The Last Exorcism Website Analysis


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The Last Exorcism Website Analysis

  1. 1. Website Analysis The Last Exorcism
  2. 2. Over here was a recommended button which doesn’t show when I print screen Film rating Social media buttons Date line Title Site to other characters blogs makes it realistic Links to other sites Positive feedback of film from magazines/people etc Buy tickets online Distribution/product ion company links
  3. 3. When you first go onto the site music is played that is high and very sinister. It makes the viewer nervous as the music is slow and horrific. While the music is played the film title appears and then the actual homepage comes on. The music is then changed to a deep tone and this music is associated with ghosts and devils etc. After 2 second or 3 the trailer pops up of the last exorcism and plays. This is very effective as when people go on the website they can straight away see the trailer and this will make them want to watch it. This appears when you first enter the site and while the music plays the title becomes bold as before it was in a faint grey Trailer embedded
  4. 4. The website looks like the poster except the film title is placed in the middle this time and works well as that is the first thing the viewer sees. The image is the same and the shadow on the wall of the girl moves slightly and has a ghostly effect on the website making it seem like the devil is there right now. This effect gives a frightening atmosphere and shows the viewer that the film will scare you as from looking at the trailer makes us jump and the website and poster gives us disturbing thoughts of the girl as she looks abnormal and devilish. All the text is in serif font just like the poster making it look professional. The colour scheme of the website is also black/white/red again the same as the poster. These dull colours give it more of a horror atmosphere. This was spoken about in the poster analysis.
  5. 5. The black gothic stamp effect used as the background for the texts give a ominous view as it looks like blood squirted every on the wall as it is common in horror films blood on walls or bloody hands running through the wall leaving a mark. The print screen on the right is links to different sites like the characters blog and games such as ‘click here to begin your exorcism’ making it entertaining for the viewers. The font colour of the text is white and red and works well on a black background as it contrasts and also the red colour associates with death, hell, devil etc. The text above stands out the most when looking at the website because of the black background. The print screen to the left is for viewers to get showtimes and also buy tickets online giving easy access to watch the film.
  6. 6. The social network buttons appeal as the whole colour scheme is black and white and the twitter button is blue making it more attractive and the viewer catches the attention of it and then looks at the other social network buttons. Having social network buttons give the film a global audience and also satisfies the audience as there is many ways to get in contact to ask about the film and get reviews on it. Also if the audience have a YouTube, facebook, twitter or MySpace page they can get all the updated information on this film if they have them as a friend. When placing the mouse on each category the text goes red. The current colour is white which I thought didn’t work well as I didn't see this until I moved my mouse and the text went red. The white didn't go as the background is light grey and having white text makes it unclear and hard to read. The cutting effect used on the text again gives a horrific look to it as it looks like a knife slitting through it or even nails going through the wall. The effect associates with something disturbing and scary.
  7. 7. The positive feedback given by dominant firms such as RollingStones makes the viewer want to watch it as it is very exaggerated but usually after reading a review on a film the viewer is satisfied and keen on watching it. Also the fact that they made the important words that defines the last exorcism larger than the rest of the text so if the reader doesn't want to read all of it can see the key terms of the film. The text that is shown larger then the rest makes the viewer want to know more about it. Also by defining the film with these satisfying words may want them to get there tickets straight away and having a link to find your nearest cinema for showtimes and to buy tickets is very effective. Also by layering the text out like that doesn't make it look like a chunk of text and more attractive. The red text is the people who quoted the film and having it in two colours makes it less confusing and shows the difference between the quote and the people quoting it. Moreover having the two colours gives it more of a appealing look otherwise the text will look boring. What I liked the most is when you read the larger text it starts of with ‘the last exorcism’ and then ‘smart, suspensful, scary as hell’ etc showing the definition of the film if the audience just reads that.
  8. 8. The layout of the website has been done efficiently as having the image, title and dateline in the centre gives the viewer more attention to it because they are the main conventions to the website. Than having the text surrounded on the side gives the centre more of a focus as it is not spread out. It doesn't look all over the place its more symmetrical and looks professional. It is kept to a minimum to give that sinister atmosphere again like in the poster.