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SEO+Content. Advanced. 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit


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William Reed offers expert insight into best practices for nonprofits to be found online and to understand the changing digital culture. Presentation from the 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit.

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SEO+Content. Advanced. 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization + Content In-Depth/Advanced August 1st 2014
  2. 2. SEO + Content Overview What Affects Ranking? Basics Keyword Themes/Structure Link Building Content Web Design Keeping Up With SEO
  3. 3. SEO + Content What Affects Ranking On Page - Content - HTML - Architecture Off-Page - Links - Trust - Social - Personal
  4. 4. SEO + Content Basics Title Tag Meta Description Keywords Img Tag Keyword Research Content Page Performance
  5. 5. SEO + Content Keyword Themes/Structure Content Hubs Behavioral Keyword Research Qualifiers? - Time/Date - Price/Quality - Intent - Location Topic Related Keywords - LSI - Proximity Use <h> tags Internal Links
  6. 6. SEO + Content Link Building “Every Link Must Be Earned” – moz 90/10 Rule - Content is King Why Do People Link To Your Site? Real Links Are A Result Of Positive Recognition Participate In The Internet
  7. 7. SEO + Content Content How Can You Create Value? Utility Emotional Response Point of View (negative or positive) Perceived Value
  8. 8. SEO + Content Content Types of Content? Blog/Webinar Videos Infographics FAQ How To Guides
  9. 9. SEO + Content Web Design Your Design Matters! Lower Bounce Rate Increase Page Views Time On Site Links Trust
  10. 10. SEO + Content Keeping Up With SEO
  11. 11. Questions? In-Depth/Advanced August 1st 2014