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Pickme - Finding the Initial Team


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Presented at the Refresh Colombo on 'Finding the initial team' at PickMe

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Pickme - Finding the Initial Team

  1. 1. 19 Jan 15 19 Nov 15 9402 Thursday, November 19, 15
  2. 2. Day to day fire fighting Experienced in Taxi Industry Call Center Content & PR Experience Techie Scrum Master Cooperate SalesAccountant Thursday, November 19, 15
  3. 3. Attitude Smart Entrepreneurs Experienced Pivotable Believe Trust Confident Positive ScalableCall center a Commitment Thursday, November 19, 15
  4. 4. Thursday, November 19, 15
  5. 5. • Immediate recruitment with right talent and convincing them to join us • Shifting from conventional culture to start-up culture • What is my designation and JD? • Why was I not invited to this meeting? • Miscommunications due to fast growth • Reluctant to let things go Challenges we faced Thursday, November 19, 15