media Success


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Success in social media relies on providing a great user experience (use-ability), killer content (like-ability), convenient sharing options (share-ability), and search engine optimization best practices (find-ability).

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The "Ability" to Achieve Social Media Success

  1. 1. The “Ability” to Achieve Social Media Success Use-ability Like-ability Share-ability @KurtKrejny Director of Online Marketing Find-ability Live Tweet Your Favorite Tips Success! #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  2. 2. Make Audience Participation EasyUSE-ABILITY Social Channels Tablet Apps Social Apps Your Website Smartphone Apps Offline Media In-Person #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  3. 3. Make Audience Participation Easy • Provide a great user experience or people will leaveUSE-ABILITY • Poor usability weakens social media efforts • Cater to all segments of your audience • Timing: frequency, regularity, scheduling, responding • Is there a person behind the message? • Proper brand representation #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  4. 4. Make Audience Participation Easy • Follow usability best practices with social icons & sharing widgetsUSE-ABILITY • Placement, consistency, conventions, accessibility, user testing • People opt-in to your social media, so make participation easy! • Open social profiles in a new browser window • Keep people on your site when using sharing widgets • Increase interaction using Facebook & Twitter logins • Find out what social channels matter to your audience • Research, ask them directly, follow key influencers • Know the limitations of each social channel • Be careful not to diminish your brand and message • First impressions are important on social channels too • LinkedIn Company page, Facebook page, Twitter bio, YouTube channel, Google+ #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  5. 5. Create Timely and Compelling Content • Solve problems with great content, design and toolsLIKE-ABILITY • Entertain and engage, encourage discussion and participation • Editorial calendar / seasonality / pre-scheduled posts • Leverage trends • Ask your audience what they want • Don’t post at inconvenient times • Recognize and reciprocate (share content from others) • Support brand evangelists • Avoid being overly promotional • Weave in off-topic posts • Reward and incentivize • Contests, Polls, Promo codes • Recycle great content #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  6. 6. Provide Tools to Spread Your Message • Determine what should be sharableSHARE-ABILITY • Blog posts, landing pages, images, video • Choose the right sharing options/channels • Be mindful of option overload • Pre-populated message to increase visibility • URL shorteners to maximize your message • Images/Video draw attention & are easy to digest • Video overlays or calls to action • FeedBurner sharing options • Integration with mobile sites and smartphone apps • Text sharing options within content • Promote hash tags in content #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  7. 7. High Visibility Gets Traffic • Your audience is looking for you on the social channelsFIND-ABILITY • Don’t be over run by unofficial social accounts • Optimize for your brand name • Complete all profile details • Build links to your profiles • Rank in the search engines • Proactive reputation management • Cross-link profiles • Standardized hash tags • Double check your profile restrictions • Thumbnails and profile pictures • Promote profiles in print media, email, video, storefront • QR codes for quick access #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  8. 8. Measure, Analyze, Adjust • Website AnalyticsSUCCESS • Referral Traffic, Social Interactions, Conversions, Multi-channel Funnel • Conversions • Coupons redeemed, Call tracking • Determine the value of a social visitor • Does your CRM system incorporate social? • Social Channel Insights • Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn • Fans / Followers • Likes / Shares / Re-tweets • Influencer Reach (Klout) • Sentiment Analysis • Search Engine Results Pages • Inbound Links • Reduced Customer Service Emails / Calls #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  9. 9. Questions? www.FathomDelivers.comOnline Marketing with Results that Matter Kurt Krejny @KurtKrejny Director of Online Marketing Live Tweet Your Favorite Tips #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline