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2013 terengganu PMR english trial


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2013 terengganu PMR english trial

  1. 1. 72f1SULIT 12 /1 Bahasa .Inggeris Kertas 1 Pentaksiran Sumatif 3 1 jam PENTAKSIRAN SUMATIF 3 PENILAIAN MENENGAH RENDAH 2013 BAHASA INiGERIS Kertas I Satu jam I 2 3 4. JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan Jawab semua soalan. Tiapliap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan yang berhuruf A,B,C dan D. Bagi tiap- tiap soalan pilih satujawapan sahaja. Tandakan semua jawapan'anda pada kertas jawapan obj ektif yang di sed iakan. Fikir dengan teliti ketika rnemilih jowapan.Jika hendak menukar sesuatu jawapan, padamkan sehingga bersih tanda yang tidak dikehendaki itu danhitamkan pilihan anda yang baru, Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 12 halaman bercetak. TERENGGANU NEGERI ANIUNG ILMU Dibiayai oleh: Keraj aan N e geri Ter en gganu Dicetak Oleh: Percetakan Yayasan lslam Terengganu Sdn. Bhd. Tel: 6A9-665 861,1/6652/860L Faks: 609-666 06L1/0063 12fl a 2013 Hak Cipta ]pNT [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT
  2. 2. Study the note below and answer the question that follows. Hi Nasri, I have a meeting now. po eomplete your homework after you have finished your lunch. Remember! You have a badminton practice today, so do not forget to take your badminton racquet to school. See you in the evening' Love, Dad SULIT Questions I - 10 are based on the information given. l. LUI 1. From the note above, we can conclude that Nasri is A a smart B an athletic C a forgetful D a responsible Study the notice below and answer the question that follows. WARNING! Trespassers will be prosecuted This waming te11s people that they are not allowed to A snap photos ofthe scene B sell food and drinks nearthe area C enter the area without permission D loiter outside the area 2. boy- [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT Study the notice below and answer the question that follows. 3. Based on the sign above, the office will be reopened A before 2.00 p.m. B after 2.00 p.m. C beforelunch D during lunch l{l @ 2013 Hak Cipta )PNT Out for lunch We will be back at 2.OO p.m.
  3. 3. SULIT Study the news report below and answer the question that follows. Thursday, 30 May : Thirteer: men were arrested for causing disturbanoe at the FA Cup second leg semi finals match between Pahang and Johor Darul Takzim on Tuesday night resulting in the match forced to be postponed when supporters stormed into the pitch. 4. From the news report above, the match was postponed because A thirteen men werc arrested B of the thunderstorm C one ofthe players was badly injured D the supporters were out of control Study the label below and answer the question that follows. 5. The label shows the A. price of the coffee. B. weight of the packet. C. expiry date of the coffee. D. production date of the coffee. 6. Based on the dialogue above, we can conclude that A Hawa went to the hospital B Hawa is Adam's girlfriend C Adam went out to buy food D Adam is verypatient with Hawa 12fl 12{L @ 2oL3 Hak Cipta }pNT [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT INSTANT WHITE COFTEE 4-IN-1 Bestbefore : 31.8.2013 ldilll: Hawa, where have you been? I have bee,n waiting for you for so long. The bank offrcer called me because'they could not reach you [aga: t went out to buy food. Our mum is not well. iil0lll For two hours you have been buying food?
  4. 4. f SULIT lyt Read the advertisement below and answer the question that follows. EFFECTIVE THROAT SYRUP o contains antis€ptic r instant relieffor sore throat o available in orange and apple flavours 7. The product advertised above A is an antiseptic cream B cures sore throat. C has orange flavour only. D comes in tablets. 8. The word disappointmentbestmeans to feel A sad B bad C furious D regretful lTL a 2fl3 Hak CiptalpNT [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT & Join us for a fun-filled 4-day workshop during the coming school break! Improve your study techniques and writing skills. Places are limited! Book now to avoid disappointmentl
  5. 5. SULIT tzll 9. Which ofthe following statements is true about the notice above? A Pa*icipants haveto pay for food anddrink B The duration of the talk is two hours C Rayyan Naziran is a person who has stress problem D The aim of this talk is to leam ways to solve stess problem Topic How to cope stress effectively Speaker Dr.aRayytn Naziran Date 27 September 2013 Time 8.00 a.m - 10.30 a.m Free food and drinks provided NOIU} SAFETY EOMPETTTION 3ON CEILDRf,N Prize to be won : Grand prize - Anall-expense-paid hrp for the entire family to Redang Island 10. The meaning of all-expense-paid is A a joint trip B a free trip C an expensive trip D an exciting hip 4 [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT 4 1?,fl @ 2013 Hak cipta fpNT
  6. 6. One day, Siti and her friends were cutting grass for their cows when a tiger suddenly 11 in their midst. Thery hied to nrn away but siti lost her footrng' she then, rolled down the uin rtr" rigrr that was -L|--bytheir screams vanished into nowhere. They quickly looked down _13jht saw siti tylrrg orru roro* ledge thirry feet below*l4_. she could not move as she had fractured several ofher ribs. Then they discussed several ways to rescue her -15-it was really a tough job' They decided !o leaye -16-and went back to seek help from the villagas' Siti was too scared and being left alone for her was a nightrnare. she was worried that the tiger was still -l7-around' Siti noticed some movement in ihe bushes and her heart beat faster' She knew that the tiger was stili there. She began to pray that help would anive immediately' or at least soon' The tiger meanwhile hi stepped out of the cliff heading -18-her' Siti was frozen with horror. suddenly she saw the villagers up on the cliff' she was very happy as she knew that they were -19-for her. Without wasting time, the village headman shot the tiger' Tears ofjoy rolled downhercheek.Shewasverygratefulforbeingrescued20-theman-eatingtiger. SULIT Questions 1r.- 20 or" *l* on the text below A. appearing B appeared C appea$ D appear Lul [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT l1 A fur*rermore B moreover C besides D but A loiter B loiters C loitered D loitering A come B came C comes D coming 12 A frighten B frightens C frightened D frightening t4 A they B them C their D theirs 16 A her B she C hers D herself 18 A onto B behind C against D towards 20Aof Boff C for D from 13 A and B but Cso Das 15 l7 19 lz{L @ 2013 Hak cipta }PNT
  7. 7. 'slq lut Questions 2l -23 .ng for the phrases that are underlined i;;;-;i" text below and choose thebest mean'nglor 'r'e Pr"uneo 't''" - ?l working out A hardworking B exercising C Persistent D merticulous 22 Pulled it off succeeded prospered flourised blossomed 23 bump into encountered greeted smashed met A B C D A B C D 6 ll,ihat halaman sebelah SULIT * Youlsok fantmticl Have youbeeir workine out? (21) I have just frnished running a marathon last week' Congratulations on finishing the marathon ! Thanksl I can'tbelieve I pufled it off' (22) Did you find it difficulfl My legs started hurting during the trast five kilometres - but all the people cheering me on ilefinitely helped me rea$ the finish line' By the way' I believe I bump into (23) your brother at the race' He was great too' 1:2$ @ 2013 Hak ciPta |PNT
  8. 8. - SULIT Questions 24-26 ^ Read the conversation belo** and choose thebest meaningfor the phrases underlined. 24 a soody two-shoes A a well-behaved person B a lovable person C an atheletic person D a fashionabie person 25 two peas in a pod A alike B equal C different D special 26 hit the sack A to get some sleep B to get the sack c to hit rhe bed D to turn the sack lvt [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT 7 It was a very rainy day and too cold to go outside to play, and I (Ryan) was having my friend Adam come over. We ulbre iilanning on riding our bikes, but it was way too wet and windy. The door made a loud knocking noise. I answered it, and Adam had an apple in his hand. He gave it to my mom-boy, what a goody two-shoes (2a) he is! Me and Adam aren't really two peas in a pod . (25) He is always polite and shy while I'm not. Time went by and it was already 9:30. I was planning on playing some video games, but Adam just wanted to hit the sack! (26) We finally decided to go to bed, so I got into some sweat pants and a shirt and got in bed, but Adam came out in a bunny pajamas. I could not stop laughing! "Take those off and change into normal clothes!" I demanded. Adapted from The Sleep Over by Michael F tTL a 20L3 Hak cipta ]PNT
  9. 9. Creamy Pasta and Cheese lngredients . 1 cup uncooked pasta . 2 tablespoons butter, cut into pieceg 'e 1 Yzcupsgrated Cheddarcheese . 2 eggs, whisked .t /zcutpsoul Cream . 1 can condensed Cheddar cheese soup r % teaspoon salt . 1 cup whole milk . % teaspoon dry mustard . % teaspoon pepper Methods Firstly, boil the pasta in plenty of water until it is tender for anout Z minutes. Rinse the water and make sure it drains well. After thal m[. tutter and cheese in a medium saucepan. Siir until the cheese melts, Pour the mixture into a slow.croker. Next, add the qggs, sour.crearn, iheese sdup, salt, milk, mustard, pepper and stir well. Then, add the drained pasta and stir again. Lastly, set the slow cooker at a low settin$ and cook for 3 hours, stining occasionally. SULIT Questions 27 - 32 are based on the foQowing advertisentent. Serves for 6 persons Csoksfor3 hours lyl @ 20L3 Hak Cipta ]PNT 12fl lI I !. i I n n I if I I II '{ + t It I i I,: I t I "*t [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT
  10. 10. SULIT . 27 The following ingredients are needed in order to prepare the meal except A sugax C butter D cheese 28 The word 'whisked'lws the same meaning with A mixed B stirred C beat D grounded 29 The following statemeuts are true, except A You have to rnix cheese andbuter in a saucepan. B A1l ingredients rnust be stined well. C Set the slow cooker at a high setting. D The dish can be eaten by six persons. 30 We have to drain the pasta to ..... A soften it B pour water into it C remove excess water D mix with cheese and butter 31 Thereciperequires us to add eggs' A beforeboiling the pasta. B bef,ore mixing butter and cheese. C afrer the mixture of cheese has melted. D after cooking for 3 hours. 32 This recipe is most likely suitable for those who A have limitedtime of cooking. B areprofessional chefs only. C love lVestern food. D are invifing many guests. lUL azttlmakciptaIPNT -J "*-!l [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT 1T1 9 &
  11. 11. Questions 33 - 40 are based on thefiilowing text. SULIT Datuk Nicol David is well-known to all Malaysians. This young professional squash player has been Number 1 in the world ranldng for squash. Her desire to succeed has placed her as a role model, not just for young Malaysians but also youngsters all over the world. Born on 26 August '1983 in Penang, she is the daughter of engineer Desmond David and Ann Marie David, a teacher, Her interest in squash began when she was just five years old. She started having regular training in the sport and went on to participate in competitive games. A few years later, a talent scout noticed her talent and drafted her into the state team. Her first international win was at Hong Kong Under-13 game. Soon, she was winning other Asian championships. At the age 15, she became the world's youngest junior champion. ln the process, she beat three other players who were ranked in the world's top 20. She won the junior championship twice and became one of only two players in the history of squash to have achieved this. By the time she was 16 years old, Nicol was in the world's Top 10 list for squash. She won the Asian championship five times in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. After dropping a spot in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, she bounced back bywinning a record of 51 consecutive matches. She was unbeaten for 13 months until she lost to Natalie Grinham in the Seoul Open final game. Then she managed to win back the world nurnber one status and is still holding it four years later. Nicol David not only excels in squash but also in her studies. She scored 8A's in the Penilaian Menengah Rendah and 9A's in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Juggling her time between preparing for her exams and practicing and perfecting her skills in court is something she has learnt to do well. As a professional squash.player, Nicol David has become a living legend in both the sports and academic fields. 33 Nicol David is well-known for being the............... A only Malaysian squash player. B only player to hold the world number 1 status. C best Malaysian squash player. D best squash player since '1983. How did Nicol get to play in the state team? A She won all the games in her school. B She was five years old when she won her first match. C Her father introduced her to competitive games. D A talent scout notioed that she was good at the game. LuL [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT 1Tl @ 2013 Hak Cipta |PNT L0
  12. 12. SULIT TUL 35 Nicol became good at squadl-r because A she won the Hong Kong Under-13 game. B she went for regular training at a young age. C she started ptaying sqgash,when she was only five years old. D her family helped her to participate in squash matches. 36 How old was Nicol when she became known as the youngest world junior champion? A Five B Thirteen C Fifteen D Sixteen 37 The phrase bounced backas used in paragraph 3 means A improved B recovered C picked up D got well 38 All of the following statements are true except that Nicol A was five when she joined the state team B is good in both squash and academic C lost a game only to Natalie Grinham D is an inspiration to young people 39 Nicol managed to win back the world number one status after ...... A joining the state team. B beating Natalie Grinham. C being in the World Top 10 list. D winning the Hong Kong Under-'l3 game. 40 The following statements are true about Nicol David except that she A is very determined. B does not like to be a failure. C never gives up on herself. D never lose in any of her games. : 12{1a 20L3 Hak Cipta }PNT KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT 11 SULIT
  13. 13. SULIT 1U2 1212 Bahasa h 'lnggeris Pentaksiran Sumatif 3 1% jam PENTAKSIRAN SUMATIF 3 PENILAIAN MENENGAH RENDAH 2013 BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 2 Satu jam tiga Puluh minit , , !l JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INISEHINGGA DIBERITAHU ' 1. Kertas saalan ini mengandungitiga bahagian 2. Jawab semua soalan. 3. Tuliskan jawapan anda pada ketrtas iawapan yang disediakan. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 5 halaman bercetak. TERENGGANU NEGERI ANIUNG ILMU Dibiayai oleh: Ker aj aan N e geri Ter en gganu Dicetak Oleh: Percetakan Yayasan lslam Terengganu Sdn. Bhd. T el : 6 0 9 - 6 6 6 I 611./6 6 5 2/I 6 01 F aks : 609 4 5 6 0 61L/00 6 3 'i: i 12/2 a 2013 Hak Cipta ]PNr [Lihat halamau tt"li+
  14. 14. SI.JLIT Sdetion A : Guided Writing (25 marks) you have just moved to a new school. Using the notes given write a letter to a friend in your p*iort school describing yorx experience celebrating teacher's day at your new school' . assembly - guests - speech - theme songs o activities - poster competition - $ames r shrdents - presented gifts - appreciate tEachers r closing ceremony - prize giving - memorable experience 742 When writing youi letter: o leu may use allthe words or phrases provided ' elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting r lou may add any other relevant information . rnake sure it is not less than {20 words [Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT * 1U2 a 2013 Hak cipta IPNT
  15. 15. 1212 S-eCnON B: Literature ComPonents (15 marks) Read the following poem 'f,eisrire' and answers the questions that follow f LEISURE What is this life il full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the'boughs And stare as long as sheeP or cows' No time to see, when woods we Pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass' No time to see, in broad daYlight Streams ftll of stars, like skies at night' No time to tum at BeautY's glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance' No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eYes began' A poor life this if, full of care, We have no time to stiurd and stare. Wiam Henry Dovies 'i {ia:l * 1. What do cows and sheep do in the field? 2. Give two benefits of taking the time to stand and stare' (1 mark) (2 marks) [Lihat halaman sebelah SULITflz @ 2013 Hak Cipta IPNT
  16. 16. SULIT UTz ,.f .b. You are advised fo spend about 20 minutes on this question. 1. How I Met Myself - David A. Hiil 2. Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne : 3. The Railway Children - Edith Nesbit Based on one nor*l "bor", write on a lesson that you have learnt. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer. Your response should be: in not less than S0 words in continuous writing form iir, [12 marks ] 1U2 @ 2013 Hak cipta |pNT 3 ll-ihathalaman sebelah SUTIT 4
  17. 17. SULIT SECTION C : Summary ['10 marks] Write a summary on how to keep your personal hygiene. Your summary must: r not be more than 60 words, including the 10 words given below. . be in continuous writing (not in note form), o be written in one paragraph, Use your own words as far as possible without changing its original meaning. Begin your summary as follows: ln order to have a good personal hygiene we must .,...., KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT 12/2 w Read the passagre and complete ttte following task. Keeping your body clean is important to be healthy and feel good about yourself. Here are some tips on taking care of yourpersonal hygiene. Your clothes can get stained and smelly when you are sweating. Therefore you need to change your clothes often. Keep your shoes clean as it will make them look better and be less likely to smell. Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly every day, especially between the toes. This helps avoid athlete's foot. You should take a bath or shower often to keep the skin clean and hsalthy. How often depends on your activities and your type of skin, but most people should bath or shower every day. Sweat glands and deed skin cells in your scalp can rnake your hair oily and smelly. Washing your hair regularly with shampoo will remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt. You. should brush your teeth twice a day - after breakfast and before you go to bed. Keep your fingernails and toenails shon and clean to remove the dirt and germs. With a clean body, clean hair, clean clothes and shoes, you will feel good and your friends will be happy to be nearyou. 72/2 a 2fi3 Hak cipta ]pNT SULIT