Jelena jankovic (P.Slide) the fluctuation of us dollar and its effect toward world economy


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Jelena jankovic (P.Slide) the fluctuation of us dollar and its effect toward world economy

  1. 1.  Group Name : Jelena JankovicGroup member :NAME MATRIC NUMBERLoh Moi Sin BG09110358Santhiyah Munisamy BG09110301Seela Kumar BG09110263Rema Sridaran BG09110396Charmilaa Silvaduray BG09110016Goo Wooi Sin BG09110271 1
  2. 2. US dollar have important implicationsIt has strengthened on a trade divided into four sections a) research motivation significance b) scope of research c) literature review d) discussion and finding 2
  3. 3. •world economy•Great Depression of 1929-1930s•1998•2008• frequently-used currencies•transactions as foreign currencies 3
  4. 4. • Fluctuation US dollar effects toward Asia.• Fluctuation of US dollar effects toward Middle East• Fluctuation of US dollar effect toward Australia.• Fluctuation of US dollar toward Africa. 4
  5. 5. •beneficial to the investors•future financial development•experience for future•solution and well preparedScope of Research•close relationship•important support•a lot of impacts 5
  6. 6. Exchange rateDemand- Supply- side side Mirzaie and Magda 2002 6
  7. 7. Commodity Asian prices economy Mohsen W.Click, 2009 etal., 2010 Schnabl and Khor, 2005 McKinnon , 2002 7
  8. 8. Oil demandand supply •Rogoff and Maurice, 2009 • Nartova andOil price and Fezzani, 2011 exchange • Kandil & rate Mirzaie, 2000 • Jammie and Maurer, 2002 8
  9. 9. Impacts onImpacts on Financial economy market Financial Economy on market of Ontario Asian Economy of Financial Indian market of Africa 9
  10. 10. Impacts of Impacts of banking stock sector Asia market Asia stock banking market factor Africa Africa stock banking market sector 10
  11. 11. Exchange rate in AsiaExchange rate Impacts of Exchange ratein Canada and exchange in Africa Ontario rate Exchange Rate Middle East 11
  12. 12. Impact of Impacts ofcommodity Middle East Commodity Oil sales of Africa Commodity Oil demand of Australia and supply 12
  13. 13. Exchange rateDemand Supply - -side side Impact of labor market in US dollar appreciation 13
  14. 14. Thailand Philippines Korea• Chronic • Effect the • High interest current asset market rates account • Affect the • Debt burden deficit financial • Massive• Excessive sector layoff external debt • Influence the • Untested• Collapse of household presidential the property and Leadership sector communities• Political instability 14
  15. 15. MalaysiaKorea Indonesia Situation Thailand Philippine 15
  16. 16. • Thailand & South Korea - Higher foreign ownership• Indonesia - Limitation in forward foreign currency trading•Philippines - macroeconomic adjustment and structural reform
  17. 17. payment lack of prior research sources constriction casual remark 17
  18. 18.  affects the world economy huge losses borrowed lot of money from IMF to solve the economy problems avoid the same problems in the future 18