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Question 4 how did you use media technologies


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Final Product Research

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Question 4 how did you use media technologies

  1. 1. Question 4- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Planning WhatsApp –This was extremely helpful for our group. We created a conference groupand spoke about ideas, updates and tasks which needed to be completed. We also sentimages, trailers, audio notes and production work to each other. Due to our clashingtimetables within school, WhatsApp made it easier for us to communicate as a group andshare our ideas. Skype – We used Skype for important discussions. Similar to WhatsApp we shared our ideas and thoughts about our production work and research. This was extremely helpful as we saved time in our production timetable and could focus on producing and filming our product rather than planning and researching.
  3. 3. Research• Internet and search engine sites – Search engines such as Google and Yahoo allowed us to access a wide range of media texts for our product research. It also helped us gain ideas for our own print work. Using the internet was fast and accessible. While researching we could access a range of media texts on the internet from my IPod and mobile phone, this made is easier for me to share my ideas and compare them with other media products.
  4. 4. Constructing our product
  5. 5. YouTubeYouTube was extremely helpful in researchingand constructing our product. We searchedtrailers and movie clips on YouTube andembedded them on our blog and productresearch. YouTube also helped greatly with ourprint work. Due to my occasional use ofPhotoshop, I wasn’t very confident inconstructing our print work. Issues such asusing the quick selection tool were solvedthrough YouTube Photoshop tutorials. Whilewatching a variety of tutorials I learnt about hueand saturation effects which allowed me tochange the colour of my main image frombrown to green. This was significant advantageas while planning we found it difficult to find adistinctive eye colour for our main image.
  6. 6. iMovieiMovie 11 played a significant part in the construction of ourproduct. iMovie was easy and simple to use, the new softwarepresented us with a variety of transitions and editing options.While constructing our trailer we uploaded different versions ofour trailer onto YouTube and shared it with our friends, familyand teachers in order to receive detailed feedback. iMoviemade this easy and simple for us to upload straight ontonetworking sites. Initially we created our voice over on Garage band but weweren’t pleased with the outcome as it didn’t correspond withthe scenes within our trailer. The ‘mike’ button on iMovieallowed us to record our voice-over while our trailer played,resulting in our voice-over corresponding with the action withineach scene.
  7. 7. PreziPrezi – I used this to construct my product research, it was easy and reliable. Itallowed me to brainstorm my ideas and add hyperlinks and images. A greatadvantage of using Prezi is the route creation which allowed my ideas to linktogether. While filming our product Prezi was easily accessible from our mobilephones and allowed my group and myself to look back on conventions of horrormovies and implement them within our own work. PC Tablet PC Tablet – The typography of our film was inspired by the Uninvited film poster. We used a PC tablet to handwrite our title.
  8. 8. Photoshop• Photoshop – Initially I was nervous about using Photoshop to construct our print work, as I found it extremely complicated. The issues I encountered were regarding the different layers, I was unsure about how to access and unlock them. I also found it difficult to fade images into the background. However, with the help of YouTube tutorials and internet sites I gradually gained a better understanding of how to use the tools and functions on Photoshop. Originally our main image was of a brown eye, however the hue and saturation tool allowed us to change the colour of our main mage to a green eye, which connoted evil and jealously which directly linked with our narrative.
  9. 9. Mini DV cameraWhile filming my AS production I used a Sony HDR camera. We found it slightlydifficult uploading our scenes because we encountered problems with accessing thememory card. This year however, we used a mini DV camera. Having an built inmemory made it easier to upload our footage on Mac computer. We arranged ourscenes to be filmed in segments so we wanted to upload our footage straight away,the new cameras made it easier for us to upload our scenes and was a significantadvantage while constructing our product.
  10. 10. Digital DSLRFor my print work, I used a Digital DSLR. The high quality of the camera made the images easier to manipulate on Photoshop. Using a digital camera was easy and reliable as our images could be uploaded to any computer by using the memory card.